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  1. Yes, the third book is out, but the three together only cover through the Renaissance.
  2. I teach at a small classical Christian school. We use SWB's *History of the Ancient World* (and following) for our high school history courses for 9th and 10th grades, but are casting about trying to find a good spine for the rest of the timeline. We teach by lecture and a lot of discussion, read the spine, and provide an extensive bibliography for students to choose a number of books per semester to read alongside their assigned material -- an interest-driven component to enrich their history studies. Any recommendations for a spine text? We need a book (books?) to cover Reformation/Elizabethan era to the present. Thanks -
  3. I'm looking for some input from those of you who have used WWE and WWS through the early years into the middle years (say 1st grade through 5th grade) - what is your opinion of the long term success of this curriculum in preparing students for middle school and high school writing?
  4. Take a picture, blog it if I think of it, then throw it away when they are not looking! You gotta take it straight to the trash in the garage though, or you might get busted. Ask me how I know that.
  5. I made a chart to check off as we work through FLL 1. I laminated it and was planning on having my son will cross each lesson off as we do it, but I did that before I saw someone else mentioned stickers. He might like that better. So in case anyone else can benefit, you can get it here. I want to do the same type of thing for AAS for him, but this is the first year we've used it and I'm not sure how to set up a sheet that would work. Any advice from someone who has already used AAS?
  6. I finished this weekend too. I had a bit of a head start bc I was already planning to do something like this so I had all my spines cut off and holes drilled already, plus all the copying done already - student pages in SOTW, etc. I use HST+ so breaking all the work into lesson plans was pretty easy too. I was thrilled to see the thread tho - helped me think through some things and make a system that I hope will work for us. I got two Yaffa blocks (remember those?!) from the dollar store for $5 each and just used hanging folders and files I had already. I put 20 weeks in each crate and they are pretty full. I'm working on setting up weekly binders for each of my kids - still trying to decide whether to do that by subject or by day. Eager to get started on our year and hoping this works well for us...
  7. The Mercy Watson books are good, and the Poppleton series are like that too - chapters, but big print, great illustrations, etc. I probably enjoyed them more than my daughter - I laughed until I was crying at a couple of them. We like all of Cynthia Rylant. Once she gets just a bit stronger at reading, look into the Lighthouse series by Rylant too.
  8. I started picking them up at goodwill and yard sales when I saw them. My daughter has really enjoyed them - she reads them over and over, and since they are light reads, she buzzes through them. I do have her read other things, but she picks these up for free reading. One comment on them - she was telling me all about the Ann of Green Gables book and I made a comment about the full version, which stopped her in her tracks. I explained that they were abridged versions for kids to read and she was just a bit insulted! :D A couple of days later I found her on the couch reading the full version - she'd gone through my shelves and found it. She didn't stick with it long enough to read the whole thing - it's a bit beyond her right now - but she's already found the full versions of Little Women, Tom Sawyer, and Heidi and is determined to read those as soon as she can. SO - I think it's been a good thing. She enjoys the stories now, and is looking forward to reading the full versions later.
  9. Where's the "Like" button on these threads? :tongue_smilie:
  10. I put something in my cart just to check shipping so I could compare with another purchasing option. I left the cart and the site and bought it elsewhere, but got a call from them a week later asking if I needed any help completing the transaction or had any questions. I was pretty surprised too. The thing is, literally any company with a website can see where everyone has been and what they looked at. It's what they do with that information that has the potential to be a problem- and calling me unsolicited bothers me.
  11. The Bible timeline link on that page has some wonderful old graphics to use. What a nice resource!
  12. Thanks for the help, ladies! And I'm glad you mentioned doing AAS with all tiles. He's typical boy - way behind where his sister was at this age as far as writing. That's OK - he'll get there - but I like that we can do AAS even if he's not writing well, or even comfortably, yet.
  13. I know I've seen this here, but can't find it... For those of you using OPGTR with AAS, how far into OPGTR were you before you began AAS? My son is going to do a K/1st year next year. We did lesson 83 in OPGTR this morning and he's doing really well. I'd like to use AAS and FLL this fall. I know FLL fits well when started around OPGTR lesson 140. And while I'm on the subject, is it overkill to use ETC with both of these? I think it would be more of a busywork project for him, but he likes workbooks and it would give him something to do and allow me time with his sister. Thoughts?
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