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Help with my 11 yr old DS......anger issues

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I have 8 kids and the 5th child (age 11) has some anger issues that are driving me crazy. He seems to be the only one who has this so I'm thinking it isn't environmental. If he doesn't undertstand something he freaks out. If someone irritates him, he yells and sometimes hits (not acceptable in my home). He is generally compassionate and fine, but he can go off so quickly and is out of control. The other day, he had a hard time focusing on school (normally is very good at staying focused and good at making sure all work is done) and just flipped out and starting crying, and began to get angry. I let him lay down to rest (I thought maybe he was tired) but it didn't help. He eventually took a shower and was fine. How do I handle this? When I sit him down and talk about his behavior he understands and feels bad. He just struggles with flying off the hook so quickly and out of control.


I'm thinking it has something to do with having control issues as well. Thinking when he can't control something he flips.

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I just want to sympathize, because I have three children who are all very different and I know how it is when you just don't see why one has to be difficult at all the wrong times, lol.


I agree with you that is is probably not environmental, and that he needs different parenting techniques than the other ones.

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For my son it was a dairy allergy. If you eliminate all dairy for 21 days and then reintroduce it you should have your answer. His only symptom that I noticed for the dairy allergy was angry outbursts but when he went off dairy the length of his seasonal colds was reduced and his general endurance improved drastically- and no more explosive outbursts.

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