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I just have to say that I love Queen Lang Lessons!

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Caught the fever, huh? Lol, isn't your heart just filled with love and ooey gooey wholesomeness? There are different curriculas that are very similar, all CM based:


Simply ______ by Laurie Hicks at Shoelacebooks.com

Spelling, Phonics, Language Arts, Math


Primary Language Lessons, Intermediate Language Lessons

by Emma Serl (available just about everywhere)

and the updated, Catholic versions at Hillside Education, Lingua Mater


Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola is another that is similar


Just in case others wanted to see more...

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They are SO sweet! I also really feel that they are quite thorough...at least the levels *I* got and for this young age.


I've used Simply Grammar with my 11 and 12 year olds and it was nice, got the job done.


I have looked alot at PLL and ILL, they intrigue me....


I have had Simply Phonics/Math and did not like those at all...


I love, love these!!! I hope they are as good and thorough in the older grades. :D


Oh, I also got the Spelling thru Copywork A to look at...it's looks nice too. I'm just not ready to use any spelling with DS6 quite yet...he gets a good intro to that in his ETC. Maybe this fall in 2nd grade we'll give it a whirl. I like that it intro's the rules, but is not a busywork/workbook as we know it type spelling. ;)

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I had Serl's Primary Language Lessons but I gave it away.It was too old-fashioned,making it difficult to use easily.My child had difficulty even starting an assignment (for example) that asked her to write a paragraph about how to make cotton.

We do Language Lessons for Little Ones book 2 at the rate of 2-4 lessons/day for my 6 yo and my 11 yo does Language Lessons for the Secondary Child.My oldest likes it because she can do it independently.Both love the picture study and creative writing.It isn't really necessary for us to do these workbooks because both children use other things for LA too but they enjoy them the most.

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Bee, thank you for sharing your dd11's enjoyment of these on a higher up level...that is encouraging!


I never did use the PLL, but looked at it alot when I had it....I really think that LL is going to be easier to implement. Of course, I've not seen the newer (revised?) version that Triv is speaking of, so who knows. ;)

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Mine are on their way here and I can't wait! I seriously think these are just what we need. We are changing things up a bit as well and these are going to be perfect for Magnus who is a very creative boy who has a good grasp on words and does not like to be "spoon fed". I think the gentler approach will allow him to take ownership of his learning. :)

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Ds has finished LLfLO 1 and we just started 2. DD is about 20 lessons into LLfLO 1. We all love these books, although I skip the copywork because the format and the comic sans serif font leaves a lot to be desired. It's by far the easiest way to incorporate CM elements in your school.


Just open the book and go, what more could you ask for? I love that it's super easy to use secularly, there's very little religious content in the 4 books that I have and the little bit that's there is good cultural background. I think I've only had to edit once or twice. Queen Language Lessons gets the Bolivar Academy seal of approval.

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