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Pain relief for a dog?

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My 4.5 yo lab mix dog has back trouble. The dr diagnosed him after x-rays last year showed 2 bulging discs. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?p=3223324&highlight=dog#post3223324 We gave him a 2 wk course of prednisone and it worked! He was back to his normal self and I was so thankful it worked.


This morning I got up and the two dogs got up to follow me out of the bedroom to go outside. The female ran ahead of me, but he stayed back. I let her out and went to check on him.


He had given up and was lying back down beside my bed. He couldn't get comfortable -- couldn't even roll over to get his belly rubbed like he loves. :crying: Then he slowly tried to follow me again.


Is there anything I can give him to relieve pain until we can see the vet Monday?

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That's good info.


I want to emphasize that you need to give buffered aspirin, not enteric coated. Bufferin is hard to find right now due to some sort of recall, but Walgreens has a store brand of buffered aspirin that's simply labeled Tri-Buferred (or something very similar). Even though it's buffered, give with some food to help avoid stomach irritation.


Studies have shown that enteric coated aspirin often doesn't dissolve in a dog's digestive tract, which is much shorter than the human digestive tract.


But back issues can be very serious, and sometimes can result in irreversible paralysis. It would really be a good idea to get him seen by a vet today.

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