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  1. We loved P4/5! My dd, who was 8 at the time, insisted firmly that she be allowed to sit in on the stories. : ) We ended up holding onto that core for an additional year and re-reading all the favorites.
  2. Last month I had every intention of hiring a twice a month cleaning service for the three bathrooms. But my teen wanted to earn some extra money so I gave her a list of expectations and we agreed on a dollar amount ($7 per bathroom). It takes her about 30 minutes per bathroom. She still does her regular daily chores for her chore money. It has been working out well! She is particular (just like me) and she gets to earn extra money towards a vehicle. : ) If she ever decides she doesn't want to clean anymore, I will definitely hire out. Having clean bathrooms is worth it to me.
  3. What led me to a wheat free lifestyle (I still have a bit of gluten here and there) is joint pain, constant heart burn, and tummy bloat. Within 3 days I noticed a difference in how I felt. Now, more than a year later, if I eat more than a bite or two of something with wheat, I pay a price with tummy upset and digestive issues. It isn't fun. ; ) It took me more than 3 weeks to get the cravings to go away and they were intense. I also do not substitute with gf foods. They are all so highly processed. Now I eat more of a whole foods diet with minimal processed foods. I am feeling great and can't imagine going back to the way I was eating before.
  4. I have a loved one who was cremated. His roadside memorial is the only place for us to visit, as his ashes were scattered. So obviously they don't bother me. : )
  5. part of a bug in a frozen burrito a 1 inch long piece of fishing line type material in a jar of real bacon bits
  6. Tea Tree oil might do the trick. This article says it kills nits as well as lice. http://voices.yahoo.com/kill-head-lice-tea-tree-oil-5937604.html
  7. I don't know exactly what the scam is...My guess is they want her to wire/paypal/cashier check the money to ship the vehicle that never shows up. That IS too good a deal to be true. Not long ago we sold our 2005 Yukon for more than 5 times that amount. Definitely something wrong with the price and situation.
  8. Google the No S Diet. No seconds No snacks No sweets except on days starting with S. This is the one and only diet I have tried without feeling deprived. Deprivation is my downfall, I give in once, and then fall totally off the wagon. With No S, I know I can eat that treat on the weekend and it won't be any big deal. I've lost 4 pounds in two weeks.
  9. Most people looking to buy homes that aren't brand new builds are expecting to paint. In the last four years, we've sold three homes and not painted anything. This includes dark green, purple, pink, and dark blue rooms (my kids pick their own colors). Is the paint looking worn? Chipped in places? If not, and unless the market in your area is really a buyer's market with lots to choose from, I'd save the time and money and let the buyers paint it later. If you decide to paint, choose a warm color that feels 'homey'. To me, white/off-white makes a home feel sterile and bland but ymmv.
  10. I've been an avid Duggar watcher for years. Their family just intrigues me. That said, I have to agree with your assessment. The last episode where Josh was driving Anna to the birthing center an hour away, Michelle was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle with a face of stone. It was very strange and disconcerting to watch.
  11. Good idea. I'm glad to hear they will refund your shipping costs. When I went through a return with WP, I was out priority shipping both ways and it took me 2 months to get a refund once they received the box. Then they tried to claim that I returned damaged items. From the date I ordered until the day I received a refund was 6 long months. Never, ever, ever again will I deal with WP.
  12. I think for allergies or issues that can be contagious should absolutely be disclosed. Years ago, I was a leader for a children's function at church. We did not know until AFTER a friend of dd's got a gushing nosebleed that the girl was a hepatitis C carrier. Fortunately, my dd (who helped the girl to the bathroom) did not come in contact with her blood. It was running down onto the girl's shirt. I told the father that I had a responsibility to let the other leaders know, and I did so. If it comes to the child's safety or other people's safety, then absolutely disclose that information. All else can be left to the family to disclose.
  13. Thanks for this. : ) The more I think about it, the more I am thinking of making it a one year. I'm hoping to use MFW WHL next year for 10th grade, since the world history with BF (for 9th grade) is so tied into American history.
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