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Did anyone watch this last season? It starts back I think next Sunday with Once Upon A Time. Anyone like or dislike?

I did. I missed some. Is Amanda (and/or that other curly haired woman) a CIA agent or something? I wasn't quite able to figure that out, from the phone calls that she had with someone about instructions.

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I'm so obsessed with this. I made dh watch the whole thing this summer so he can join me on it this season.


Nolan Ross is the best, right? He says what snarky things we're all thinking.


Indubitably, Nolan is the best. Possibly my favorite television character in years (since Sidney's dad on Alias, anyway). Not always the wisest romantic choices, especially given his wider net to cast, but still wonderful. I want a Shamu-cam of my very own.


But did they ever answer how Sammy managed to be around (and be quite spry, for that matter) after, what, 25 years?

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