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Sonlight High School Core changes

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I don't know if I am supposed to cut and paste forum stuff from over there, and it isn't on the public forums. So I can summarize. : )


The highschool cores are being separated. There will be History/Bible with a separate IG and Literature and Language arts with a separated IG. This will allow us to mix and match different portions of the cores.


There will now be a core 500--World History.


Also, Core 400 was changed. There will be an 18 week American Government/Civics and an 18 week Economics. The 400 literature will be its own 36 week course.

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I believe the new catalog will be available as a PDF on March 15th. And the big mailout is supposed to happen shortly thereafter. They are expected to be in mailboxes by the last week of the month.


There are changes to some of the other cores too...Core W IG got a makeover and several book changes were made. CHOW is still the spine to the best of my knowledge. Core D is getting a revised Landmark book. This will affect Core E next year. The new book has photos added.

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I'm sorry about the link not being on the public forums. I thought it was. :confused1:


Alyeska summarized the changes for everyone. I have never used an upper level core, but I am interested in the changes. I am waiting anxiously for the catalog now.

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Are they keeping the same IG changes that they put in effect last year? (Notes filed by week instead of by book and LA and Bible included in core?)



There have been no advertised changes to any of the lower level cores with the exception of the Landmark edit and Core W update. Core W is getting the same update that went into affect for cores A-H last year. I don't anticipate them separating the LA and Bible from the lower cores any time soon (if ever) because it was such a recent overhaul.


As for Core 500 World History...another poster mentioned that it won't be in the catalog as it is still in the works. They are hoping to have it ready by late summer I believe.

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