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  1. nope, It worked on my son's TT7 (didnt need disk)...evidently its saved on computer... But, for some reason it is NOT working when I try to print my dd TT5 gradebook?
  2. Every time I print the grade-book, the boxes that are suppose to show the scores (as they show on computer screen) are not showing up on the paper when I print it. just a blank gradesheet with blank boxes. I don't understand what I am doing wrong? HELP! (trying to gather together the portfolio at the last minute, of course) :banghead: Thank you in advance!
  3. thank you! I am glad it can serve as an encouragement to others! Press on! :)
  4. I think it will help to bring perspective to read this on the days when I doubt my calling to homeschooling......and dwell too long about how much greener the grass is on the other side.. http://Www.stopforflowers.com (just thought I'd share in case it could encourage any of you lovely mommas) :)
  5. Ok, here's my story: I am a 9th year homeschooler who LOVES my "together time" with the kids. I have 5 kids: 8th, 6th,4th, 2nd and a two year old who we recently brought home from China, just 8months ago)....so, life is a bit crazy. I was drawn to AWOA and fell in love with it because of the rave reviews on how memorable it is. And all the fun activities. I see my oldest entering high school years very soon and I am trying to make these last couple TOGETHER learning years very special. I also like how everything is right there in the book. I will be mainly just using the history portion/literature However, I am SO INTIMIDATED by the curriculum, that every time I open it, I get an anxiety attack! I am scared its going to take such a long chunk of morning time ...even if we spread it over two years. Schooling is so much harder with our toddler in the mix....I feel like it changes everything! I'm just not able to do as much as I want to. I need to be practical. Maybe it's all the reading, or discussions or supplies or just how many pages it is. I just fear it flopping in this house because of not being able to GET IT DONE....ESP. With having a busy and needy toddler this year!! So, I've been looking at MOH 1 and I'm attracted to it. Maybe it's because the lesson readings are short....and easy and simple and streamlined. Not as much text! I just am wondering if MOH may be a better fit for how many kids and "distractions" I have! Lol but, though I fear it may be too dry...not as exciting/activity based as AWOA? I do want good memories! I think if I were just schooling 1-3 kids (above age 9)...AWOA would be more doable....??? Any advice or experience using AWOA Or MOH 1 with a big family would be helpful!:) Thank you so much!!!!
  6. thank you! That is helpful and so reassuring! I think we are going to take a "lite grammar" year! :)
  7. I have a 2nd,4th,6th (my 8th will still do seperate Grammar) who will be doing Adventures in Learning curric (AWOA) and we are excited. But, it does include grammar and writing. SHould I just do the included grammar (which is lighter) and skip GWG this year? Part of me thinks I should skip grammar in AWOA and do GWG....since they are used to it. But, it would be nice to get it all done all together! (as in doing it AWOA style) ahhhh, what to do!?? Any experiences?
  8. I am wondering if there is an online site that will give her a word problem per day complete with solution? asking too much! My other kids do xtramath.com. but she is fine with her math facts. What can she do? any ideas very appreciated! thanks so much!
  9. I feel your pain....we have a toddler who is newly adopted and recovering from surgery of her cleft lip/palate...so, we gotta stick around the home for now. I guess I need more "around the home" suggestions! :)
  10. Trying to keep my 10 yo son off the computer (he is obsessed with Mindcraft) and I want him to develop other interests. Any ideas?
  11. Wow. Thank u for developing this. It looks great!!!!! Gonna try it with my 4th grader next year!
  12. thank you everyone for your encouragement and experiences! Let me know if you have any other tips! yes, I was planning on supplementing grammar for 8th grader. And, SOTW sounds like a fun addition! I DID order the K-3 supplements because I LOVED the look of the sample activities....a lot of them look fun for even my 2 yo! here's a sampling of some fun activities from the first unit on Egypt (and this is JUST the first UNIT)...that I am already gathering materials for!: Studies and activities on: Joseph, God's amazing plan for his life, and Joseph's obedience • Sampling foods of Egypt • Spelling rules, lists, tips, and concepts • Geography of Egypt • Reading library books on Ancient Egypt and the desert • Experiments dealing with snakes, camels, the sun's energy, evaporation, and transpiration • Elements of literature • Making a model of Egypt with soil, sand, and grass seeds • Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots • Egyptian art and architecture • Pyramids • Agricultural products of Ancient Egypt • Making barley cakes • Discovering what the Bible says about worshiping false gods • What the Bible says about God's protection, love, compassion, and desire to have a personal relationship with us • Conflict in literature • Interpreting a graph of Ancient Egyptian exports • Desert formation • Biomes, ecology, desert storms, weathering and erosion in the desert • The Nile River • Making models of reed boats • Reading The Golden Goblet – a mystery story of Ancient Egypt • Parts of a book • New words from literature • Literature discussions • Writing techniques • Science in Ancient Egypt • Fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction • Antonyms, synonyms, metaphors, similes • Using a thesaurus • Memorizing Psalm 23 and 24 • Creating a historical timeline of ancient events • Mapping deserts of the world • Ancient Egyptian customs • Making Honey Cake and Lentil Stew • Comparison and Contrast in writing • Comparing and contrasting ancient and modern Egyptian maps • Declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences • Singular and plural subjects, simple and compound subjects and predicates • Arts and crafts of Ancient Egypt • Papyrus • Making paint as Ancient Egyptians • Painting with grass and rope paintbrushes • Types of paragraphs • Topic sentence, body, and clincher of paragraphs • Interpreting a pictograph of scribes in Ancient Egypt • Comparing and contrasting Ancient Egyptian life with ours • Making a plaster relief • Hieroglyphics • The Rosetta Stone • Deciphering a coded message • Interpreting a charts of Egyptian craftsmen and Thebes bakers • Making a Life in the Desert booklet • Moses and his part in God's plan to rescue his people from Egyptian bondage • Writing and staging a play • Pharaohs of Egypt • Mapping the Israelite's route in the Exodus • Making a sweet treat - "Cleopatra's Kisses" • Learning about the weather and climate of Egypt • Making a poster of the Plagues of Egypt • Editing and punctuation skills • The Passover Story - special meanings, symbolic foods, and customs • Traditional Passover Celebrations and the Lord's Supper • Preparing traditional foods and having our own Passover Celebration • Discussing the blood of the lamb that saved the Israelites on the night of the Passover and the blood of THE LAMB – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – the one that saves us from sin and death • Rejoicing together in our Risen Lord! CANT WAIT!!!! We need this kind of year!!!
  13. I was actually thinking about adding in those audios as a supplement. Do u think it would mesh well?
  14. the only prep is gathering supplies for the amazing projects! Everything else is right there in the manual. Oh, and if you want additional library books to cover topics then you will want to do that. THats no big deal for us since we go to the library often.
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