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  1. Sounds good to me!!! I also agree w/ a Donation Jar!!! Wonderful idea! Sybil
  2. Thank you Ruth for a wonderful thread!!!! I definitely see that we are on similar paths. WOW I"m so glad I got Horner's book before it went up like the price of gold! WOW! I think I paid $4 for it and that included shipping.
  3. Did you know you aren't even my friend on here yet .. geez! How can that be?

  4. I will post a link. I haven't read all of it so I can't recommend buying it but it would be worth a checkout from the library. I just haven't had time to look at it.

  5. Can I bug you again? :blush: I ran into an old post of yours while looking more on the topic of writing in science. Would you be willing to share a link?

  6. I know. If you have WWS, read through the section on using a thesaurus. Or go to google books and google Roget's Thesaurus and then think of a word and search for it. It's grouped according to themes. It's odd at first but I think I see how it might work. I'm sure your library has one as well.

  7. Whoa. Wait a moment here. It's not in alphabetical order?!?imotion20.gif. What am I missing here?


    Ok, I was thinking of getting both too. I'm glad I'm not too crazy to be considering it. :lol:

  8. I did buy the Synonym Finder as well as Roget's International 7th edition since it is what SWB recommended in WWS. We will definitely get use out of it. It was a bit of shock as expected it to be in alphabetical order. Ha Ha Ha. We have used the Synonym finder as well. Neither were very expensive through amazon so I don't regret buying either of them.

  9. :seeya: I'm looking for a good thesaurus and upon doing a search, your name came up a few times. :D


    What are you using? I saw a post where you were going to get Roget's then you decided against, but another post made it sound like you did get the 7th ed in the end. :confused: What about Rodale's Synonym Finder? Do you know if it is that worth having as well or instead? Thanks!

  10. I've tagged you for taking 69 cookies from the cookie jar. Enjoy!

  11. HI, I'm heading out for the RFWP conference today so if I don't get a chance to answer your questions, I will when I get there assuming they have wi-fi. If not, when I get back on Sunday.

  12. Did I read correctly that you used Exploration Education with your ds (or was it dd?) Ugh. I don't even know what you have. :tongue_smilie: Obviously I'm not stalking you ;) (or doing a good job of it if I am :w00t:)


    Anyways- did you use that program? Would you mind telling me what grade you used it for? IIRC, you wrote that you upgraded to the advanced level, right? I'll be using it for 5th for a first time exposure to physics with an advanced child (though not mathematically inclined in any way :glare: :lol:) and am not sure if I should get the standard or advanced level. Is there a big difference between the two?

  13. Nope no plan, ha ha ha. I'm just going to pick and choose. Mostly, we'll use the Oxford Series b/c my library has them. I'd have to buy the Strauss Art books. I'm using these in conjunction with K12 Human Odyssey texts. I didn't get a chance yesterday but I should have some time this AM to do it.

  14. Do you happen to have a plan as to how you're going to combine the Oxford series with Suzanne Art books? :D I'd love to see it if you do! What else do you plan to use? ;) Wait. I don't know if my budget can handle a response to this. :lol:


    Please do let me know if you ever have a chance to outline from both those books. I'd be really interested to hear your opinion of working with both. Ack. I can't seem to get it together for next year. :glare:

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