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  1. WOW Joanne!!! Good for you! :hurray: I couldn't think of anyone better to counsel. You're an inspiration.
  2. :seeya: hi Sarah! I pop in from time to time but no longer homeschooling.
  3. I think it depends on your comfort level. I'm okay with my own dd10 and ds6 playing out front and even riding their bikes around our neighborhood (which is just one circle with no side streets) but when hubby's dd7 and dd5 is with us, we're outside with them although there is 4 of them. I'm not comfortable with allowing ds6 without dd10 to play outside. I don't like him playing with the older neighborhood boys alone b/c I've found they take advantage of him. I think it's situational.
  4. Well the accurate picture is that I married #1 when I was 19, stayed with him almost 4 years including being cheated on, his workplace embezzling which turned into restitution after his woman on the side turned him in b/c he decided to make our marriage work and dumped her to prove it, then he put us through bankruptcy and I decided to cut bait. #2 was to Dd10's dad after two years of living together and we decided marriage wasn't right for us on our marriage night but couldn't get it annulled. He's one of my closest friends and the best dad in the world to DD10. #3 Was the piece of wo
  5. The thing with know-it-alls...they are convinced that they do. I encountered the same type (maybe even the same woman!), she was on every single board/forum I was on and would constantly change curricula but claim to be a certain type of homeschooler as if she created the ideology herself. I finally called her on her behavior in private. I sent an email asking her why she recommend such and such curriculum to another when she had only used it for a few months before ditching her entire educational philosophy for another. In the forums I would ask flat out how long she had been using the c
  6. So true. This place is addictive, you get to talk to others in the same boat but their boat isn't the same...they are not YOU and their kids are not YOURS. What fits for one may not fit another but they LOVE it, it has saved their sanity, budget, etc. My advice, fwiw, come here when you need situational help, stay away from curriculum posts unless it is to share your experience with the curriculum in question. If you participate in this board too much, you will spend too much money, lose valuable time and feel unsettled. Focus on what's important- what's going on at home and in your
  7. I know it wasn't meant in a mean way, it was a good reminder of just how judgmental some can be without knowing the circumstances. In a way, it was comforting...it's like saying hello again to an old friend, knowing the good and the bad of the friend and liking them anyways. I used to take too much from this board, allowed things to affect me emotionally b/c for a time this board was the only 'safe' socializing I had. I'm in a different place now, with a different perspective. I've matured, grown and can finally 'take what you need and leave the rest', lol. I hardly ever get on the comput
  8. I was hoping you were still here!!!! I owe you so much Joanne! Thank you for speaking out and being a guiding light in the darkness. ((((Joanne))) I recently gave my Lundy book to someone else who is hurting and in my job, I see women all the time who are coming in to take stock of their finances due to relational problems. I get a small opportunity to praise them for their courage and strength, which I know from experience...any positive reinforcement in their lives is more than they have received. One woman had literally just came into town the night before from packing and leaving 9 s
  9. You don't have to exercise outside, do you have music that you love? Blast it from the speakers and just dance and sing! Get outside early in the morning to walk, do you have a pet? IPod to listen to? Audiobooks, music, radio anything and walk before Dh leaves for work. Then take a nap in the afternoon with the kids if you need to. You need to find something that will make YOU feel good, alive and bring joy into your daily life. Whatever that is, allow yourself to enjoy it. Do not guilt yourself into never giving yourself time. If you dh is unable/unwillingly to help, ask a friend.
  10. Paint everything first then floors. Congratulations!!!!
  11. Have you thought about putting a "No Solicitors" or "Private property" sign in your yard? A few neighbors have one and I still field carpet cleaners, meat truck sales, security system sales(wo)men on a biweekly basis. Security people..I tell them to smile b/c they are on camera. Meat...I tell them we go to the grocery store and avoid buying mobile food. Carpet cleaners...I just said no. Other ones, I either get creative or just plainly say we're not interested. We did have an 18 wheeler drive through the neighborhood offering furniture from High Point NC. I asked them for their bus
  12. You take mental health breaks, get out of the house, get into some fresh air/sunshine. Get help from professionals if it lasts more than a week. Start exercising if you're not, a morning/evening walk can do wonders. Something needs to change for there to be change...
  13. Dick and Jane and if that's too easy, Milly Mandy Molly (?) were what my dd enjoyed. Junie B. Jones is too disrespectful for my standards, I didn't like how she would call others' names but we each have our own filters. Elsie Dunmore books are great, there are so many to choose from out there, Lori D has some excellent reader lists. I have this on my blog and I think it was copied from posts here (prob some from Lori D) http://triviumacademy.blogspot.com/2008/11/stepped-or-leveled-reader-resource-list.html For my dd we focused on classics: Pippi Longstocking Winnie the Pooh treasur
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