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  1. Seriously, over $20 bucks. I'd forward him the email, block him and stop the transaction.:001_smile:
  2. What is working for you so far??? I am so pleased with some new additions. With a 7th, 5th and 3rd I was dreading longggggg days. We are getting done consistently around 1:00pm.:D My 5th grader is remarkably independent, except for new math concept days, I am mostly sitting by my 3rd grader and answering questions for my 7th grader. Gosh this is wonderful. I asked myself , "What is working". My answer; Vocabulary Cartoons- we do it orally and they remember every.single.one. It's so much fun! I wish I had dumped workbooks earlier! Writing Foundations- WONDERFUL!!! She is an amazing IEW teacher and I love the comments and the notes she writes to my dd. Great buy! CQLA- for my youngest. I would NEVER have used it for my older two, It's perfect for my youngest. Everything is woven together, she is writing soooooo much more. I add in spelling words from SWR, but it's a great fit and has streamlined LA for her. This was one of those things I started and really hated. But I am a stickler for giving everything a 6 month trial. It's a lot meatier than I thought, I love the way it incorporates EVERYTHING. I do it in two sittings because it is a full LA schedule. The writing is very incremental IEW, something that I personally love. This has been my biggest surprise. Meaningful Composition- I am using this for my middle child. I have only ever used IEW and in fear of a killer year, I got this. It's great, workbook format with IEW in bite sized chunks. It's walking him through step-by-step and other than a few questions he's doing it all on his own. Themes to Remember- playing them in the background, my kids already know 7 composition pieces, by name and composer, a strange surprise. Our regular stuff is working smoothly, I hope this will be indicative to the rest of our school-year, one can hope anyways.
  3. We do, She handles EVERYTHING that the homeschoolders, need, do etc. She lets us know of curriculum changes, class changes. We get schedules for sports and clubs available. Currently, my 3 kids will be home schooled with my oldest 12 going into 7th taking 4 classes each once a week (Nutrition, Art, Graphic Design using CAD, Technology by building and programming robots). She will also be playing in the string orchestra, practicing daily.
  4. That's an awfully big decision for a 9 year old to make.:) I really wouldn't worry about it. If this is something that becomes your and your dhs decision then I would most likely get the coursework they are using for 6th and work my way backwards to where you are now, putting realistic goals in place.
  5. My oldest is using Writing Foundations this year.
  6. Look into Meaningful Composition, its the "style" of IEW broke into bite sized chunks, workbook format.
  7. My gf has the same kitchen...lol She has what looks like a Murphy bed , except its a huge table in the kitchen. Outside of school hours it's latched up with a pretty picture, which they affixed really well. The during school hours she unlatches it and it comes down to be a big table.
  8. I used TOG for 3 years. Loved it at times, and hated it at times...lol Although we had a roller coaster ride relationship, it's a wonderful solid program. The problem for us was, I am a tweaker(I said it:)). I found my self switching out some of the books to many times, for VP, SL Greenleaf press etc. I disliked the prep time, and trust me by the third year my prep time was down to about 35 minutes a week. That included reading the teachers notes, making sure the maps, questions were printed out, books were assigned and crafts were ready. So on a whim, I ordered Biblioplan (BP). It's simple, meaning virtually NO prep. The authors of BP admittedly picks it books from popular lists so that was done for me. Such as, books from, SL, Veritas, Greenleaf and more. It also schedules MANY of the Dave and Neta Jackson Trailblazer, a bunch of missionary books, SOTW and MOH. I get my packet from BP. I go to Staples, copy 3 sets of maps, 3 sets of questions, copy the timeline pieces onto white sticky paper. I put my books in-order and I am done. My weekly prep consist of reading a couple of Parent Companion pages (10 minutes). Done. We do it 3x a week as scheduled it takes about 30 minutes to do. I LOVE it. I thought it was too simple, and I held off doing it for years. We are doing Year 4 this year. I have time to add if I want, I don't feel guilty for skipping stuff because it is a spine for me. I was a huge TOG supporter, I have some of my childrens work in it (The Geography overlays) it's a great curriculum but, if you are a tweaker, it's REALLY hard not to add to an already over-the-top meaty curricumum.
  9. I think a master list would be great. Bill Nye the Science Guy Magic School Bus American Hero's Animated Hero Classics All the Jean Fritz titles are read aloud. Under Standing the Constitution America in the 20th Century The Boyhood of Martin Luther King Jr. Hero's of Today and Yesterday
  10. Have a great day! I can't wait till next week, finally I am ready to go. :)
  11. I just got the CM Pet Store. My dd is going to love it!
  12. Oh, sorry. A salivary stone can clog the sub-lingual duct and because it is not able to drain it gets swollen, in the back cheek area. Painful to the touch and is normally treated with antibiotics and surgically removing it. I worked for an ENT Dr. and it was a fairly quick surgery, and healed rather quickly because the mouth is so vascular. I hope she feels better soon.
  13. Sounds more like tonsil stones (tonsillolith). Google picture of then, they are nasty.
  14. Ellen McHenry Elements hands down!
  15. Pongo


    SWI C on it's own is great. The TWSS teaches you (parent/teacher) how to teach it. You may/should watch the SWI along so if they have any questions you will understand the method, and can then be more effective in helping them out. I would only do the theme based lesson plans after they did this. The SWIC can be a lot of writing:)
  16. My dd plays soccer 5 days a week. But, that is her ONLY sport because she plays year round. I have a ds that plays football in the fall, basketball in the winter and spring soccer. My youngest does dance year round, fall soccer and winter basketball. Is it crazy...yes. If they did not love it, and I mean LOVE IT, I wouldn't even consider it. They are all dedicated to their sports, and the minute I get a whine, about not wanting to go, then we re-evaluate it, although that hasn't happened yet.:)
  17. I am looking at the opposite. I would be MORE offended if they said, tight clothes only, and no swimming unless you had on a 2-piece bathing suit in my pool. That I would find offensive. I find what they are doing as trying to protect their son, in their home which I think they have every right to do. I don't see it at all as legalism. I think one should wonder why they would be so upset about something so mild. It's not wrong, or s#xual. It's a mom and dad that understand the lust that boys, at even younger ages than 13 have in their hearts. They want to keep their home separate from that, I think it's great.:) Kids grow up and are exposed to this despite our attempts to protect them. Isn't that kinda what we do by homeschooling. I appreciate that their are parents that are parenting, and protecting not just their son, but my daughter from being in a teens boys fantasy. I just don't see the negative affects of this.JMHO
  18. CQLA (spelling, writing, grammar) MUS (math) Art with a Purpose (Rod and Staff) CLE(Learning to Read)
  19. The four classes will be Soccer, which is not really a class, it's the middle school sports team and it's after school. Art once a week, Spanish four times a week for 45 minutes and Music, which again is once a week. I hardly see the need to consider that full-time or even part-time, so I don't plan on enrolling her. I am treading very cautiously here, I have asked many homeschooling groups if they have heard of this, and this is a first for many. I think, if done correctly, this can be a wonderful additional resource for homeschooling. I am done with coops, having started one and participated in one, it's just to much work. I like the little amount of time spent with someone else instructing her, plus the homework she'll be getting from the Spanish class. I am hoping the class will give her a glimpse to what would eventually expected of her at the secondary level.
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