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  1. That's great!! My 16 yos has been looking since the spring as well, and just got a job at a local surplus grocery store this week. He starts tomorrow! A lot of ds's friends recently found jobs after a long search as well. I wonder if this could be a sign that the economy is looking up? Or maybe it's just that college students who originally had these jobs since the spring have left to go back to college? Whatever the case, I'm happy for these students to finally have the chance to work!! :)
  2. I just wanted to let you know that our family has been in similar situations, and we know how you feel. It is such a vulnerable feeling, and little things like running out of toilet paper three days before payday can feel like the end of the world when you don't have resources to fall back on. Just hang on, and you will get through it. A lot of ideas have already been shared, but here are a few suggestions: I agree that I would buy a smaller amount of milk and stretch it, and buy eggs to make pancakes, waffles, etc for breakfasts. Maybe make a from scratch chicken pot pie with the chicke
  3. DS (11th grade) is taking the PSAT this October, and the SAT next spring, and I am freaking out a little. He needs to score well on the PSAT to be eligible to take a free class at our local private college, which is the only reason he is taking it-- otherwise I would take this whole year for test prep and have him just take the SAT next spring. I am concerned for two reasons: 1. Ds does very well in school with english and writing, but is a poor test taker even when he knows the material well, and 2. He has little recall of Algebra 1 and 2, which he took in 9th and 10th grades and struggled wi
  4. My 9 year old dd has just recently caught on to reading. I tried Phonics Pathways and then First Reader with her up to second grade, along with various easy readers, but really didn't make much progress. I used Reading Reflex with her last year, and now things seem to be clicking. A few months ago she read Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary, and she was very excited to have read a chapter book! My question is, what should we be using now for reading instruction? I would like to do some intensive work with her to help bring her up to grade level. I would say right now she is at about a late sec
  5. I think you did all you can. Apologizing for not going to her first was a kind thing for you to have done, and it was all you can do. Honestly I would probably not desire much of a friendship with a person who is behaving the way this woman is, sulking and shutting the doors of friendship, and who seems to think the primary wrongdoer in the situation is you! If that were my child who wrote a letter like that, I might be hurt that the other mom told someone else about it, but that would pale in comparison with the disappointment and concern and embarrassment I would feel that my child had writt
  6. Yes. I think it will be emotionally harder for me when my kids leave home than it would have been if they'd been traditionally schooled. I'll be going from being with them almost every minute of the day around the clock, to not seeing them at all. If they'd been in school the whole time growing up, I would be used to spending most of my time each day without them. Not to say that it's not hard for other parents when their children leave the nest, but I think it's got to be more of a dramatic change when you've homeschooled the entire time. If by "letting go," you mean micromanaging or lett
  7. I have noticed the exact same thing!!! I use the expression the way you do, to mean we have absolutely NO MONEY, anywhere, but a lot of others I've noticed mean they have no money that isn't otherwise accounted for. They could have thousands of dollars designated for a vacation, to pay all their bills, and to buy major appliances and furniture, but they'll say they have no money. I can't help but feel a little twinge when I hear that, knowing how much more difficult our situation is, but I know they aren't trying to be hurtful. They're just using the expression differently.
  8. I agree. You need to take into account your mental and emotional well-being, not to mention that of your husband and children. This is a bad, bad situation, and even if you are willing to live with it yourself (and I don't think you should-- you deserve much better!!!), your kids should not have to live with that kind of treatment. Please call social services and let them help you.
  9. I'm so sorry, Aubrey, that is an impossible situation. You all have been through so much over the past few years. On one side you've got extreme financial problems and health problems, and on the other side you've got family members that could cause you huge amounts of stress if you move in with them-- who have already started the dysfunction just in the discussion phase, which is likely to get much worse as the situation unfolds. If a friend came to me with your situation, and asked me my advice, I guess I would ask this: What would you do if living with your mother and/or dh's mother were no
  10. I may have missed more explanation, but do you absolutely have to move in with someone? To be honest, neither your mom nor your mother in law sound like they have the laid back, helpful, selfless attitude that is required to live happily with another family. If these little things are such a problem up front, what is it going to look like when they have to deal with all the difficulties and stresses of having constant company, many of whom are young children!! The more details I read about both situations, it doesn't seem like either is a really good one. Can you stay where you are? Or is ther
  11. Trying to decide what to use for my 10th grader this fall for algebra II. This student is more art/English oriented, has more difficulty with math, and is not anticipating a career related to math at all. Last year we used Chalkdust algebra I and he did okay with it. I was planning to buy Chalkdust algebra II this fall, but a friend offered to lend me TT algebra II instead, and based on what I've heard I think he might do a little better with that than with Chalkdust. However, a primary consideration for us is being prepared for the SAT. I've heard TT is considered a little light, but is it s
  12. It's not my understanding that the Sabbath restrictions apply to Christians, so I don't think that God requires us to avoid particular activities on Sundays- however, church is very important to our family, so we would not allow our children to play sports and miss church. There have been sports and activities that our kids haven't been able to participate in because of this, and it does annoy me that people schedule sports for Sunday morning. Of course not everyone attends church, but there is still a large number of people in our country who do, and I think the number is large enough to be w
  13. Funny how differently I see this. I would explain what you're noticing as there is a direct mathematical relationship between submission threads and the likelikhood of actual biblical content being presented, which increases as more and more people post things related to, but contrary, to Scripture. It's also curious to me that people can disagree with certain biblical perspectives, using words like "misogynist" and "unhealthy," and that is encouraged and even celebrated, but when somone else says others "may be missing out" on something by a certain perspective, that is quickly condemned as "
  14. Believe me, it's no picnic being a "fundamentalist" either. LOL Especially on this board!! :tongue_smilie:
  15. As I've said, there should be discussion as to what submission means, and what spouses should do in different circumstances. While I think it's a grave error to not accept any part of the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God, I would rather hear comments like yours about Paul's letters upfront. A lot of people skip over that point, and it's difficult to have a conversation about the details when you're coming from such different places. So the difference really isn't so much about men and women, but what do you think of God's Word-- is it something we can pick and choose what we like fr
  16. I don't mean to be insulting, but I understand that some might feel that way. I have found other comments in this thread insulting/uncomfortable/inaccurate as well, but I'm looking past that in an attempt to stay on point. As I said, it can and should be discussed as to what the Bible means when it says submit-- but it *does* say submit, more than once! So to deny the Bible tells wives to submit to their husbands, when it clearly does, is disingenuous at best. Much of the conversation on this thread doesn't even quote or refer to the Bible passages in question at all-- it's more like, "Do you
  17. It's not anyone's responsibility to make the Bible or Christianity more palatable by skipping parts that don't appeal to some people. God's Word stands for itself, and I would not presume and disrespect God and His Word by suggesting that I can leave out parts or write them off to make someone else like Christianity better-- or to make myself happy, either. There are parts of the Bible that are obviously meant to be figurative. There are other parts that are clearly meant for a specific people or time-- but the Bible itself makes it clear which those parts are-- this section in Ephesians does
  18. There is nothing in that passage to suggest that it is a cultural consideration. Paul appeals to an analogy between Christ and the church, an eternal relationship, so it's more reasonable to conclude that in fact it is an eternal blueprint for a good marriage. The only thing that makes anyone think it shouldn't be followed today, from all that I have read and heard, is that people today simply don't *like* it. It doesn't tickle our ears, or tell us what we want to hear about men and women and how God has designed us to function together in marriage. That is a very bad reason for dismissing tr
  19. I'm not sure how this statement, or others made in this thread, square at all with Ephesians, which explicitly commands woman to *submit*, and husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church. Unless you decide to throw out Ephesians 5 totally, you can't deny what is being said there. There can and should be discussion about what God meant when he commanded women to submit to their husbands, and what that looks like (i.e. there is still discussion, both are still equally valuable to God, women are not doormats, etc.), but it is simply not biblical to suggest that women are not called b
  20. Wow. There's being direct, and then there's just plain mean. Do you speak to your children this way when they have been hurt by someone?
  21. :iagree: I haven't posted at all on this topic, because honestly I don't feel that my viewpoint is welcome on this board, but I have to say that I agree 100 percent with what you've said here.
  22. Maybe so. I just wouldn't want my dd to be hung up on having such a dramatic length of hair, personally. If it were heartbreaking to think of having waist-length hair, I'd think some heart/reality checks were needed.
  23. I'll be the naysayer and say I'd have it cut. Waist long hair is still *Unusually* long, and probably still more than most children could care for on their own. It's not like you're getting her a chin-length bob! Going from mid-bottom length to waist length shouldn't be a big deal. She would still be able to do every hair style imaginable, and in fact, more easily with a little less length.
  24. Romans 9-- this passage, and wrestling with and finally submitting to its teaching that God is sovereign and can do with all of us whatever He choose, really helped me to accept the doctrine of election.
  25. If my kids went to the school, it would probably be a plus. But as a homeschooler, I'd think we'd have all the inconveniences (noise, traffic) and none of the benefits. I also think it could breed a sense of dissatisfaction with homeschooling for my kids to see all those kids with a different lifestyle right outside their own windows (esp. having fun outside). It could make them feel pretty left out. Some kids might not mind, but two of my three would definitely long to join the school kids!
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