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FYI--FYI--Those bookcases I was looking for are on 1/2-off sale at Staples thru 8/16!

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You can get free shipping too!


I have two tall ones and two short ones among many others in my schoolroom-turned-office, and I have two tall ones in my classroom. Planning to add two more talls and a couple of middles.


These are really sturdy shelves and easypeesie to put together.


Linked here is only the tall one.


Hey! Look at that! And they come in other colors, brown/tan and cherry.


Kewl. Looks like I can shelve a few more books this week.


Thanks much, Ms. Janie.

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Are they really wood? Or are they an IKEA laminate kind of thing?


They're particle board with a colored laminate. They are cheap shelving in every sense of the word, but they are SHELVING. And they look good from a trotting horse. And if you don't move them lots and lots of times, they'll stay together for at the very least $50 worth of use.


Our similar ones from Target still look new after being carefully moved 4 times. The ones the movers didn't drop, that is. :glare:

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Does anyone have a problem with these shelves warping under a load of books?




Put the heavy books on the bottom. Do not put heavy books on the middle (unmovable) shelf. Watch the other shelves and flip them over if/when they begin to sag.


You simply cannot overload them (double shelve, for example) and expect them to last like a sturdier shelf. But we have our entire library (ok, 99% of what's not in boxes, I mean) on this type of shelf and we are very happy with them. Someday we'll afford better, after we stop moving every 2-3 years. But for now, these are better than just ok.

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