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Child support froze our bank account

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Got a text from my bank this morning that our balance in our joint account (I have a separate one as well) was $0.00. Considering I just - 3 days ago - transferred over $645 from my husband's disability account, and we haven't been spending money, I was worried and logged on at once to see that the money has been "frozen". I called the bank and they said it was child support services.


So I called child support services, who wouldn't tell me anything other than that yes, they had placed a hold on our bank account that "may be related to past-due child support." Dh is paying off the last $500 he owes at $150 a month - it comes directly out of his disability payments, and this hold is on TOP of that. He doesn't even have a current support order, this is simply arrears from a time that he was unemployed. They "may be able to reverse it and release the money", so dh is waiting for his caseworker to call him back - he called them but they said they would have to have his case worker talk to him directly and she was busy at the time.


We have bills coming out of that account soon and this is freaking me out. Thank God the mortgage payment went through before they did this! Keep your fingers crossed for me that they reverse this and we still have money! We're on a tight enough budget as is with dh not able to work, and considering no one - not child support and not the bank - alerted us to the fact that this was happening is quite a shock to the system.

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I was told with my child support that with our taxes (apply it towards your bank account) the amount I owe would be automatically taken out before we get our return but that DH could apply to get his 1/2 back. However (and who knows if its true???) when i asked CS about how it works, they said that theyd basically take 1/2 of what they took and give it back but that id owe that 1/2. It makes sense but doesnt so i havent tried it. I hope thats not the same with you and getting 1/2 back.

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