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  1. We quit after 6 or 8 weeks of it and went back to BJU. R&S had too much repetition in each lesson. I think dd also found it a little too heavy on the religion. BJU was tolerable for her.
  2. Parents and children don't like decision but were told it didn't matter. We told younger dd she can come back to hsing if she wants but it is her choice. The term was used in context of it being the principal's decision. And yes,the school is 99.5%white. Rural,upper to lower middle class mostly.
  3. Said by the elementary school principal at a meeting I attended last night. I don't know what the other parents thought or if they noticed but I wasn't happy about that. Dh wasn't either. To put it mildly.
  4. There are no terrible teachers and even some great ones. It provides great social opportunities. Worst-elementary school uses Everyday Math and I feel younger dd won't get the equivalent education in English and history that her older sister got through homeschooling.Younger dd is disappointed that Latin is not an option in high school.
  5. Says he owes Sherlock a fall. Oldest dd has the episodes nearly memorized. And dvr'd.
  6. I didn't find myself really liking any of the characters on the tv show. My reaction surprised me. Maybe it will get better. I usually like that sort of premise if it tells a good story.
  7. Some i work with, some on a professional basis ( i am a nurse). Many drs will do the surgery because it makes them a great deal of money. It also makes money for the hospital where the surgery is done which is why there are so many advertisements for it. Find a reputable surgeon. If the dr is willing to do the surgery immediatly he is not the one you want. Go through the pre- preparation testing and meetings. Lap band can be reversed gastric bypass is permanent. Gastric surgery will not fix any of your other issues if you have any. Addiction to food can be replaced by other addictlions. You may lose the weight and then gain some or all of it back. This surgery is life changing and not an easy fix. It will require you to be vigilant about your health for the rest ofyour life if you want to stay healthy. Lap band is better imo if you have 100 pounds or less to lose. And with any of these surgeries you still have to think about what you are eating for the rest of your life.
  8. Mostly. 11th grade dd is taking some college classes but only 1 uses a textbook. We are using textbooks for American govt and economics but no pre-made tests (those are just get 'er done" subjects). And half a semester of Lightning Lit. Dd is using other books and resources for chemistry and consumer math/math review. Dd highly dislikes textbooks. It has always been an issue for her. I choose what we cover in the textbooks and skip what i feel is uneccessary or "busy work".
  9. the sound the jar top makes when it seals. That's what it means to me anyway.
  10. Dd used 7th and 8th, and 2 high school level courses last year for 10th grade and just tested into college level composition. She will be taking it this year at the local community college. She is going into 11th grade. (She used a different course for 9th grade and it didn't work for her.) She loves LL. They are the only composition/writing courses she ever used that she liked. She had always tested well on her yearly testing for english but I wasn't sure her composition skills were strong enough to be acceptable to a college professor. Considering that the majority of the high school graduates who go to the college have to take remedial English I am very pleased.
  11. My very elderly cat was fine this am, never leaves laundry room thus didn't eat any non-cat food item. She is now completely unresponsive and was sick to her stomach earlier in the day. I accept that this means very poor prognosis. How long can it last? She does not appear in pain at all. I do not want to take her to the vet as it is obvious that it is only a matter of time and there is nothing they can do.
  12. at what age is it allowed for a teenager to be able to travel alone to a place and stay unaccompanied by an adult at a hotel if parents have made arrangements? I know that buses/trains/planes have rules. Do hotels? Would they even question it? And lastly, at what age would you let your responsible teenager travel on a short several day stay to a large metropolitan area without an adult? She would be going for classes. The first time she would be accompanied by an adult.
  13. No. I start planning ahead for the next year midway through the current year. I have a general idea of what courses I need material for. Then the catalogs start coming and I am always tempted to change my mind. I think and plan a lot before I actually order anything. I have to admit though that I fairly often tend to buy things that catch my eye at the bookstore when I browse just because I think they may be educational. Some of those unplanned purchases have turned out to be very successful. Some, not so much.
  14. Not too many shows we watch regularly but those we do- Dr. Who, Hot in Cleveland, Top Gear UK, and Simpsons/ Fox Sunday night line-up of animated shows. And waiting for whenever there are more- Sherlock, Being Human, and Torchwood. In my house, most of those shows get dvr'ed (is that the right word?). The children will watch Dr Who, Sherlock, and Torchwood until they have the lines memorized. And then watch them again, like re-reading favorite books.
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