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Mark/Storm--new horse arrived today

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I finally got my new horse today. Mark (name subject to change) is a 15 year old 14.2hh Morgan/Quarterhorse cross. His owner has MS and needs a gaited horse. My dh drove the trailer to pick him up and then a friend met me to help unload him and get him into the pasture.


So far so good. He looked around a few times but didn't even call out to the other horses. He just went to eating.


I don't know when I will be able to ride him for the first time as my riding instructor is still in the hospital and my friend where I board is in Alaska until Monday and then going out of state again Wednesday.


I have him on a 2 week trial.


Here are a few pictures--I hope. They aren't the best as my girls took them.


OK--pictures are too large. What is the website where you can resize them? I might be without internet again until tomorrow afternoon--but if someone leaves me with directions, I will try as soon as I can get online again.

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I want to see them too.


Our horse, Tino came today as well. He was good in the pasture, and let the girls braid his mane. They practiced tacking and untacking him.


His former owner is coming over on Monday to give the kids a lesson on him.


We put some new pictures of him on the website.

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Thanks! We are very happy with him.


He was being boarded at my friend's house, and she just fell in love with him. He is so sweet and gentle. She had been going with us to look at horses, and rejecting every one we saw, so she talked the owner into selling to us by saying he will get more love and attention here.


It is such an answer to prayer.


He was a race horse, and won once here at the Sam Houston Racetrack. His trainer bought him when his first owner ran into health and money problems. He has been with her ever since.

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Whoo hoo from me too! Be sure to try EVERYTHING in the next two weeks.


And congratulations to Amy g too!


I do have him for 2 weeks but this is NOT the best 2 weeks for me to have him really. I should have thought this out better. My instructor called last night late and said she ended up having surgery so NO horse activities at ALL for her for at least 2 weeks. Then my friend where I board is gone until Monday noon and leaving again Wednesday noon until Saturday evening.


Since I am still a beginner I REALLY need another adult there with me when I ride him for the first time. He seems nice and calm but still---I am more timid and riding a new horse is scary. It is hard not knowing what they will react to, how they react, etc.


Hopefully I can at least get him to an indoor for a short time this week--even just to do ground work stuff and saddling, etc.


I haven't even brushed him yet--that is coming this afternoon. It is just busy with 6 horses and making sure that my friend's arab doesn't get wound up and start trotting around (pulled tendon healing) or that some of the horses don't start fighting, etc.


Oh, well it will all work out in the end. Still---anyone have any clues how to make these pictures smaller so I can post them?

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I wish I could help with the pictures. I'm woefully computer illiterate. I have to ask my son to upload pictures for me.


I understand your needing another adult to help you you ride a new horse for the first time.


Is there another instructor who would be willing to help you ride and evaluate him?


Is there a possibility that the owners might extend your trial period?


Keep us updated!

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that is so great for both Mark and Tino to be at home with their new owners! Tino is beautiful! I totally feel the same about my horse being an answered prayer. YOU are blessed to have your own farm to house him. I hate boarding....my prayer is to one day have my own land for my horse.


Cant wait to see pics of Mark!!

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