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one of the things I dislike about Facebook


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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Facebook. I really like being in the various groups I'm in and keeping up with friends, but I can't join a group or comment on anything without getting a friend request from someone I don't know. And they never send a message with their request like, "Hey, I see we have similar interests and thought maybe we could be Facebook friends." Instead, I just get a friend request and then I have to figure out who they are and why they'd possibly want to be my friend.


Does that happen to anyone else? Most of the time I ignore them, or I add them and delete/block them after a period of time. I'm not on there to bulk up my friends list, you know? Today I got a friend request AGAIN from someone I had ignored just last week. Do they think because they sent another request that NOW I'll friend them? Ugh.

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