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writing in third grade

Lady Q

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Hi, all.


I'm planning language arts for my third grader this fall. For writing in the past, we've used the WWE principles of narration, copywork, and dictation. I'm going to continue that, but I'd also like to add in a little something about writing good sentences, structuring short paragraphs, and thinking more about his word choices. I'm not looking for a program, but more of a supplemental (inexpensive) resource.


Any suggestions?



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Winning With Writing level 3 sounds like it would fit.

I used it with my 3rd grader mostly as a supplement and thought it was very good, especially in teaching how to structure a paragraph. It gives opportunity for the child to do a little bit of creative writing which is nice IMO when using WWE. It is also inexpensive.


We found that we could get a week's worth of lessons done in two or three days only.

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Thanks for all your suggestions. After looking at all these resources (and making my long-suffering dh look at samples, too) and pacing the floor late at night, angsting, I finally picked...


... Core Skills: Writing, Level 3.


Yeah, I know. No one recommended it. But the nice thing about this thread was it got me really thinking about what--realistically--I could fit into the schedule for a kid who's already on the young side for third grade and doesn't count writing among his favorite things to do. I wanted a quick and cheap resource that would introduce concepts like structuring paragraphs and varying sentences and using active verbs without flogging the issue. I think this will do it. :D


It was a hard decision, though. Winning With Writing and Sentence Composing (next year for this one!) came close. I liked No More "I'm Done!" but I've been writing fiction for over ten years and have a lot of creative writing exercises I can adapt for my kids' levels.


Thanks for your help!



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