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is this a problem?


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My 7 1/2 year old DD has had vision issues that have caused major reading delays, but with vision therapy, she has made significant progress. Her phonics are now at a 2nd grade level, though comprehension is still way behind.


Here's the problem. She still can't reason things out. For example, she had this problem the other day:


"I am green or brown. I live near the water, and like to sit on lily pads. I say ribbit. I am a fr____."


She had no problem reading it. Then she answered "frind" (friend).


The next one said something like:


"I am a white, and am good with cookies. I come from a cow. If you turn me over, I spill. I am m____."


Again, no trouble reading it, and yet she wrote "mesy" instead of milk.


Would you worry about this? Or just chalk it up to oddly creative and unlogical?


If it makes a difference, this kid had an APGAR at birth of 2, a Level 3 brain bleed early on that resolved on its own, and is possibly dyslexic. But of the triplets, she was the first/ most advanced developmentally from birth through probably age 4 or so. (The vision became a real issue after that.)

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I can't comment on the specifics of these examples, but I agree that it could be a form of comprehension problem (if it rises to the level to be termed a problem). Some SLPs do therapy for this type of language processing problem but you can work on comprehension at home - visualization techniques, making inferences and drawing conclusions, etc.

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It is possible that it takes all of her resources just to read the words and she has nothing left to devote to comprehension. I would try to see if she can do this orally with you reading it to her. If she can get it that way, then it is not a comprehension problem, but an indication that she needs more phonics practice.


Also, I want to mention that the second one that is supposed to be "milk" was not wrong--just a different answer than you were looking for.

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My kids are younger (5, 4, 4) but we have similar riddles in AAR pre-level 1, although they're done orally. My twins can handle them no problem, but my 5yo cannot. He does, however, get them correct more often if I reword them for him without the I pronoun.


"This is something that is green or brown. It lives near the water, and likes to sit on lily pads. It says ribbit. It is a fr____."


With the "I" statements, he can't remove himself from the answers.

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