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Any resources that make the very idea of learning Latin sound cool?

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I’ve tried searching, but I’m not finding anything like this…


Are there any resources out there that would make the idea of learning Latin seem really cool or fun?


Perhaps a series of fiction books about kids that use Latin during their adventures? Or maybe some especially engaging nonfiction books that explain in a kid-friendly way why the study of Latin is important? Maybe a movie?


I think that my son will enjoy learning Latin once we get started, but I am hoping to find a way introduce it in a way that will make it seem REALLY EXCITING!


Any ideas?

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I'd recommend "The Roman Mysteries" by Caroline Lawrence. They are a series of mystery books set in Roman times. Four kids from different backgrounds come together to solve mysteries. They also happen to meet famous Romans and live through real historical events. My dd loves the books. She's 9 now, but they are for slightly older kids. If you have a sensitive kid, you might wait until they're a little older. Some of the mysteries have disturbing elements (for small kids or sensitive kids). I'd pre-read for sure, to get an idea of what's in them. The series gives a good sense of Roman culture and society, and it introduces Latin words as part of the story, not as a vocab lesson. I think the BBC made a tv series from some of the books, but I've never seen them available in the US. Hope that helps!

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I'd recommend "The Roman Mysteries" by Caroline Lawrence.



If he's read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies, many of the spells have Latin roots:





Thank you for the suggestions! Those Roman Mysteries look like something that he would love!


We haven't read Harry Potter yet, but maybe it is about time to start. :001_smile:

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I would caution that the second book of the Roman Mysteries has a puzzle that depends on certain facts about Latin that the author got wrong. It's nothing that can't be fixed in the actual teaching of Latin, and explaining why it's wrong is a little lesson in itself, but it irks me that the book teaches misunderstandings about Latin.

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