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  1. I'll weigh in. I have two who have gone through the AP saga. One didn't do well in APUSH and AP chemistry the first time and the main reason was lack of preparation. We didn't go through the prep books or practice past questions so we were not surprised when the results came in.
  2. Thank you so much for all the great advice
  3. Thanks for the great ideas. The idea of a lighter load with AMC 8 then AOPS intro to algebra at our own pace if needed is appealing. However, I am a little nervous about doing it without the class since I am not math inclined and don't know if I can keep up with the need to work ahead and be able to answer his questions in the manner needed. I love AOPS and have relearned a lot of math this way but I will readily admit I am not the most intuitive math teacher.
  4. Thanks for the answers so far. I actually noticed him working on alcumus algebra last night. He wanted to see what it was all about.
  5. DS10 just completed AOPS online prealgebra class and is a little intimidated at the idea of starting the algebra class. The class was a good pace and skill but he needed help thinking through some of the challenge problems. Any ideas? Do we continue (we can do alcumus before the start of class), take a break and do zacarro algebra, LOF algebra, AOPS AMC 8 basics (never done any math competition) Any other ideas? Thanks.
  6. Subjects I'm interested in getting approved for 2015-2016: AP Physics C: E&M based on physics for scientists and engineers Giancoli AP Human Geography based on The Cultural Landscape: an introduction to human geography This is my first time trying to put together a plan though we've done APs.
  7. Thanks, this will come in handy for the next school year.
  8. My son is taking the online prealgebra 1 class and his textbook assignments are outlined in the top bar of his "my classroom". So each week we read the assigned reading eg. 2.2, 2.3 before the class. We only have the hard copy textbook but I assume it will be the same with the onlie digital text. He does the homework challenge problems, alcumus and the assigned textbook work.
  9. Deal of the day on amazon at a good price http://www.amazon.com/b?rh=i%3Aoffice-products%2Cn%3A9770791011&ie=UTF8&node=9770791011&dealid=de8f2a3b
  10. Hands on equation, stack the states, stack the countries.
  11. That looks great. I've never seen one like it but it'll make a great gift
  12. Thanks, I just used the DFP1041 code and it worked for multiple subscriptions.
  13. AP Biology syllabus using Campbell TOPIC 1 Chemistry of Life (Statistical Analysis of Data: Chi-square) Week 1 : The Chemical Context of Life; Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life TOPIC 2 The Cell Week 2 : A Tour of the Cell; Membrane Structure/Function Week 3 : Cell Communication; The Cell Cycle TOPIC 3 The Energy of Life (Investigation 5, 6) Week 4 : An Introduction to Metabolism; Cellular Respiration Week 5 : Photosynthesis TOPIC 4 Mendelian Genetics (Investigation 7) Week 6 : Meosis and Sexual Life Cycles Week 7 : Mendel and the Gene Idea; The Chrom. Basis of... TOPIC 5 Molecular Genetics (Investigation 3, 8, 9) Week 8 : The Molecular Basis of Inheritance Week 9 : Gene Expression; Regulation of Gene Expression Week 10 : Viruses; DNA Tools and Biotechnology Week 11 : Genomes and Their Evolution TOPIC 6 Mechanisms of Evolution (Investigation 1, 2) Week 12 : Descent with Modification; The Evolution of Pop. Week 13: The Origin of Species; The History of Life on Earth TOPIC 7 The Evolutionary History of Life (Investigation 13) Week 14 : Phylogeny and the Tree of Life; Bacteria/Archaea Week 15 : Protists; How Plants Colonized Land Week 16 : The Evolution of Seed Plants; Fungi; The Rise of... TOPIC 8 Plant Form and Function (Investigation 11, 12) Week 17 : Plant Structure, Growth, and Development; Resource Acquisition/Transport in Vascular Plants Week 18 : Soil/Plant Nutrition; Angiosperm Reprod./Biotech. Week 19 : Plant Responses to Internal/External Signals TOPIC 9 Animal Form and Function (Investigation 4) Week 20 : Basic Principles of Animal Form/Function; Animal Nutrition; Circulation/Gas Exchange Week 21 : The Immune System; Osmoregulation/Excretion Week 22: Homones and the Endocrine System; Animal Reprod.; Animal Development Week 23 : Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling; Nervous Systems; Sensory/Motor Mech.; Animal Behavior TOPIC 10 Ecology (Investigation 10) Week 24 : An Intro. to Ecology/the Biosphere; Population Ecology; CommunIty Ecology Week 25 : Ecosystems/Energy; Conserv. Bio./Global Change REVIEW SESSION Week 26 : Practice Test #1 Week 27: Practice Test #2 Week 28 : Practice Test #3
  14. I'll try to attach it again. I don't know how else to send it
  15. I made a schedule on google sheets using Biology in focus ( similar to Campbell) textbook, study guide and AP biology test prep . I have attached it as a pdf as thats the only format it'll let me upload. AP Biology Plan Sheet.pdf
  16. Alphaphonics for all three who learned to read at different ages.
  17. Thanks for sharing this. It is very clear and easily adaptable.
  18. I wouldn't do both in the same year but another option would be to do them alternate years. CTGE one year, FLL the following year, the corresponding grade in CTGE the next etc.
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