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  1. Homeschool Printing takes a long time, typically 3-6 weeks. It is cheaper than any other option I have seen though. I usually use Hard Copy HQ and usually receive those materials in 5-10 days. I usually decide based on how quickly I need the materials vs how much I want to save money.
  2. Perfect! Dragonology for my eldest boy and Intro to Herp for my middle sounds like a perfect addition to our planned schedule.
  3. DS7 Oak Meadow 2 Grammar: FLL but pretty casually, led by him. I have MCT Island from his older brother and I'm thinking of seeing if he likes that since his brother needed a level up. Writing: Bravewriter Jot it Down. Reading: Dancing Bears Spelling: Apples and Pears Math: Finish Right Start B and then probably go to Singapore unless he really wants to keep on with C. Latin: Song School Latin We are using BYL 1 as booklist and seasonally supplementing with Blossom & Root (which I love). DS10 English, History, and Science: OM 6 - we may stretch this into two years. Math: Singapore Math 5 and Beast Academy. He tends to go through math quickly so if he finishes that, I'm looking at AOPS Pre-Algebra. Science: OM Science with BFSU and we have also been reading through several books on science topics. He is finishing Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry by NDT and will probably read the Magic of Reality next. History: We will probably continue with SOTW 1 with OM History. Writing: CAP Writing & Rhetoric (we love this) and BW Partnership in Writing Grammar: Michael Clay Thompson Coding: Scratch or Code Combat or Python. TBD. Typing: TBD Latin: No clue He may do AAA Cryptozoology. We are using BYL as a booklist. Hopefully we will have some music and art lessons for both going when we're able to leave the house again.
  4. I've bought far too many books due to the library closures but at least I bought most of it used from Better World Books so it didn't break the bank (that is the excuse I'm using, at least.) I also bought a used set of OM 2 for DS7 to start in the next couple of months as well as Dancing Bears/ Apples and Pears because AAR/AAS was surprisingly a major fail with him and he did much better with the Dancing Bears samples. DS10 finished Math Mammoth 4B and asked me for "something like this, but more colorful" so I bought him Singapore 5A to try. I agree about the plague curriculum hoarding urge, I'm fighting to resist it as much as possible but...
  5. I usually have a lot of luck April - June. All the spring sales for curriculum mean that people selling used curriculum tend to drop the prices a bit to compete and also that all the people buying curriculum that they end up not liking during the spring sales end up selling it on the tail end of those months.
  6. Thank you, this was extremely helpful and reassuring. I've tried to figure out why he hates school so much for two years now and my conclusion is partially that b&m public school just isn't the right fit for him or his learning style (he is the kid who would answer the first page of questions correctly, then start drawing pictures all over the standardized test and not finish, and thus test as though he was "behind") and then partially that he had to deal with a lot of emotionally difficult stuff in the last several years that were peaking at the time he entered school as a young K'er. Short version: I divorced and left an abusive marriage (father is still in the picture and involved and still very much a part of their life so that is good at least but I do think the toxicity of the living situation prior affected them more than I thought it did in the thick of it), I left my religion (Islam), stopped covering, stopped any practice. I went from being a SAHM for their whole lives to working full-time plus overtime to support us and was in nursing school full-time (that is all done now but it was 0 to 100 at the time). Their father remarried someone from Jordan 1 month after our divorce finalized. So, a lot going on in that time period and being forced into school when he probably wasn't emotionally ready for it has not been the best for him. He is doing better now, with time, and I feel like he is not resistant to school when I am teaching him at home but he very much needs a gentler approach and I've had to fight my instinct to be more academic and think that I shouldn't have him "lag" behind what he would be doing if he was in school. He has always been a very sensitive kid who is easily affected by the things going on around him. Once the pandemic is on the down slope, I do have plans to have him evaluated though.
  7. To be clear, I don't think of it as remediating him, I was using the word in the sense of how the school and district would view it. He's 7, he's young, and he is sensitive and shy. Honestly, he probably started K in public school too early but circumstances at the time forced it. I do not see him as behind. I see him as 7 year old who was pushed into dry, intensive, busywork before he was ready for it. I've heard homeschoolers in my area mention that once you send your homeschool notification letter with a child, if they're under the age of requirement, you've essentially tripped a timer and the district is now concerned with whether or not your child is progressing in the way they expect. The reason I asked is not because I think it is problematic to do something that is marketed as second-grade work with a child who would go into third-grade in public school if the material is appropriate for the child, but because I want to make sure I am not missing something about doing so that would cause problems when it came to an evaluation later in the year. Would they look at his work and say, "well, he would be in third grade in public school and he was on track a year ago according to his school and now it doesn't look like he is "on track" anymore?" Would they consider his age or just assume that he needs to meet their listed third-grade standards? Or would I have some wiggle room to de-school and use my own discretion about where he is and where we should focus our efforts? This is not a kid who needed to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day doing worksheets and it has really ruined the way he views school (and I realize that this isn't the case for everyone, my eldest loved that stuff but he is a very different child.) The 25% standard for testing makes sense and clarifies that. I planned to go with a narrative and portfolio this time but it was unclear to me as to which standards they would use to evaluate that and whether they, too, would be comparing him to public school progress. The fact that it is "according to [his] abilities" both clarifies the issue and takes the burden of comparison away.
  8. This is a really good point. He's actually reading fairly well (he can read a Magic Tree House reader, for example) and he's still getting fairly on-level instruction with Dancing Bears/ Apples and Pears, and Right Start. Ultimately, that is likely what they'd be evaluating a grade level from, not the level of a general curriculum I use or what level of history and science he is doing. I just needed some reassurance that it is okay to slow it down to where he actually is and not overwhelm him by trying to meet him where the school claimed he was.
  9. Thanks all! I think I'm going to do prehistory and then combine them for Ancients next year. In the meantime, I'm gonna let my eldest do SOTW4 though because he's really in to it and wants to keep going but its definitely too much for my younger son.
  10. DS turns 8 in July. He was in 2nd grade until COVID19 put a stop to public school and I decided to take this as my opportunity to withdraw him and homeschool him again. For years, he has told me that he hates school. He's been in two different schools plus an awesome nursery program. He's had teachers he adored. He's had many friends. He's super quiet and withdrawn in school, always. We expected it would improve with time but this aspect hasn't changed over the years. So, I would like to take a more holistic approach to his school and slow it down so he can discover at least a little love of learning. He is super artsy and loves animals. If this upcoming year, instead of going forward into "third grade curriculum", I had him do something a bit less intensive (like Oak Meadow 2 or more Blossom & Root for example), but that would only meet second grade standards likely instead of third, would that be crazy? My major concern is that I live in Ohio, and I have to prove that he's keeping up with grade level at the end of the year, but is that based off of the last grade he was in school? At 7-8 years old, he would have been a young third grader anyway and easily could still be in second grade. I'm also concerned because having worked with him 1:1 now, I can tell that the objectives he was supposedly meeting in school are not actually met and he's been able to slide by in a large class of students. I understand that homeschooling isn't subject to the same grade level labels that schools use but I'm just wondering if this would be more inadvisable because he's already been in public school second grade (although he obviously did not finish it there due to the pandemic).
  11. I haven't used their history curriculum yet but there is a FB group for families using Blossom & Root that may have more info and there are some users on Instagram who used it. The user homeschooler_by_design has a review and flip-through on her IGTV: All of her curriculum is new enough that not many people have discussed it or reviewed it on these forums. If you do end up using it, please update after you are done about how you liked it!
  12. Those are fantastic ideas! His father (my ex-husband) took him to the Alligator Attraction and Wildlife Learning Center (aka when they went to Florida last (we both grew up in FL and have family there) and that is what really sparked his desire to be a herpetologist and his love of alligators and crocs, thereby winning the divorced parent bribe battle for the year 😅 so I bet this would be right up his alley. We live in Ohio but I grew up down the road from Gatorland and somehow have never been. Time to change that. School of Croc has been an awesome addition to our morning time routine.
  13. So, as a little background, I used to homeschool (pre-K, K and 1st) with my eldest and then both of my children went to PS when I started working a lot. We ended up withdrawing them when school was canceled due to COVID19 and I am leaning toward keeping them home from now because homeschooling has become doable and we are enjoying it. We began using BYL (levels 4 and 1) as the foundation of our curriculum and I added other things to supplement. Very quickly, it became apparent that we are really only using BYL as a booklist but the two levels use two different levels of SOTW (Ancients and 4). We are continuing to use SOTW even though we aren't implementing much of the actual BYL day-to-day and really like it but I am wondering whether it is a good idea to run two different levels simultaneously because it seems like I am making extra work for myself rather than focusing on going deep on one or the other? My sons are 10.5 and 7 (soon to be 8 ) and the eldest is really enjoying SOTW 4. Would you recommend: a) Continue doing both kids separately in 2 different levels. b) Combine both kids in Ancients and continue up together (stop SOTW 4) c) Go through SOTW 4 with my older son, stop SOTW1 with the 7 year old or do prehistory with him, and then have them together in ancients next year as history for both. Thanks in advance!
  14. There is no conspiracy. Our COVID19 ICU is hell. These people are incredibly sick and our resources are limited and we don't even have N95s to wear into their rooms. Some units are cleared out, this is not because we are not overwhelmed. Its because many non-critical patients and non-COVID patients are being diverted to the other hospitals, those that can't handle patients this critical. Any patient who doesn't absolutely need a bed is being discharged and sent out. My husband's unit is one of the ones that has been diverted/shut down. I am an ICU nurse (and the MICU where I began my career is now the COVID ICU for all critical patients in my region). The hospitals that have been ghost towns are purposely being cleared for the expected peak that is about to hit. They've also waived NCLEX requirements to let graduating nursing students be trained to work without it (which is crazy!). When I began training, I had 16 weeks of orientation, during which I had classes, demonstrations, and took patients on my unit with a preceptor to supervise and teach. These patients would be the sickest ones on the unit so that once I was on my own, I would know how to handle everyone. They are training the nurses on my husband's unit with ONE day of training on vents and drips so that they can take ICU assignments. None of us are getting crisis or hazard pay but we are threatened with administrative action if we refuse anything. We aren't allowed to wear N95s in the COVID + rooms unless we're intubating. We aren't allowed to wear regular ear loop masks in the hallways or procedure rooms. We're putting our lives, our family's lives, and our children's lives on the line for 27 bucks an hour.
  15. Yay! And thank you so much for the info! He will be extremely excited about the "School of Croc" stuff. Alligators and crocodiles, in particular, are his primary love.
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