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  1. I have btdt, but it was my own mother yet worse. We moved to a different state just to get away from my parents. I ended up having to unfriend and block both of my parents and sister on facebook, and when we got new phone numbers they were only given DH's number. He is much better at dealing with them than I am, so any contact from them is filtered through him. I told him that unless it is serious, I don't even want to hear about it. There are some pretty serious reasons behind this beyond her behavior, but my mother is much like your MIL. There is no pleasing her or making her happy and like a PP said, once I realized that my frustration level is a lot lower. I just know I need a mediator.
  2. Talking on the phone and texting were both illegal where we used to live in Missouri. I'm not sure if it was a state or county law, but you could get pulled over and ticketed for doing either one.
  3. We have had THREE Keurigs die on us, even after doing everything they suggested, so we refuse to buy another one. I just stick to instant coffee for single cups. I think the store brand ones taste identical to brewed coffee, especially since I add creamer and sugar. I also REALLY like those Maxwell House instant cappuccino/latte things, the vanilla nut (vanilla and hazelnut) flavor is my favorite!
  4. As a CPST I would never trust a 4 year old to do it on their own, even if they were physically capable. You still need to get back there to check that he did it correctly, anyway. Do you have captains chairs or two bench seats? If you have captains chairs, can you remove one of them and put two in the far back seat? That would give you extra room to get back there to help with buckling.
  5. I have a ton of socks (and I do own nylons but RARELY wear them) but I'm not sure of the exact count. I wear them constantly in the colder months, but once it gets warm out I only usually wear them to bed b/c I wear flip flops most of the time.
  6. I just did our laundry last night, so I am all caught up!
  7. Sorry you are in so much pain Jean!! :( I'm doing good here, just tired.
  8. My dog is highly allergic to topical flea treatments. He had almost fatal seizures, which resulted in partial blindness, the very first time I gave it to him, and I only gave him a half dose!
  9. When he started school, and it wasn't cool to call me mommy in front of his friends. ;)
  10. If nothing else works, I would move the crate to another room. Our dog's crate is in the living room for this reason. Our dog frequently wakes in the night like a newborn, and the noise drives me nuts. Good luck, I hope you are able to sleep again soon!
  11. I have to sleep in skin tight clothing, and my legs and feet must be completely covered as do my shoulders, b/c anything loose rubs against my skin when I breathe and I can't sleep. It is physically painful when I feel my clothing rub against me, and I will have a panic attack. For some reason, I can have my arms bare without a problem (not my shoulders, though). *shrug* I wear full length stretch pants, a tight tank top, a tight t-shirt over that, and socks, every night. I also have to sleep completely under the covers with them pulled over my ears, even if I'm hot, and I have to sleep with a body pillow. I CANNOT have any breeze blowing on me, either...similar thing to the tight clothing. This drives DH crazy b/c he would prefer a strong fan on him every night and I just can't do it. Yes, I am fully aware of how weird I am. ;)DS sleeps wrapped up like a burrito every night, and DH can't have the covers tucked in at the foot of the bed and sleeps with one foot out at all times.
  12. My in-laws are absolutely wonderful. They treat me better than my parents and sister do, and I have a better relationship with them.
  13. I didn't read the other replies, but you can switch it to a previous version. My DH did it on our neice's computer, but I'm not sure how. I can ask him if you want me to...
  14. I'm glad you are doing well today!! :) After my terrible weekend, I am actually feeling really well today! I haven't had a seizure since early Sunday morning, which I am thankful for. They completely wipe me out. We are wondering if the fact that we had been eating takeout or restaurant food all week was the trigger behind all of my seizures (preservitives, maybe? I know hard alcohol triggers tonic clonic ones in me, so you never know...) We usually eat mostly homemade, but last week was crazy busy. We had homemade for the past two nights and other than the REALLY mild one Sunday morning around 7am, I have been seizure free!! I haven't had that many in one cluster ever before. Usually 3 or 4 is the max in one stretch, but if I had to guess I probably had around 30-40 in a span of 4 days. Crazy!!
  15. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for all of you!! :)
  16. You might like them now. There are a lot of things that I used to hate when I was younger that I love now. For example, every Halloween my mom would make bean and bacon soup b/c she knew I HATED it (it made me gag), and we couldn't trick or treat until I finished it. I now LOVE bean and bacon soup, even my mom's. ;)
  17. We only have one child, but we live next to my SIL and we share meal duties, so there can be up to 11 of us over for dinner on any given day. We keep paper towels on hand, but one roll will last at least a month, if not more. For us, I keep a few different types of dishcloths. I have flour sack towels for drying dishes, basic cheap hand towels for drying or wiping hands, and waffle weave towels for under the dish strainer. I have white dishcloths with a green stripe for wiping down counters, washcloths with mesh on one side for washing dishes (we wash all by hand), and small yellow washcloths for in case I run out of the mesh lined ones. I also have a TON of basic cheap white terry cloth washcloths for the dirty stuff, like pet messes or cleaning the bathroom. I have about a dozen of each kind (I have about 2+ dozen of the cheap white ones b/c we always seem to need them). I also have about 3 dozen cloth napkins that we all use at each meal. I have a dry bucket (a tall rectangular rubbermaid container) that I keep on the top stair going into the basement. In our last two houses the laundry room was just off the kitchen, so I kept the bucket next to the washer. I just throw things in there and wash it when it is full. I wash on the sanitize cycle with only detergent and Dollar Tree "oxyclean", no bleach. They never have a smell when they come out of the washer, even though they may smell a bit going in. I never notice a super strong odor from the bucket, though. Our towels are used for a day (or until they are visibly soiled, whichever comes first) and the washcloths are used once, then they are put in the bucket. The bucket is filled about once a week or so. Zero issues with mold, mildew, or odors of any kind. Oh, I also wash my mop head with the dish towels.
  18. We own both of our cars outright, a 2004 Dodge Stratus and a 1997 Dodge Neon. I don't remember off the top of my head how many miles each has.
  19. 10 or more. I have 4 pairs of yoga pants, about 8 or so pairs of non-jean pants (track pants, knit pants, etc) and about 6-8 pairs of jeans.
  20. My husband would just grab the them by the tail with a paper towel and flush them down the toilet. LOL
  21. Stick traps work really well! We had a lot of scorpions at our last house (in the country) but thankfully we were never stung. They were the same tiny ones. I hope you are able to get rid of them! Oh, and we were in the midwest as well, in southern Missouri near Branson. ;) Definitely not the south, and when we moved there we didn't expect scorpions, rattle snakes, and tarantulas. LOL
  22. I agree. This is what we tell DS and it is also what I had to do when I was younger.
  23. We are renting a townhouse until our house (in a different state) sells. We live in an end unit. Our neighbors are SO loud, we hear just about everything they do. My SIL lives in the same complex in a middle unit, and you can't hear her neighbors at all unless her one neighbor gets drunk and blares his music in the middle of the night. I think our neighbors are just obnoxiously loud. Her kids scream at the top of their lungs, I swear they roll bowling balls down the stairs, they fight, etc. Not to mention, smoking is allowed in this complex and they smoke, and we can strongly smell their smoke in our unit, which sucks. Our neighbors had a friend over who brought her dog, and we could hear him barking all day long, to the point we complained to the manager. Thankfully our dog never barks. All in all, though, we really like living here. :)
  24. Thankfully, no. I don't convulse, so I don't bother him. I am so exhausted. In the past 3 days I have had a ton of seizures in my sleep, so I am not getting good sleep at all, and that in turn makes me have more. Such a nasty cycle. I just layed down on the sofa and the second I fell asleep I hsd one. I just want to sleep. *cry* I wish I could go to a doctor but we are in between insurance right now since we moved and changed jobs. I'm stuck suffering b/c we can't afford to see a dr without insurance. May can't come fast enough, which is when our new insurance kicks in.
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