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Those who have Kindergarten planned...what are you using?

Mommee & Baba

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We enjoyed this PreK year with light schooling. Nothing real formal and lots of fun review activities. I've planned and already purchased anything that needed to be purchased for my ds5.


What will you be using?


My K-er will be doing....


Math: Miquon

L.A./Writing/Reading: IEW PAL - Reading & Writing

Science: Elemental Science: Exploring Science

History: SOTW 1 Audio only. (We will begin formal SOTW 1 in 1st grade)

Grammar: First Language Lessons 1

Art: Home Art Studio

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Planning on...


MM1 and Miquon Orange and Red

Phonics Pathways and BOB Books

Handwriting Skills Simplified B (a ZB spin off) and/or copywork


If I have time for content subjects with a 7 month old, I'll use Usborne's Internet Linked Prehistoric World as a spine for both history and science. It ends right where SOTW1 picks up, which I'm planning on doing in 1st.


If he's really hurting, we'll do some BFSU for science. Daddy will probably throw in a few experiments too.


Otherwise, lots of library books!


Oh and we'll continue doing Circle Time: calendar, weather, We Choose Virtues, memory work, and ABCs and 123s for the 2yo.


ETA: DS will be 5 in June.

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I'll have two daughters in K in the fall.


Phonics: Sing Spell Read Write for one of them, OPGTR with the other

Grammar: FLL1 (but maybe not start until mid-year)

Math: Math Mammoth

Science: Library books/videos/some experiments

History: Elemental History Adventures in America with their brothers


Handwriting: Copywork and workbooks




Memoria Press Enrichment

Arts & Crafts from Pinterest

Song School Latin (maybe)

Music lessons



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First time post :). So the my twins will tentatively starting kindergarten in August ( I still can't believe it ). We are keeping it simple.


Reading: I see sam books, Logic of English foundations B

Literature: Peak with books

Math: Horizon K with Sm process skills 1

Workbooks: kumon, brain quest 1, SM essentials and what ever else.



I have artist pursuits and BFSU but I still have decided we are going to regularly include art and science. Right now, we do art whenever we are moved to do art and never really get to science. The twins are young though so maybe next January we will add it in offically. Also, my kids love doing workbooks. They really like getting the little certificates at the end. Weird.

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I'm still undecided if we'll do K at home, or if he'll continue at his Montessori school.  I would prefer he stay at his school, but the price tag of homeschooling is much better.


If he's at home, we'll use the more.Starfall curriculum as a spine. It's designed for a classroom, but I used it a bit for DD1 and it's modifiable.


Either way, we'll supplement with:

- Reading Eggs and the BOB book series

- MEP level 1

- Zaner-Bloser handwriting workbook

- Atelier Art level 1

- Cello lessons

- Gymnastics, Dance, Karate, and Soccer

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We have already started a little bit of K work (at DS's request...preschool work at this point bores him). So we will be either continuing with or starting with:


LA: CLE's Learning To Read, Explode the Code 1-3, beginning copywork


Math: Parts of each of the following: MM1, either CLE or R&S 1


Finishing R&S ABC series.

Various art projects.

Science and history may get a passing glance but nothing structured until first grade.

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So far planning on focusing on 3 Rs. Other subjects will be intros to whet the appetite.


Math: Right Start with Rod & Staff

English: Logic of English, Copybook, Italics

Literature: tbd. Deciding between MPK, FIAR, & am writing outlines for my own...just a matter of work...

Science: Magic School Bus and kits

Nature Studies: since we have a gecko we'll see what we can learn about reptiles and amphibians

Music: First Steps

Art: Behold the Beauty, artist kits

Music Appreciation: My First Classical, Tubby the Tuba, Carnival of Animals, Peter and the Wolf, Jazz Fly, Can You Hear It)

Art Appreciation: Art Cards, Come Look With Me

Poetry: Dover Favorite Poems for Children Coloring Book, Real Mother Goose Coloring Book

Tales: various Caldecott winning fairy tales

Myths: various picture books like Odysseus and the Magic of Circe, Thor's Hammer, etc

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I school jan-nov, so we have only just begun preK here, but because I choose to use a lot of American curriculum despite living in Australia, I learnt from being homeschooled myself as a child that I really need to plan a year in advance to allow myself to find a few second hand deals, and then order the bulk of my books by september to ensure they get here in plenty of time to work out the kinks or find something new (returning items because they don't fit our family is rarely an option due to postage time and costs so I can't have a book showing up a week before school starts, I need time with the materials up close.)


To that end, here is my tentative K plan


Math: Mathematical Reasoning A and possibly B, Miquon Orange and possibly some Red. Possibly Life of Fred (haven't decided whether to buy it to start in K or 1st)

Logic: Hands on Thinking Skills and an assortment of supplement books from The Critical Thinking Company

Reading: Alpha Phonics with bob books and scholastic readers

Writing: Kumon workbooks for fine motor skills, cutting/gluing/colouring/tracing/etc. Startwrite handwriting sheets for beginning individual letters. Writing Strands 1 for creating writing games and preparation.

Art: Early Childhood Art Painting and Printmaking, and Collage and Construction

Science/History: Topical Books and TV, nothing formal. Possibly adding Lego Simple Machines with daddy as a periodic project. 

Music: Might be starting piano with daddy, either K or 1st




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Ugh, I'm not completely sure...


DS3 will be 5 in May. He just started CLE Math 100 this week (at his request), and he's reading around a mid-first to second grade level (it will likely be more like mid-second grade in 6 months... his oldest brother was exactly the same way). He needs some explicit phonics instruction at some point, and he likes workbooks. He also likes to do school independently - reading the instructions in math and following them... that sort of thing. Strange little kid. Oh, and he can write well - my first boy that LIKES to write. :lol: So tentatively...


Math: CLE Math 100, moving into 200 mid-year

Reading/Phonics: Probably run through R&S Phonics 1, since I have it. I also have the Reading, but I don't think he'll need that. Or I could jump ahead in the Reading a bit and start in a later unit. I don't know.

Handwriting: Just incorporate that into Phonics. I also have Pentime 1, but I honestly don't think he'll need it if he's doing the Phonics writing.

History: Tag along TOG Y1 LG (middle son is also LG level). This is optional. He can leave the room if he's not interested.

Science: Tag along Science in the Beginning/Science in Ancient Times. Again, optional. He can leave the room if he's bored (though he likes Science in the Beginning now, so I don't see him leaving the room next year ;) )


Basically, he's doing all this now except the Phonics. He has the Phonics and sometimes pulls it out to work on it on his own, but he's not always in the mood, and I'm cool with that. I've debated just waiting until 1st grade and running through R&S Phonics 2 (what I wish I'd done with DS1 in first grade).

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Nico turns 5 in mid-May. He's been doing pre-k at home, so this is all tentative, levels dependent on how far we get this year.


Phonics/spelling/handwriting: LOE Foundations (not sure about the level; he's moving nicely through CVC now, after having struggled a bit with it at first)

Math: continue with Miquon, add in CLE Math 1

Readers: Seton's "Faith and Freedom" series for grade 1

Religion: Seton's Pre-K religion, saint books, coloring books and crafts

Science and history: informal. I'm considering FIAR. He enjoys watching Magic School Bus vids as well.

Other: Rod and Staff's GHI series and Calendar book

Extras: he'll play t-ball in the fall, I hope, and I'm going to buy some Equilbro blocks and Little Pim Italian.


He's a pretty active little boy. He doesn't care for phonics, although he does okay with it. He tends to excel in maths, and he's our builder, so a good part of his day will be spent with his blocks (the new ones, his already acquired Archiquest set, legos, etc).

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Bible: Sword Fighting for memory verses. Reading through The Story for Kids (she'll do a coloring page and narration and listen when her older brother and I discuss what we learned). I might read through Leading Little Ones to God for her, as I did for her brother when he was in K.

Math: Math Lessons for a Living Education


Phonics: Logic of English Foundations


Science: I want to get a few BFSU lessons in this year. We're also going to try Everyday Science Mysteries.


Listening to plenty of read alouds. Tagging along with history and geography with her older brother when she wants to.

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- RightStart A, Singapore Essentials B and 1A. 
- Happy Phonics
- Getty Dubay
(Or LoE Foundations)
- Evan-Moor Beginning Geography
- Follow along with history & science w/ siblings (STOW2, physics - library books/experiment kits/encyclopedias/notebooking)
Memoria Press Read-Alouds and Enrichments
Artistic Pursuits 

Song School Latin

Piano lessons

Religion? IDK. Family Formation? Catholic Icing? 
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DS will not technically be in K next year as he has an early October birthday and the cutoff date in CA has now been moved to Sep.1st for 2014.  But he'll be doing K level school work.  We'll be continuing with OPGTR, he'll be working on his handwriting, and he'll start Math Mammoth 1A.  Everything else will be optional - whatever he wants to join in on with his big sister.  I'll be reading SotW 2 to her.  For science, we just research and read about any questions they have and do experiments (mostly using Developing Critical Thinking Through Science).  We learn about one musician and one artist each month, and he's usually pretty interested in that too.

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DD will be 5 in August, and we will be starting K in September.


Phonics:  AAR Level 1/2 (We're over half way through level 1 now, we'll see how far she gets)

Math:  Singapore 1 A/B

Handwriting:  Zaner-Bloser Handwriting K

FIAR - Social Studies, LA, Science and Art



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This is for my youngest who will enter k next year:


MFW K: Lang, math, Bible (he did the complete version as a tag along at 3, when dd was 5, but didn't do any of the seat work or really "get" the Bible)


Math: Singapore Early Bird Math 1A / 1B


Handwriting: HWOT K


Lit. -FIAR (just to try and change stuff up a bit I'd like to row a book about 3 days a week for 2 weeks I am thinking, if time allows)


Foreign Lang. - tag along to La Clase Divertida level 3


Core- tag along for MFW Adventures and / or POAG

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DS1 will be 5 in June and we'll start official K in August.


Reading: Continue working through  OPGTR, BOB books and various other readers

Math: Finish up Singapore Essentials B (if we don't finish it before then) then moving on to Math Mammoth 1. Probably some of MEP 1 too. This kid really loves doing math.

Handwriting: HWOT K + some copy work

Spelling: AAS 1

Science: Elemental Science Exploring Science

Literature: Putting together my own thing


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My ds4 has a November birthday and I haven't decided for sure when I'll start K with him. In our state the cutoff is Dec 31 so technically I could send him to school. That being said, there are no reporting/notifying requirements in our state so it doesn't really matter when I start him. Also, we are year-round homeschoolers and I tend to start new things at odd times. :-)


If I do start K in the fall my tentative plan is:


Letter of the week for phonics. I'll design my own and gradually work from there into A Beka readers.


Singapore Early Bird Math. I use Singapore with my girls but didn't start any of them until 1a. This time around I think I'll try their K program.


R&S preschool/K books. We've just recently started the series and he loves it so we'll just keep going.


FIAR - I have the book but we haven't really started on it yet. I was hoping to start it in January with my 4 and 6 year olds but it just didn't happen after the first week.


Piano lessons. I teach my kids myself and usually start them after they turn 4.


He'll also continue to tag along with his big sisters whenever he wants to on:

Science - Apologia and Science in the Beginning

History - Diana Waring's History Revealed (my tweaked version for little kids)

Read Alouds

Geography of the U.S. - We're using the R&S states coloring book and doing one state per week

La Clase Divertida level 2



This is what I'm hoping to do in the fall but I'd have a very young Ker so I'll see where we're at after the summer and decide for sure then. I started one dd in June and one in January so I'm not too attached to a September start. :-)

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My son will be 5 in November and is currently reading at a 2nd grade level.  We start Kindergarten in July.  Spelling and Science (mostly literature based) will be the focus of our K year, everything else will be fun to play with:


Art – Baby Lambs; knitting spool

Bible – Genesis, Psalms

Geography - continents, oceans, states, capitols, cardinal directions, draw lines of lat/long

Handwriting –MP Copybook I

History - SOTWv1 audio book, listen only

Languages – watch Chinese and Arabic TV shows, learn Mandarin and Arabic alphabets; Arabian Sinbad

Math – MM1; LofF

Morning Time - Bible, hymns, poetry, read-alouds

Music - My First Piano Adventure

Phys Ed - Gymnastics

Science – Peterson First Guide to Insects/Birds/Butterflies & Moths/Trees/Wildflowers/Reptile & Amphib/Fish set; unit study style with read-alouds tied to these subjects

Spelling – AAS1

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My ds turned 5 in November. In our state, the cut off for kindergarten is in September. So we have been calling this year K4 and he will start K5 in August.


We will mostly just continue what we have been doing:

RLTL 1 (We made it about 1/2 way through OPGTTR and then switched to RLTL 1 in January). We will move onto level 2 when we finish.

LLTL 0 Pathways. We will start LLTL when his reading skills are a little more solid. (We may wait until 1st).

Finish Math Mammoth 1 and start 2 probably.

Home Art Studio

Interest led science (some BFSU)


What we are adding:

A literature based geography study coupled with the Complete Book of Animals.

Spanish - not sure what, something free preferably.


Great thread - I love to see what everyone else is doing.



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We're just finishing up kindergarten. We started kindergarten when she turned five last February and are just now transitioning into first grade materials. This is mostly what we've done for the past year:


Explode the Code books 1, 2 and 3


Mathematical Reasoning A

Draw Write Now

Some homemade units on money and using a calendar

Lots of interest led science, history and geography including educational shows on DVD/Netflix (Magic School Bus, American Girl movies, Popular Mechanics for Kids, Liberty Kids, etc.)

Lots of read alouds, picture books and audio books

A Waldorf based class with other 5/6 year olds twice a month (seasonal stories, plays, folktales, art, cooking, etc.)

Large projects for each of our homeschool groups annual learning fairs: science fair, biography fair and international fair

A nature class twice a month

Regular field trips

Weekly dance class

Weekly park day

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DD just turned 5 and we're ramping up toward kindergarten activities, hopefully starting this week. She loves more.Starfall and I might buy a subscription.


Reading: She does Phonics with Phonograms on the IPad, and reads books. 

Math: Singapore 1A.

Penmanship: Rhythm of Handwriting manuscript.

Spelling: AAS1.

History: Tag-along with DS (eclectic study of Ancients)

Science: Magic Schoolbus kits, might bring out some ideas from BFSU.


All very casual and unpressured, my #1 goal is a love of learning and #2 is to keep up with reading and math skills. Everything else is gravy. She also goes to a non-academic preschool for 7.5 hours a week, where they do simple unit studies based on picture books and games (like bears/hibernation) and messy art and once a week journaling (student draws a picture, an adult helps them to caption it).

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YDS (he has a May birthday) starts K this coming school year, so sometime after July 1.  This is my tentative plan at this point:


Writing/Reading/Phonics: IEW-PAL writing and reading

Math: MUS Primer (manipulatives and activity guide only; no student book)

Science: Tag along with DD and DS11 for Apologia Land Animals Swimming Creatures 

History: Tag along with other kids for ancients Geography through Art 

Art: co-op class

PE: group games at co-op


We'll also read LOTS of great books together and have lots of fun.  Kindergarten should be fun, right? So games, activities, crafts, and FUN are the main thing on our list. :)

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My child is after-schooled. I can't fully imagine where my child will be by fall, but here's a guess:


Math: Singapore Math 1B or 2A

Handwriting: continuing cursive (will prob have finished New American Cursive)

Spelling/dictation/writing: AAS2

Spanish: continue reading lots, possibly take a class, Salsa & allow more TV-viewing, Rosetta Stone, continue writing and reading Spanish

Latin: begin Song School Latin

French: possibly restart if there's interest/time. Just reading books & listening to music mostly

Geography: continue doing unit studies by country. Evan-Moor Beginning Geography

History: continue SOTW1 (She reads the MTH books repeatedly). Blend into geography unit studies

Piano lessons from me. Probably finishing up the Music for Little Mozart Series and/or starting Faber's Piano Adventures

Violin lessons (using Suzuki book 1)

Ballet & be in the Nutcracker again

Science: continue nature journal. Lots of library books. Again, we cover lots of natural history/biology with our geography unit studies. Ooh, I'm going to get Snap Circuits for her birthday!

Possibly Soccer

Reading: continue at her pace...she's around 3rd/4th grade level right now, so 4th/5th by fall? Probably will start some FLL or MCT in the fall.


This summer: swim lessons, tap dancing?, nature camp for a week, and lots of camping, biking, hiking and outdoor play, music festivals

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I've revised my plan for next year, lol. New plan is as follows:


Math: Mathematical Reasoning B, transition to Horizons or CLE after

Phonics: Little Angels Readers

Handwriting: HWOT


Science: Behold and See 1 + literature units on space, human body, etc

Art: Art 1 for Young Catholics, MP's art cards

Religion: OLVS - cherry picking from their kindergarten and grade 1 texts, loads of Father Lovasik books

Music: Making Music, Praying Twice


Other: Hands on Thinking Skills (CTC), Equilibro blocks/games, Seton grade 1 Faith and Freedom Readers


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I just started my daughter in kindergarten in January. I plan on doing it year round. Our plan is:


Phonics: OPGTR, MCP

Math: Saxon

Religion: our lady of victory k curriculum

Art: our lady of victory, and mommy it's a Renoir

Handwriting: handwriting without tears

Music: making music praying twice

Beginning geography, and stories of great Americans for little americans

Nature study with notebook

Science: we have been reading books

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Mine turns five two weeks after the state cutoff, so we will be doing K4 with what his brother used four years ago:


Sonlight P4/5 – God’s World

Sonlight Readers and Language Arts Grade 1

Sing, Spell, Read, Write Level 1

Handwriting Without Tears K

Explode the Code Books 1, 2, and 3


Singapore Essential Math A and B


Signing Time DVDs


Critical Thinking Company Building Thinking Skills Primary

Critical Thinking Company Hands On Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Company Mind Benders Books 1 and 2

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Wow!!  I have say to all of you who have commented on this thread, THANK YOU!!!  Your comments and lists of what you  have planned for your Kindergartener this coming school hear has been SO encouraging!  I've been planning our school year as well and was feeling a bit insecure about how much I was planning.  Not anymore, thanks to all of you wonderful ladies!!!


Here's what I have planned:


Language arts - Logic of English Foundations

Math - don't have this nailed down yet.  Looking at Math U see, Horizons, Critical Thinking Co. Math...

Science - Sonlight Science A or Nancy Larson

History/Geography - TOG Y1

Bible - Big Truths for Young Hearts and Gospel Story Bible with Long Story Short

Art - Usborne Playtime I can draw or Draw Write now Through History

Foreign Language - Song School Latin

Critical Thinking - Hands On Thinking Skills and/or Building Thinking Skills Primary

Music - Stories of the Great Composers and piano lessons.


Of course, not everything will be covered every day and it may take us two years to get through Y1 of TOG but I'm okay with that.  I'll let my daughter set the pace (mostly) and we'll just run with it.  I'm hoping and praying it's a fun year and that she'll be excited to start a new routine!  We've been trying to do Horizons Preschool this year and while we love it, she goes through hills & valleys of being interested and not-so-interested in school.  I'm trying my best to be patient, remember she just turned 5 last week, and not put too much pressure on preschool. 


Anyway, THANK YOU all for your encouragement (without even know you were doing it!)  Ha!

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We are halfway through K using the following:




The Reading Lesson, LLtL Level 1 (slowly, 2x per week)




Singapore 1A, The Verbal Math Lesson, Education Unboxed videos




Home Art Studio K & 1st, Kindergarten Gems, Kenneth Taylor's Children's Bible, Milne poetry, My Book House Volumes 1 & 2, God's Wisdom for Little Girls, A Child's Book of Character Building, plus many picture books



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Guest Momma2SweetKids

Reading: AAR PreReader and then AAR 1 whenever we finish.

Math: Making Math Meaningful Level K

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages Unit 1

Science: Answer in Genesis God's Design series

History: Tapestry of Grace - Their new one being released soon for young kids.

Spanish: Song School Spanish


Fill in with activities from Answers for PreSchoolers and a hodgepodge of books/printouts for practicing to write.


A lot of free time to explore and play.  :)



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I'm doing Kinder know with my 5.5 yr old.  She's using:

  • ETC
  • some of the HIG games/activities in Singapore 1A, a few of the beginning pages in BJU Math 1
  • stories in an illustrated Bible + the Bible Doodle Book
  • Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science (I think that's the title)
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We'll be doing k this year, we've already started some things.


RLtL level 2

Magic School Bus Science Club

Lots of Reading

math??? We might wait till next year on that

My own handwriting practice


I was thinking about MP's enrichment program but haven't decided. Maybe I should get going on my planning. :-)

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Dd4 will be doing PreK/K next year. It will be mostly K material, but I will call it PreK. I learned this lesson with my first child.


Art: various resources including Atelier Art and How to Teach Art to Children

Bible: Vos Story Bible, Wee Sing Bible Songs, and Big Picture Bible Timeline

Literature: start with Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes and move into FIAR

Math: start with Miquon and move into Saxon 1, with various other resources like RS math games as we desire

Reading: start with HOP yellow book and move into Phonics Museum


History and Science: Tag along with boys (or not) on Adventures in the Sea and Sky




Signing Times videos

Melody Lane videos



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We are wrapping up K and this is what we have used. We school 3 days a week.


Reading - PAL (we took it slowly and spread it over 2 years - very happy with it) and readers from the library

Spelling - AAS 1 (started this when he was almost finished with handwriting and halfway through PAL)

Handwriting - HWOT k

Math - MUS Alpha

History - Beginning Geography (love!)

Science - totally fell off the bandwagon, lol

Foreign Lang - Salsa videos

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We are wrapping up K and this is what we have used. We school 3 days a week.


Reading - PAL (we took it slowly and spread it over 2 years - very happy with it) and readers from the library

Spelling - AAS 1 (started this when he was almost finished with handwriting and halfway through PAL)

Handwriting - HWOT k

Math - MUS Alpha

History - Beginning Geography (love!)

Science - totally fell off the bandwagon, lol

Foreign Lang - Salsa videos


Not trying to derail. May I ask a question? I read in another thread that your child is almost finished with PAL. Approximately what level of reading does this program take a child to? I'm going to the convention in SC and want to buy PAL, but I'm curious what phonics program we would use after PAL, or if continuing in AAS would be enough. TIA.


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We are finishing up with random work books I bought before our family made the decision to homeschool. We have kumon, brain quest, spectrum and AOP, etc. We are following Japan's school year by starting in April. DD just turned 5.


We are using CLE 1st grade for Math, Reading and LA

Science - science is simple, mini book print outs

Social Studies - biography readers, culture studies

Art - painting and drawing in Waldorf schools, origami level 2 and 3.

Foreign language - Nihongo


We are only doing classes 3x a week. She does as many lessons she wants in the work books. Twice a week we go out to interact with the locals in the park, do our errands and try out the food so DD can practice Nihongo. She picks out books she likes at the library and reads them on her free time, I let her choose which one she wants me to read to her at bedtime.

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We will be doing K-4 this year as my son missed the cutoff date by 2 weeks. I'm still at the point that I'm happy to be keeping him another year! I may not feel the same way when he's 18 though. He is really not ready to start a full load anyway as my elder ds was.


We school 4x a week.

Phonics - LOE level A. - 15 min a day

Math - RS A - 15 min. A day

Wee folk art read alouds plus some activities


Tagging along w/ brother if he wants:

TOG Year 1

Elemental Science- Sassafras zoology and anatomy

Song school Spanish

Artistic Pursuits - book 1

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We started "K" this week guess. Dd2 will be 5 next month, and I needed to give her her own school work. We are using


math: MEP year 1

Phonics/handwriting: LoE Foundations (we will start this as soon as it arrives)


I focus on the basics at this point. She takes a swim and gym class as well. We do a lot of science/social studies in an unschooling way.


I would like to find something about Rocks to study for elementary age kids. She has been extremely interested in rocks for a few years now.

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...I would like to find something about Rocks to study for elementary age kids. She has been extremely interested in rocks for a few years now.



Here are a few things for rocks:

http://www.parents.com/blogs/homeschool-den/2013/02/11/science/rocks-and-minerals-packet/ (free)


http://noahsarkhomeschoolacademy.blogspot.com/2012/11/rock-mineral-and-gems-unit-study.html (this one has lots of links)


I haven't used any of them yet, but I saved the links because one of my kids is very interested in rocks too.

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