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Knitting projects for hot climates?


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My dream hobby is knitting (meaning I like to do it but don't have much time to finish projects and therefore I have a lot of yarn).  We'll be moving soon to an area where I will probably never need anything knitted ever again.  I'm considering getting rid of all my supplies, just knitting hats for hospitalized babies, or maybe lap blankets/placemats, etc?  If it helps, I now prefer loom knitting d/t ease and speed.

Any other suggestions? 

I may just continue with baby hats but am seriously considering switching hobbies to something more useful, like sewing or painting (I need wall decorations). 

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I have a good friend who had relatives who lived in a very warm climate. The mom and the daughters all knitted.  Every September my friend's family would get a big box stuffed with mittens and hats and scarves from her warm weather relatives. She became a very good knitter from all that inspiration!


So, maybe keep knitting but just pass it on to others? You never know what it could lead to.

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Lacy things.

Cute camisole type top with lacy shrug.

Lacy wrap

Socks, purses, summer scarves.

Hair wraps


Household things...tea pot cozies, place mats, wash cloth, lacy tea curtains


Tons of things can be made in hot climates.


Oh and if you need to find a home for all your winter yarn send me a pm I would love to make an offer on it.

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