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Those who have Kindergarten planned...what are you using?

Mommee & Baba

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We are starting our Kindergarten year at the end of September. My son turned 5 last January and we had a very relaxed mostly play based K4 year.

Language Arts:

Ready2Read by the Moffat Girls, I like that I can buy a unit at a time so if it doesn't fit him it's not a huge financial loss.

Progressive Phonics

Poetry Teas

Lots of picture books and chapter books based on what we're learning about and also my son's interests.

Handwriting Without Tears K

A mommy and son journal



Right Start A

lots of games



Home Art Studio Kindergarten

A lot of Pinterest projects (making art is my son's favorite activity)

Studying famous artist in conjunction with our geography units.



Young Scientist science kits plus a few other companies kits: a physics kit, butterfly house.

Units I've created about specific subjects, usually animal based.






Every couple of weeks I'm doing a geography unit loosely based on Confession of a Homeschooler's Expedition Earth but without the praying and we're visiting different countries than just the ones covered and I tend to focus more on important artists. I try to include an art project, a fun food dish, and a lot of picture books. 



I'm hoping to start SOTW Ancients mid year, waiting to see how my son's reading and writing is coming along first.


I've also bought some theme units from Teachers pay Teachers, a unit study from Build Your Library, a fall bundle from the Moffat Girls with Math & Literacy printouts, Lollipop Logic, Dr. DooRiddles, First Time Analogies.

I've got units/themes planned and loosely scheduled through Christmas. Then I plan to reevaluate how it's going, what is working and not working, if I'm trying to do too much or not enough, and then plan for the next semester.


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Our last year was an interesting experiment. My original plan was not much different from what I have now though it was perhaps a little less gentle. I switched around our main curriculum before I came to understand more of what was going on and now that I do know, we'll be having a very gentle at-your-own-pace K5 year.



Oak Meadow K


Language Arts

Finish up AAR Pre-1 and move on to AAR 1 when we're ready.

EtC: Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code occasionally


And, of course, tons of great read-alouds.



Finish up Singapore Math K/MEP Reception and move on to Math Mammoth 1 and MEP 1.





Mostly covered by Oak Meadow but we are utilizing ideas from I Love Dirt! and reading Let's Read and Find-Out books.

Social Skills/Speech:

Social Detectives' The Incredible Flexible You





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Guest ummMohsin

For my DS5, we are keeping it light until later in the year. He just turned 5 this month and wouldn't be eligible for K in public school because of that. So we're keeping it simple-- focusing on Math and Reading, with Horizons Math K and All About Reading level 2. Math 3x a week and Reading every other day.

     We take art classes 2x/month at the local community center in addition to art projects at home. We're focusing on nature study for science at the moment (I aim for a minimum of 4 hrs outdoors daily) and using the library as needed. Very lightly using Story of the Word vl 1 (i.e., focusing on just a chapter or two every three months). I've thrown in some Jim Wiess CDs for car rides and hope that counts for something! 


DD3.5 is just beginning "Teach Your Child to Read ing 100 Easy Lessons". She follows along with my son's Horizons K math.

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Here's where we are at for now! Unsurprisingly, we are light on curricula, and largely self-paced and interest-led.


Reading: daily practice with a variety of phonics-based readers, picture story books from the library


Literature: hours upon hours of reading and discussing stories, memorising and reciting poetry


Pre-writing: maze books, colouring, free tracing printables, handicrafts


Mathematics: Kitchen Table Math, Hands on Equations, lots of play


History: Usborne's Prehistoric World, then Kingfisher World History


Science: Interest-led (currently the geological history of Mount Everest), using library books and documentaries


Music, art, nature study: purely for enjoyment at this stage, as part of a family culture which values these

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