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  1. Check out Schole Academy. We are an MPOA family but chose Schole Chemistry because they have a live lab that is completed during class. They use the Novare text and the calendar matches up with the MPOA calendar very well. There is a new teacher next year, but the course has been great.
  2. I use a Really Useful Box 1.6L for my Form flashcards. The AAS dividers and sponges fit in them perfectly. After completing 2FL, I combine 1FL & 2FL in a Really Useful Box 2.1L. I trim down blank AAS cards as dividers and sort the cards by part of speech to make review easy.
  3. We love AG here, and I find it to be very independent. If you don’t mind printing it is a little cheaper to buy it digitally, but if you consider that you don’t need to buy additional materials year after year, it’s not too bad. Also, if you sign up for emails they run sales with free shipping and a percent off.
  4. In grades 3-7, I skip MP math, spelling and grammar. I use the science, but I skip the Tiner books. In high school I use everything, but I pick and choose math and science. Some of their math and science choices match up with mine, and some don't.
  5. It's definitely worth doing the trial and checking out the classes. Recorded courses don't work for my oldest because she needs deadlines, but it was a good chance for me to check out some of the teachers I was considering for live courses. HSC is very different than MPOA in that there seems to be a much looser affiliation between the teacher and provider. HSC finds some great instructors. The theology teachers are published writers and apologists for Catholic Answers. Anthony Esolen is teaching a literature course this summer. However, there is variation among how involved the instructors are
  6. You could ask this on the MP forum because that is where I heard about HSC. I know there is a frequent poster there who uses the recorded courses. I have only used them for a live theology course, but we loved it.
  7. We school in the basement and have done so since my 9th grader was in kindergarten. I have a walkout basement with full-sized windows in two rooms and French doors, so perhaps that is why it works so well for us. It is finished like the upstairs, and has been well worth the money to finish it. All of our school stuff is stored in the basement. I have a table and a white board in each room. The larger room does also double as a space for the kids with TV and sofas, but kids know that TV is never allowed on before 4. My kids also have desks in their rooms, but do most of their work downstairs. A
  8. Thank you! I don't mind buying a different kind of calculator if needed. I just don't want to be sorry that I could have upgraded this year and saved myself from buying another similar calculator next year.
  9. Can anyone tell me if a TI84 Plus is an approriate calculator for a student who is not planning to major in math or engineering? Needing one for a senior and don’t want to have to purchase another next year.
  10. Anyone know if I am required to follow the GA graduation requirements? Does she need to have a lit class that is specifically American Literature? Does she have to have World History or is it okay to have taken Greek, Roman, Medieval and European History? And does she have to take Economics?
  11. I didn’t find Physical Science to be too rigorous, but it is more rigorous then the Tiner books. The Novare HS texts do split off into a standard track and an accelerated track, but the middle school books have a single track.
  12. I don’t know how familiar you are with MP, but they believe in reading less but deeper. The reading load is pretty light in my opinion, leaving lots of room for free reading or reading in other courses. The guides are assigned but never checked. My daughter used to complete the guides, but now she usually marks where the answers are found in the book as she reads. Some of the teachers will go over the questions in the guide, in which case she will write her answers in the guide because she likes to answer in class when there is opportunity, Most of her teachers have discussed the materia
  13. My daughter has taken Latin, literature, classical studies, and composition with MPOA. We’ve had great experiences. Love the classes. Love the teachers. She will be a freshman next year and it will be her 5th year taking classes there. Do you have specific questions?
  14. Mea culpa....you are correct. I do often interchange Guerber and Mills. Yes, MP uses Guerber for US, and Mills in 7A/8M and 8A/9M. Mills Rome & Greece are used in their entirety, and chapters of Middle Ages are intermixed with lit in 8A/9M. I suppose that explains why I did not see the discrepancies ? Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever given much thought to my goals for history study, although clearly I must have some or I wouldn't be giving it so much thought. One of the things I love about MP is the balance they strike between Catholic and Protestant, so I suppose faith is a factor. I
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