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What workout DVD's do you like?

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I finally got a DVD player to replace our old broken one. Now I'm looking for some good workout dvd's for me - I'm trying to lose some weight buy more importantly to tone and build muscle. I like Walk Away the Pounds and have some of those on DVD, but I'd like a little variety in my workouts. I mostly stick with the low impact workouts - I have joint issues and back problems.


So - What workout DVD's do you like? And Why?

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I sometimes hesitate to recommend workouts as tastes are so individual. People like different things. :)


The first thing that came to mind when reading your post was Classical Stretch (see below). From my research and experience, I think that CS would be fabulous and would give you great results, particularly when mixed with WATP. You mentioned back & joint issues - CS would be so good for that. I've read that so many get leaner and more toned with this mix. Many get wonderful results from CS alone.


Other great methods to consider: ballet-based/barre (see below also)


Classical Stretch is unique and is not like Pilates or yoga.

These are great complete workouts if this is all you want to do and they also complement any other form of exercise beautifully. You just feel so good when finished.

Comments from others based on what I've read. I'm just starting with these and love them so far.


Classical Stretch makes me feel delicious. You just feel wrung out and all that wonderful stuff.



Last month I did a CS workout every day and I lost 4 inches and 3 lbs. I am thrilled! I'm just now resuming my workouts, as I've been ill the past week. Despite the break, I didn't gain any inches or weight back. I tried a couple of short T-Tapp workouts this week and gained some inches back in my thighs. So, back to CS I run!

I like CS because it's similar to T-Tapp but doesn't require mind numbing, mind draining concentration on 7 or 8 different form things at once. I like CS because it's also similar to barre (kind of barre lite) but not as intense or lengthy, and without the bulk phase I was experiencing. And I love CS because it doesn't aggravate my fibromyalgia symptoms or scoliosis.

I have gained a lot of flexibility and am discovering how to stretch, lengthen and pull the muscles out from their insertions while contracting them–essentrics, as Miranda calls it. I think that alone will make a huge difference in how I approach my barre workouts.

I am curious to try a barre and CS rotation in the future.

I only did one half hour episode per day. I find that challenging enough.

I also am watching my diet, but I had begun doing that a good month or more before I started CS and lost some weight but no inches.



The Seasons are expensive because you are getting quite a lot of 25 minute workouts. They can be used in many ways by combining them in many various ways or doing one twice in row, so many ways to combine them or just add them on to other workouts for a nice finish or beginning.

The hour long total workouts are average price to other workouts being around $20.00.

The Vintage is more because I think there are two complete hour long workouts on those.



Esscentrics is a strength/stretch workout. It's a blend of tai-chi, barre and

pilates. You basically do a lot of reaching past your maximum point, stretch further and then stretch/strengthen from there.

Sarah (daughter) is more focused on her DVDs and there’s less chatter. Her workouts are more intense. She’s more toning-focused and more organized, it seems.

If I could have only one it would be Essentrics Flexibility Workout for Athletes – this one is a challenging, thorough stretch workout that helps with mobility and posture.

My second choice would be Essentrics Arms, Abs & Waist/Legs, Butt & Thighs because it is the closest to a live class.



All the workouts on this DVD are excellent.



You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Seasons.

Every season has some kind of emphasis.



Season 4 is more total body and abs

Good for newbies and beginners and is great for when you want to be gentle.

This is the "intro" so Miranda doesn't go as low or as deep or pull out as much as she does in everything else that she does. It doesn't mean it's "beginner" but it's a fab place to start.

This season is is a little gentler, and Miranda spends more time explaining CS technique.


SEASON 5’s emphasis is mostly posture and hamstrings

Nice split nature of stretch and tone


SEASON 6’s emphasis is on the feet

Fun, a little tougher and more toning-oriented

Has a complete floor workout


SEASON 7’s emphasis is spine, legs, and there’s more 'intensity' because of the several 'weight loss' segments

The good parts are very, very good. But many say that she is distracted in this one.

Season 7 is great for back pain relief. I know there are at least 3 episodes devoted to back pain or aches and pains

Lots of great weight loss workouts



Someone who has all of them says that she loves this one the most, because of just the flow of all the workouts, and the fact that unlike Season 7, Miranda really gets down to business. She only talks about "relevant" stuff. This is good because of A, we're doing this because of B. (The magic word this season is anti-aging, and the fat burners in your thighs).



The core workout isn't really "core" it's a full body workout. You may not need to get this one if you have Vintage 2 or Season 7.



Dailey Method

Offers a DVD (called No Excuses) with 2 routines on it and their attention to form is absolutely scrupulous – great for beginners to barre routines

The Dailey Method is one of my favorite barre DVDs, and I think it'd be fantastic for a barre newbie. The reason I love it so much is that Jill Dailey does an amazing job at getting technique and form across - after doing The Dailey Method for a while, you'll probably find you get a lot more out of other barre methods because your body positioning will be so much better.



Bar Method

If you are new to barre routines, I'd stick to The Bar Method workouts since, not only are they very effective they are also sticklers for form which is very important. Burr Leonard is very good at giving instructions on how to position your body, and she always has someone demonstrating the easier moves for beginners.

I have read that the Bar Method offers a few things that many other barre DVDs do not:

Good production quality

A true adherence to the Lotte Berk method

Fantastic cueing

Intensity without dread factor (some say that Cathe’s Turbo Barre and Physique 57, for example, have dread factor

Great stretching

The Fat Free and Designer Sculpting DVDs are the best ones to start with. They’re not available from her site. You can only get them at usually expensive prices on amazon or ebay.

Once you become stronger you can move up to the other DVDs.

Fabulous glute work in the Designer Sculpting DVD

Great instruction and attention to form

Change Your Body

Accelerated Workout – 1 Hour

Bar Method: Super Sculpting I

Bar Method: Beginners Workout – 30 Minutes – good workout, but not taught by Burr. The instructor is extremely energetic.


Total Fitness DVDs is a great site with video clips, excellent prices, and shipping rates. Use their coupon code: 10off for an extra discount. :D - but they don't offer most of the above DVDs. Most of the above are only available from the actual distributors.

Collagevideo is another good site.

You can do all sorts of searches and watch video clips.

I love how you can refine your search on this site - by instructor, level, type of workout, etc.

Have fun searching.

Video Fitness has some very helpful forums also.

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Does your library have any to try?


I've recently tried:

Jazzercise-expected to like it and hated it (sorry, Crystal :)) A video might be different from a class. It felt way too fast and manic.


Bellydancing--this was FUN and low impact. I just got a new one, from the library, to keep rotated in.


30 Day Shred--expected to hate it and really liked it. Might be too high impact for you. They do jumping jacks and jog in place. A 20 minute workout that incorporates cardio, weights, and abs.


Eccentrics upper body & abs-- I started to do a workout after my 30 day shred. My arms were too tired. I quit at the point she was saying "It is harder than it looks.". Yes, it is. I'm going to try it tomorrow. May alternate my way through 30 day shred and eccentrics.


At this point, I would buy 30 day shred and eccentrics, because my library has a large selection of bellydancing to rotate in. I could see shred or eccentrics being nice to have on hand.

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We went through 30-day shred and then rotated it with No More Trouble Zones.


They are both very good workouts that we saw results fairly quickly. I like how the 30-day shred works up to a more difficult level. Plus you can swap out workouts - keeps it more intersting.


The only problem I had were my knees. But I've had surgery and has Sjogren's Syndrome - so I have swelling from time-to-time. The workout seems to inflame my knees so I stopped. There are alternative "moves" for this.

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I have Sjogren's and have intermittent knee problems as well, usually on my left knee. I found that shoes are critical. I've been doing Beachbody's newest program, Focus T25. It's just 25min/day and there is a modifier which makes it no impact. Disclaimer - I am a Beachbody Coach (gotta pay for all the Homeschool curricula I buy, ha ha ha). Everything else I love is very high impact. I'm having to adjust my mindset as my SJogren's gets worse however but that's a battle for the mind. 8-(



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I love all the workouts I've tried by Bob Harper. I like them because I find him motivational. He does a great job of counting down and talking me through the tough parts. That said, most of his workouts are not low-impact and are not for beginners. Some of his Yoga workouts might fit though.

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Debra Mazda and the Shapely Girls. I love Walking Fit and Fabulous to start. I was a Gymnast, Hockey player, and a bit wild. So my left leg and right shoulder are both damaged. I also rolled a car many years ago and broke 3 vertebra. Her video's are great for me, and they work. I also love that they don't have super skinny gals screaming at me to keep going. LOL She has some stuff on YouTube if you want to check it out.

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