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Ob appt tomorrow - 8 week scan

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Tomorrow is the big day. After 3 losses I can't really get to excited. I want this one so badly. I've not had any spotting, cramping, or other problems. Of course I feel every little pain on my left side, that has not stopped. (Ectopic last September where I lost my right tube) My HCG numbers have been great though so we might, really hoping, be in the clear on that. I just need a lot of prayers for tomorrow.

I keep praying for peace and to glorify God no matter what, but I just don't know if I'll be able to do that. The anxiety on top of pregnancy hormones is just overwhelming at this point.

I've actually gotten some school done every day this week, so woo-hoo on that. I wasn't expecting to get any school done this week, basket case and all. :tongue_smilie:

Next week my kids have a ton of stuff going on including a big AHG campout. I hope I get good news tomorrow because if I have to cancel the stuff for next week they will be devastated. Eventually they would totally understand, but it would be a double blow for them and that would stink.

Now I'm just rambling. So many thoughts. I did plan an easy dinner for tonight. Chicken nuggets from a bag.. too bad they are orange looking. LOL

Ok, I'm done rambling. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support so far.

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