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Broadchurch and/or Vera fans - have you seen Hinterland?


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I've watched 2 episodes and really like it.  A bit gloomy and dark- but not nearly as sad as Broadchurch.  More atmospheric like Vera...as well as being a typical mystery series rather than a serial about one murder.     Love the actor who plays Matthias.  I love the Welsh setting.    I liked the second episode better than the first - probably because the first dealt with kids.


It's currently available via Netflix live-streaming.


Anybody else seen this series yet?


Fixed the title: adding a link:


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I watched it, and will admit that I kept the subtitles on because I have such a hard time understanding accents. I enjoyed both Broadchurch and Hinterland, but haven't watched Vera - I'll definitely look into it!


i get it...i'm finding I'm having to do that more and more too.


I love Vera...it's prob my favorite Brit mystery on right now

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