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I hate to be s3xi$t but..............

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We were given a nice gas grill as a wedding gift. Soon after, we had invited some friends over for dinner. Dh was still at work, so I thought I would surprise him, and grill the hot dogs myself. I read the instructions on how to grill hot dogs in the book that came with the grill. I followed those instructions to the letter. The hot dogs came out black and charred; they were totally ruined.


To this day, dh is the grillmaster. I try to plan for grilled meals as often as possible. ;)

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I think it's all a plot by women dating back to when men wouldn't dream of cooking in a kitchen.


The only way for the wife to get a night off from cooking was to convince her dh that grilling is "manly", harking back to men-only hunting trips searching for the great stag. :)

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I like to eat grilled food, but I don't wanna be the one grilling and truth be told, Hans is no afficianado, either. Something there is about America and Men Who Grill ~ they go together like love and marriage, a horse and carriage.:D


You know, it is funny, I have that notion too. We are going to Belgium in less than 2 weeks and my cousin wants to invite us over when we get there for a barbecue. I was dumbfounded. Belgians barbecue??? Surely not. :D Besides, I'm there for moules-frites and witloaf, not burgers and dogs.

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My family rarely grilled -- maybe once or twice a year. It just wasn't a big deal in the area where I grew up either. DH owned one when we got married and I figured it out pretty quickly and got hooked. I honestly can't remember when he last grilled, perhaps pre-children...? I got a new one by request last Mother's Day.


You ladies are missing something! :D

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I am the "GRILLMASTER":coolgleamA:

I don' like ANYONE touching my grill. I grill at least 2-3 times a week.


Grilled Pizza Anyway I can think of ( my fav. fresh mozzarella,baby spinach, minced garlic,pea tendrils,drizzle of olive oil)

Grilled Zucchini, Fava Beans, Summer Squash (tossed in It. dressing)

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Grilled Corn (in husk, smothered with butter)

Grilled Steaks

Grilled Giant Portabella Caps (marinated in balsamic)

I have the burners on the side so I will toss in some olive oil, chopped leeks, diced red potatoes, garlic clove, red peppers and some sugar snapp peas for a side (or whatever is coming out of the garden)


I don't even like it when I am grilling and my lovely SIL tried to flip my food, It drives me crazy. I want it to say "BACK AWAY FROM THE GRILL".


Gosh...guess I am a little posessive 'bout my grill:glare:

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We have a gas grill, and I am sure I could use it if I really wanted to. The fact is that I do not WANT to know how to use it or how to grill for that matter. When I don't feel like cooking dinner, I suggest we grill :) My dh is the grillmaster, and is always happy to do the grilling.



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