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I need a deal on a KitchenAid stand mixer. Can you help?

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Due to my absolutely ridiculous work schedule which allows me only 8 hours in every 24 to do all of the following: get some sleep, catch up on dishes, laundry, housecleaning, shopping, school with my kids, and try to heal my horrendously broken marital relationship, I DO NOT have time to search for the absolute best, dirt-cheap deal on a KA mixer. Size is not important (lol!), but I need it to be the bowl-lift style and not the tilt-head model. Any super-shoppers out there who know where to get the best deal?

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Check out this link:




Also, on the kitchenaid website, use coupon code PGA2012. It appears to still be valid. If you take a look at the brads deals link, the 2nd one from the bottom is still in stock and it is $160 after the coupon code.



I just got mine yesterday. In fact, it's the one listed in the Costco link, but I got it directly from kitchenaid.com. I ordered mine This past Sunday night and after the $30 rebate, I got it for $174.22 and that includes tax and shipping! That's about $25 cheaper than the classic models at regular price and beats any Black Friday deals I've seen.


This link helped me decide which one to get:


Check out this video on YouTube:<br/><br/>

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