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Yard sales with no prices marked?

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I hate yard sales with no prices. One reason is I don't know what value you want for an item. I'm usually shopping with 5-10 dollars cash and I like bargains. I also don't like to haggle on prices.


I think it makes more work for the person having the sale as they have to still come up for a price, just not before the sale.


I don't mind stickers with a chart or put so much in a bag for this price.


Another issue would be multiple people contributing to a sale. Dh would have no clue some of my homeschooling books are worth way more than a typical .50 novel. I have no ideas what some of his items are worth either.


I generally won't buy from a sale with no prices, especially if it's busy. I don't want to wait to know if an item is in my price range.

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No prices, no sale.





When you ask and the seller says, "Um...I don't know. $0.25 or $0.50."


Do you really expect me to answer, "Oh, you priced it way too low. Here is $0.75."



Just price the darn thing. If I agree with the value you get a sell. If not I move on. Really. It is that simple!

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