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Do any of you have kids who

Pamela H in Texas

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behave poorly, push limits, etc when they are making major developmental progress?


My almost 5yo is blowing me away with what he can do lately. As mentioned in a recent blog post, I thought he was having difficulty reading; but I was wrong. He was just reading what was under my finger instead of in front of my finger! Today at swim lessons (been going a few weeks after we pulled him this time last year because of behavior) he swam halfway across the "block" and floated on his own just fine. I was almost in tears because of his progress as he's been so spastic when doing physical things in the past. Then yesterday, he wanted to do a back handspring, copying big sister. So I figured he'd lie back into my arm and I'd have to do all the work. Nope! He just flips right over like it was nothing! He's made good progress in speech (though he won't use those skills with us which is not uncommon for kids with attachment issues). He's just making progress like this and that and everything. His intention tremor doesn't seem as bad. His writing is really quite good. He can jumprope a little! He's just nonstop cool!


And I cannot stand his behavior! It isn't big stuff. It's just CONSTANT and things he knows better. And if you don't get onto him immediately, he'll keep doing it over and over. He'll even "brag" about what he does if you seem not to notice. It is just so irritating. He is loud, obnoxious, rude, into everything, breaking rules. Seriously!


Generally, I wouldn't have put the two together, but both his behavior and abilities have increased SO much.


Anyone else? And do you have any great ideas so I don't string him up by his toenails?

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Pamela, could any of his behavior issues have anything to do with all of the drama with Monkey? Could he be upset about it, or even trying to get extra attention from you because it may have seemed that Monkey was getting an inordinate amount of attention from you and your dh before she left?


I'm probably completely off-base with this, but I thought I would throw it out there as a possibility because your family has been through so much lately, and it might have been hard on your little guy.


He sounds adorable, BTW, but I can absolutely understand your frustration!




PS. Have you heard anything about how Monkey is doing? Did you ever get to Skype with her? I have been praying for her to adjust well to her new situation, and for you and your family as well. :grouphug:

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Kara, that is true. Monkey was something else on one particular growth spurt.


Anyway, I don't doubt that the kids are having feelings and thoughts about Monkey leaving also. We tried to talk and be open about it.

We've tried to keep the conversation available if anyone needs it. But it is hard. She was our baby. She and T-lo were two peas in a pod.

Those two were awesome together.


We really have been way too busy with stresses for quite awhile now.


As for Monkey....I texted her Saturday because I just couldn't wait any longer for word. I had a panic attack waiting for the response, hoping she wouldn't tell me not to text again. It was *very* tense even once she answered though. She told me things were great and that the girls love each other. She sent me a picture. That worried us more than helped though. Just seems they would send us the best picture they had...what if that *was* the best available?


Just trying to slow down and breathe a little.

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