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  1. GIFTBOOK18 will take $5 off a book purchase of $20 or more on Amazon.
  3. Living in New England, I agree that it is customary here to give a gift off the registry for the bridal shower and the wedding gift is $/check in a card to at least cover the plate per person (and typically much more depending on the venue/ relation to the bride).
  4. Saying this gently... Although a blanket/ pajamas sounds like a wonderfully comforting gift for most procedures, she may not want a physical reminder hanging around her house in the weeks/ months to follow. Just a thought. You sound like such a wonderful friend!
  5. Instead of being known as a gift giver, could you start small with cards? I have an Aunt that mails us a card every single holiday (the big ones and small ones alike). In today's world, a mailed card with a small note is a special way to remind us that she is thinking of us throughout the year. It always makes me smile to see a bright colored envelope from her in the mailbox. Sometimes it's just the thought that counts rather than a monetary investment.
  6. My DD likes Vichy's Purete Thermale 3in1 (blue cap for sensitive skin and eyes). It's a micellar cleanser/ makeup remover and seems to work great!
  7. Opulence at it's finest...
  8. Could he be teething? Our youngest was fussy, looser stools because of drooling, slight fever, ect
  9. is a wonderful resource for travel insurance options. It is a free comparison site that offers options from multiple travel insurance companies based on your needs.
  10. My go to for last minute appetizers is shrimp cocktail. No cooking necessary.
  11. Once our oldest had a baby of his own, I knew in my heart we were done. It wasn't an age, just an internal peace with being done.
  12. I believe in love. Love for myself and love for others. Honestly, I really don't want to hear someone say "I'll pray for you." It has no meaning to me,(and I do understand you intend it to be taken in a kind way). I'd rather you say something along the lines of "I wish you the best." or "What can I do to help?" The act of praying to me says that you care about making yourself look good, and it has no real affect on the outcome (my own personal opinion) of a situation. I do believe that nature is amazing, and I love a great sunset! But I really can see the science of it all. I believe that people, those here on Earth, have a wonderful ability to love, support and care for each other. In my eyes, that's enough. I don't need an imaginary friend to hold my hand or guide me. I am a strong human being that can make my own decisions... sometimes with the help of some really great friends!
  13. I honestly don't even think it is always a conscience thought. How many times have I heard "God bless you" when I sneeze in public? I don't believe that there is a higher power/ god/ deity, etc but the person certainly didn't ask me my religious preference before they spoke. It's an automatic response for some people. Although I don't take a great offense, imagine if I said to a believer that sneezed, may the tooth-fairy bless you. To me they are booth just as ridiculous. It's really no different than the Jehovah Witnesses who come to our neighborhood to spread their word... you're doing the exact same thing but on a more frequent basis (even if it's not intentional). I do realize that they mean no harm, but it's just as offensive. I keep my beliefs to myself unless asked, and I'd love it if believers would as well. Live and let live.
  14. Every little bit counts... you might want to check out Undercover Tourist for slightly discounted tickets. http://www.undercove...ns/tickets.html Include lots of Orlando area attractions, just scroll down.
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