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Good article from the NYT - especially like the letter at the end!


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For those of you awaiting decisions (particularly from the reachy-reach schools), here is a link to an article from the NY Times. It's rather long, but I think it's worth the time. In particular, the letter at the end may be helpful to you as you search for words of support for your dc.


Hang in there folks. I know it has been an eternity. The funny thing is, even though the waiting has dragged on and on, suddenly MANY decisions will come rolling in in rapid succession, and then it will seem as though things are moving VERY fast!!!



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Awesome article. He wrote it very well. I'm hit or miss on Bruni's stuff but this is really nice and so, so true.


From the girl with numbers to have an Ivy reach, but no money--who now works with (and has managed) plenty of people from the Ivies, all the same.

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