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Wow - we spend $250 more on gas than food each month.

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Our gas budget is currently $900(!). We live about 40 minutes from church and work and boy, is it expensive! Anyone else in a similar boat?


Dh's truck is a gas hog. He's currently looking at getting a small car - the payment and insurance would still be cheaper than the gas for his truck. The small cars are surprisingly pricey, though.

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Yes, we're right there with you! And it stinks!!!:iagree:


Dh does have small commuter car with good gas mileage, so that helps a bit, but his commute is an hour and 15 minutes each way. Our church is 20 minutes away, and we go there three times each week, sometimes four.


We spent about $600 per month on gas, and maybe $350/mo. on groceries.


Our situation isn't likely to change any time soon, because there are no jobs in dh's field much closer than his current one. And we're very attached to this area, so we're not planning to move closer to his job. So, that's just the way it is, but I don't like it. :glare:



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We spend more than that - WAY more. At this point, almost all of our income is paying for gas/diesel.


We are moving, hopefully within a week or so - the house isn't ready yet. This will save us 480 miles a week combined!


I am selling my 12 passenger van and going with a minivan again - we won't all be able to go anywhere together, but food is more important.


I won't be working everyday anymore - maybe just 3 times a week. This will save even more.

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My vehicle costs us about $80 a month. My husband's is even less... about $50 a month (but his commute is about 15 miles round trip). But, then, I'm not going anywhere right now. Once we start swimming again, we'll probably add another $40 to our monthly gas budget.


Our food costs, OTOH... $600 a month, and I'm trying to get that number down... which is difficult.

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Oh, my! It just makes me nauseous to think about. I'm so grateful we live in town and can manage with only one car. We budget $150/mo for gas now (though can usually keep it a little under that), and there's maybe another $30 a month for dh riding the subway. Sometimes one car can be inconvenient, but hearing what the rest of y'all are spending... Suddenly it seems like a blessing!

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