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    Trying my best to educate my boys (10&13) and support my dh as he works to educate himself.
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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to type out your experience. So glad to hear it works for you.
  2. Hi there! I'm looking into different healthcare options for our family. Does anyone have experience with Samaritan Ministries? Have you had difficulties with finding providers who will wait for payment? Have you ever had people NOT send you their share? How was it handled? How do medications work? I have a son who gets an allergy shot a month. Am I correct in understanding we would pay for the shot (approx. $60) but the members of SM would cover the remix (once a year $1800) Has it been a good experience for you? Thanks!
  3. Thank you for this info! It's fantastic to see many of you mentioning great areas to live. It eases my anxiety a bit.
  4. Thanks for the yahoo info.! My membership is pending. :) I have found a few places on craigslist in Playa Vista that are reasonable. We've been told that the best way to find a place to rent is to just drive around, look for signs, and call. We're looking in to staying in temp. type housing when we first get there so we can be more sure of a place and not be locked into a lease.
  5. Wow! So much information! Thank you! We will be renting an apartment as buying a house isn't an option yet. Really appreciate your insight as far as neighborhoods go. We have been told that a particular street could be a safe place to live but a few blocks down it's not. Checking them out during all times of the day is a great idea. The largest city I have lived in is Nashville and that isn't too big. This is definitely going to be a change. SO excited about being near the beach! Oh...thought of another question...What areas do we want to avoid as far as hearing LAX traffic? Thanks! :)
  6. Thanks for your input. Family friendly is a must for us. I'll check out the metrolink. Fortunately, he'll be able to work from home a bit except for June-Aug.
  7. Hey there! There is a VERY good chance we will be moving from N. CA to LA (Westside...Santa Monica, Culver City). Currently we are signed up with a charter school in our area and are looking to sign up with Sky Mountain Charter School once we are there. However, are there others I should consider? Co-ops? I'd love for the boys to be able to attend classes...not just enrichment type classes like gymnastics and theater because we'll have that covered. What about active homeschool groups that offer park day, field trips, etc.? Also, any other information you could give about the area would be lovely. The job is in Santa Monica, but unfortunately we won't be able to afford to live there. :( I've been looking at Culver City/Palms area. Would the commute be awful from Manhattan/Redondo Beach area? I've read that Hawthorne and Inglewood should be avoided...is that true? Thanks so much for your insight!
  8. My boys and I really enjoyed A Pioneer Sampler by Barbara Greenwood. There is a narrated story as you follow a pioneer family from 1840 throughout their daily life and then it goes into detail about specifics such as milking, dying wool, threshing, storing corn, etc. There are directions for activities and projects as well. The illustrations are lovely. ETA: We also enjoyed Sign of the Beaver and Once Upon this Island.
  9. NOEO Chemistry was a favorite here! Loved the book selections and the experiments were a lot of fun.
  10. My boys, who are avid readers of history, didn't like the books too much, BUT we got the videos from Netflix and they are fantastic!
  11. Hey there! I'm looking to use History Odyssey vol. 2 Middle Ages with Human Odyssey or the Oxford Press series. Does anyone have a schedule they are willing to share that has matched the topics up? I realize that it probably took hours to do so I'd be willing to send cookies or pumpkin bread. :001_wub: Thanks! Brittney :001_smile:
  12. We enjoyed Patty Reed's Doll. After we finished reading it, we went to Sutter's Fort in Sacramento and saw the doll. It was pretty cool.
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