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Anyone sewing a Halloween Costume this year ... and need encouragement.

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This year if the first year I've sewn my DD a Halloween costume. It is actually the one dress I've ever sewn. My 7th grade home ec class is coming back in fits and starts.


So far it is going well. I had trouble reading the pattern at first. Also I've not used my sewing machine in about 5 years. So I was fairly rusty.


My DD is going as a Southern Belle. She picked out purple sprarkly and blue sparkly material. I've done about 75% of the sewing now. I need to hem and finish everything. I need to make a pettycoat. Also turn some white sweats into pantaloons. We need to buy a hat.


In the past my mom and my MIL would buy Halloween costumes from Once upon a Child or Salvation Army. We had plenty to choose from. But she has out grown all of them.


Please share if you are sewing anything.

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Wow! You are ambitious! Good for you!


I'm not exactly sewing dd's costume but I am making it. Does that count? I actually do sew, but I hate it and I've been really stressed lately, so I promised myself I wouldn't sew this. She wants to be a unicorn, so we got a jogging suit with a hoody and I'm gluing on a tail, mane (both made out if strips of old t-shirts), ears, and a horn. Super simple, which means I'll actually do it. (I'm already halfway there.) :hurray:

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My dd will be Firestar from the old 80's Spiderman cartoon. I'm using a very standard top and leggings pattern and just doing it in the proper colors with some flames applique. The baby is going to be a lion which will be a simple footie pajama in the proper color.


My difficult one this year will be Dh. His work encourages them to dress up and he's chosen to be a knight this year. This is the inspiration for the outfit and I'm just going to fiddle with shaping and pattern bits till it works out.



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I just finished cutting out the pattern for scrubs. She wants to be a vet. Material is picked out and washed. I just need to cut it out and hope I can understand the instructions lol. I know it is pretty simple but it has been 3 years since I have read a pattern. I sewed a prairie girl dress and bonnet three years ago with little trouble, so I am not worried. I consider myself self taught (aisde from that one semester in jr high many, many years ago lol).

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I'm not but my mom is making dd a dress that looks kinda like this:




The dress my mom made has ribbons laced in the front and a higher neckline with lace trimming it. DD is going to be Taylor Swift from the Love Story video (she is only 5 and isn't allowed to watch music videos but her older brother let her watch this video on his ipod and she has wanted to be her ever since). My mom lives in a different state so I cannot wait to see the dress. She sent it yesterday so it should be here by the end of the week!

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My dd wants to be a Dalek, and wants a Dalek dress. She found me a picture of what she wants here (except she wants long sleeves):




I am not yet quite sure how I'm going to pull that off... whether I'll make up a pattern or try to find something I can alter...


A couple of years ago I made my other dd this dress:




That was actually it's second year in service, as a Clockwork Droid - the first year she was Marie Antoinette (so handy how those are both from about the same time period!) It even has a boned underskirt to make it stick out on the sides, but I don't think she's wearing it in this picture. She made the mask herself.


The original plan this year was for them to both go as Weeping Angels, which was supposed to involve me hand-draping and sewing and painting the whole thing in three colors. Twice. (two girls) :eek: They offered to make the masks. :tongue_smilie: There were also yarn wigs. (The process is here - to give you an idea of the insanity -scroll down past the ads). The Dalek dress is much easier! (Other dd is now going as some troll from Homestuck, which is some web comic or other, and does not involve me sewing anything!)


Yeah, whoever said their kids stopped trick-or-treating younger - good idea, because as they get older, the costumes just get more and more complex!

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