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  1. Ooh, thank you! I'll dig into it this weekend!
  2. Hello, everyone! I need some help thinking through writing plans for my rising eighth grader. She's a strong natural writer who easily picks up instruction. In the past, I've used bits and pieces from Lost Tools, WWS 1, IEW, and other resources with her. Neither of us is good about sticking to a program; she usually finds the pace too slow, and I can't help but tweak every single writing curriculum I've used. So, I'm considering doing without one for eighth grade. Instead, I thought about getting a writing resource (such as Webster's Student Writing Handbook) and using that to assign different types of writing. My only fear is not preparing her adequately for high school. I'm pretty comfortable teaching writing in general, but my area of expertise is fiction not academic writing. I don't want her to have any major gaps. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about writing without a curriculum. Thanks! ETA: Wow, my signature is outdated! The girl is question is now 12, going on 13. Going to have to figure out how to update this!
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