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  1. Sure, and it's not like that for everything or everyone, but Switzerland is pretty well known for being somewhat rigid and rule-oriented. That doesn't mean it's a bad place to live, but that these are a few of the "cons" while living there (for me). I lived there for several years and there were things I loved and things I didn't like so much. I speak fluent French and don't speak much German at all, so that might be part of it. I am glad the German Swiss you knew were helpful and welcoming. I don't think the Swiss are rude or unhelpful though. I don't mean that they are unfriendly. It's not that. It's more that they aren't all that open, and it can be hard to break in.
  2. Comedy Central just played the first four episodes of Community and we watched them. So Friday night just sort of slipped through the cracks.
  3. That's strange--why does it say I liked posts on page 3 when I was clearly only on page 2? This is freaking me out, guys. On an unrelated note, I just found a bright red hair on my keyboard. Weird.
  4. My friend was like that. Don't get me wrong, I did some dangerous stuff too, but I wasn't as self-destructive as she was. She made it through it, got better like you did and has a good life now. I would never hold anything she did back then against her. She was hurting and though her parents were alive, they weren't there for her. I wish I had been a better friend. I'm glad you made it through all that--it sounds very tough for anyone, but even more so for a young person with no parents.
  5. For the kids who have to stay at lunch, it makes for a long day. In France the day goes from 9 - 5 or from 8:30 to 4:30 (depending on the school) with Wednesdays off in elementary school and a half day on Saturdays. I never thought of that as a short day, especially since so many of the kids had to stay during the 2-hour lunch break. I used to teach English in an elementary school in France from 5 - 6pm. The kids had been in school since 9 a.m. and some had a very hard time with the class--they were spent by then. They also start Kindergarten at age 3 there--they do three years of it on the same schedule as the elementary school. When my son was turning 3 I did not send him and it was really difficult for awhile. Everyone had an opinion on it that they needed to share with me. I know you are talking about Italy, but I thought they started them pretty young there too. Maybe it was just the people I knew.
  6. That was a reasonable thought, but no, I was just up too late. snickerplum, do you know how long you would stay in Switzerland if you decide to go?
  7. I'm glad it works out pretty well in Geneva. It just seems iffy and I'd want some clarification (as you recommend). I'm in the U.S. now.
  8. I agree. It's why I said I didn't know if I could live in the German speaking part, though I liked a lot about living in the French-speaking part. It seems like all the things I didn't like about living in CH are worse in the German part--rigidity/strictness, rules, fussy people, mild dislike or distrust of outsiders...
  9. Plus, the law as listed on the cruxmove site for Schaffhausen does not sound good to me. It sounds like you would need to get permission, which isn't a good sign. I hope bildung zu hause can help clarify this for you. Expats living in the area would be able to help a lot, I would think. Not with homeschooling info, perhaps, but with your other questions and concerns. You could try englishforum.ch if you haven't already. It's really too bad that they want an answer from you so quickly! Good luck with everything.
  10. Oh I am sure you were great--it's just karaoke in general. I'm not sure how much I could take. I think the moment Gilmore Girls truly jumped the shark was when Lorelei sang "I Will Always Love You" on karaoke night.
  11. Ugh. Well, you've summed up why I stay away from karaoke joints. The last time I walked past one I could hear "Ooh, you're like the su-hun, chasin' all a the rain away-ay..." Ugh.
  12. Me too! I love his comment about the Eagles. Maybe the roommate should have put on a Credence tape instead.
  13. Jenn, both of my parents are over 60 and I don't think of either of them as old. They are not old. I think it's a matter of attitude. Maybe it seemed to some PPs that the neighbor was complaining about kids, thus acting old. My mom's stepdad acted old and crotchety all his life.
  14. That is a very sweet photo. Those are some impressive paws! I think Newfoundlands are great dogs. I've only known two up close and personal, but they were both sweethearts.
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