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help need a different science

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I need some serious help. I thought i had my curriculum for my dd13 doing grade 7 work. I ordered rs4k ms biology, but after doing 2 lessons discovered shes already knows what the book is teaching, and is masively bored. She loves science and is thinking about biology or zoology as a possible carrer. Any good sugestions. I dont mind if they teach evolution or creation. I want her to learn about both sides. Dh doesn't like aplogia.

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If she is ready for more in depth Life Science I would suggest looking at:


Holt Biology, our public schools use this as honors Life Science in 7th.


I used BJU Life Science which is heavy creation, but otherwise an excellent course.


Campbell Biology: Exploring Life, we looked at it for high school and found we had covered it all in BJU Life, so I would put them on a similar level.

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You could look at the science on the Singapore Math website, or the CK12 online textbooks, she could watch khan academy videos. We started with a Campbell textbook aimed at high school advanced /college non-majors and just took 2 years to read through it (with a year off in between, and a local dissection lab during the second year) - we used it in 8th and 10th.

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I looked at the Khan videos and the first one had just bad science, so I wont touch them.


If you care to expand this statement so we know what you objected to we might be better able to understand what you are looking for.


Are you looking for a homeschool publisher or are you open to public school/college publishers?

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We are using Holt Science and Technology Life Science this year. It's a great fit for my very sciencey 5th grader, and with my 4th grader I simply focus on him learning the broad concepts and don't worry as much about the details.


Combined with their website of free activities to go along with the book, I think it would be an outstanding 7th grade science curriculum. (It is meant for grades 6-8.)



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The Kahn video was talking about evolution and apes having tails. Everyone knows monkeys have tails and apes have no tails. It was just bad information. I don't mind teaching evolution or creation, but I expect what they teach to be correct and not just wrong information.


I believe he was referring to the fact that by the Miocene Epoch apes had evolved from monkeys, loosing the tail but retaining the tail bone, as humans do, but I can see how that might not be clear in his progression. He didn't specifically explain this evolution.


You might want to look at any of the following:


Glencoe series: life science, earth science and physical science for middle school.


Holt has a similar series. Both have an explorer series that divides the main books into modules if you prefer that layout.


Plato science is often at the homeschoolbuyersco-op and is a great supplement for visual learners. Science Fusion also has middle school modules, but that ends today and I have no direct experience with it.


CPO science series gets good reviews here frequently, they have a good website.


Many of us with science loving kids move on to high school sciences in middle school. There are many good books out there, you might want to search the high school board if that might be an option for your DC.


I use secular science so I'll leave the Christian resources to others. :)

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