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  1. We've seen Macbeth done in post industrialized world, all in black, leather and scaffolding for the set, black lights.....Midsummer's Night Dream as a merger of two corporations set in the business world/cell phones and all of Puck's lines done in rap, and last year The Tempest with costumes from "steampunk" design.....our friends that attended were very much distracted by the costumes and had a hard time enjoying/following the story line. The changing of scenarios I think is creative but yes it can be distracting also, we usually read the play before seeing it performed so that my kiddos can discuss themes and familiarize themselves with characters.
  2. http://www.5dollardinners.com/kohls-black-friday-kitchen-aid-deals/ great deal I'm hoping, I ordered last night HTH Emily
  3. mexican cheesey chicken, spanish rice and carrots the chicken has monteray jack cheese, corriander, chicken broth and greek yogurt (don't tell my family it's not sourcream 8D) peppers and onions - kinda like a chicken enchilada but not with redsauce/tomatoes.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2188718/Good-lord-star-crossed-lovers-propose-Tardis-inspired-engagement-ring.html had to look up what exactly a Tardis was ( never watched Dr Who) but I thought the ring was lovely, the price tag not so much 8D I'm usually not one for jewelry and accessories. Emily in IL
  5. starting today, the last one, why do I feel like I'm always re-inventing the wheel after 2 already graduated? Worldview - Co-Op AIG Demolishing Strongholds Literature/Writing - Elegant Essay, Excellence in Literature Introduction Grammar - Rod & Staff 9/10 Vol 1 Vocabulary for the High School Student Math - Saxon Algebra 1 Science - Co-Op Apologia Physical Science History - American History - my put together, still tweaking, better pick up the pace PE - Co-Op Health & Nutrition - Co-Op A Beka and some additional resources
  6. might try calling local college/community college and see if they have a board that you can post in the nursing dept....final year students may be looking for a job or a part time one, local hospital - some cna's moonlight as caregivers, or a local home health agency. HTH Emily in IL
  7. have a girl at church also doing this and she and family have nothing but good things to say....she is also in Classical Conversations and when she grads from HS she will have a business degree and her highschool diploma. HTH Emily in IL
  8. http://www.little-windows.com/index.php just saw these the other day? Emily in IL
  9. put me in coach? are boys baseball teams usually have that one going during warm ups Emily in IL
  10. looking at options for several students to do at once grades 9-12 thanks for your input. Emily in IL
  11. how about a brick in the bowl, too heavy to dump, we have the same trouble with our 7 month lab, last one not an issue -she was a runt, this one's a moose. That and the water bowl is a ceramic heavy one, not the metal kind - too easily flipped HTH emily
  12. i'm thinking so, will give it a try,,,,,,thanks for quick response, didn't even think of googling it. emily in il
  13. i've found a mascara from Loreal - double extend/beauty tubes, it's a conditioner on one end and a tubular type mascara on the other end (red & white packaging), it coats each lash with a tube, doesn't come off with eye makeup remover,,,,,but just plain old warm water - it comes off literally in tubes, no flakes, i wear it for over 12 hours with a midnight shift and through exercise and no flaking or smudging, love it sorry no help on the liner. hth emily in il
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