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Help me find a ring for ds

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Ds is a total jewelry kid. Unfortunately, all the cheapie rings he's had have turned his fingers colors. There was even one that was supposedly silver plated that I thought would be better that still turned his skin all green. I also tried twice ordering hemp rings, but they both broke. And here I thought hemp was supposed to be the strongest fiber.


Anyway, I want to get him a ring that's a little nicer for his 8th bday. I don't want to spend a ton and it can't be anything girly. I've done some searches but I haven't really found anything in kids sizes. Help?

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How about sterling?


How do you feel about dragons? This one is actually pretty awesome http://www.silver-insanity.com/product_p/14536.htm ETA: this is a size 4...what is his size?


Oooo! Pirate! http://www.silver-insanity.com/product_p/15607.htm


Or medieval armor http://www.silver-insanity.com/product_p/11104.htm


Or maybe you'd like to do your own shopping :tongue_smilie:



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I should also say that I know nothing about jewelry, unless maybe jewelry from hippie craft fairs.


So, sterling wouldn't irritate his skin? Or be really expensive? Where would I get something? Like, a jewelry store? Do jewelry stores have kids stuff - for boys?


No, sterling shouldn't be a problem. All my girls wear multiple silver rings. They are cheaper and sturdier than gold, but don't turn. You can expect to pay between 25 and 30 dollars at the site I've linked above. We shop there a lot with 6 daughters.

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