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What's with the ads?


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Jane in NC

Problem staying logged in on mobile devices

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I was having this problem on my iPad using Safari all morning, but it seems to be fixed for me now.

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Though this can be problem if you stay too long on the same page?

Which relates to the way that the internet works?

If you open a page on a website, and stay on that page?

After a certain number of minutes, the page will be 'refreshed'?

Which is basically the same process as when you first opened the page.

Which we happens instantly, and we wont notice.


But this creates a major problem with Forums, where people are signed in?

As when it 'refreshed', the person was signed out.

So that they find they have to sign in again.


Though the greatest problem with on Forums?

Is when people are writing a reply, which has taken a while to write?

As when they click on Post, they find that their message has disappeared.


Another side of this, is whether you are automatically signed in, when you visit the Forum?

If it happens automatically? Then when it 'refreshes', it will automatically sign you in again.

But if you don't automatically sign in, and have to type in your username and password?

Then you will have to type it in again, when it refreshes.


Though his is an underlying issue with the way that the internet functions?

Where it creates problems with Forums?

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I'm still getting signed out every time I switch pages. I never had this problem before yesterday. Now I can't seem to stay logged in for more than a couple of minutes.

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