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  1. I can not get my EV3 to connect via bluetooth to my iMac. I am running 1.09E Firmware. I read there was an issue but have not seen how to solve this. I tried to go back to 1.06E but can't find that software online anywhere. Thanks, Sybil (aka Capt_Uhura)
  2. That section has always been in the books. This is a curricula suggestion for afterschoolers, I think, I hope ha ha ha.
  3. yes that is what I was thinking! Did she say she decided not to put in the WTM 4th edition but put it in a separate addendum? Sybil
  4. I thought I read on here that SWB was writing an addendum for the 4th edition of the Well Trained Mind for afterschoolers? Please tell I'm not dreaming, ha ha ha. I just got my 4th edition today!!! Sybil
  5. I don't have an issue with Algebra in Middle School if there has been a strong foundation in elementary which is sadly not the case. The battle I'm fighting right now is that my son, first year in public school finishing 7th grade, has been accelerated in science but not math b/c he was not in the district for 6th grade where the math testing is done to determine who goes on the accelerated track. So now his science will be ahead of his math instruction. His math teacher said that the 7/8th grade math only covered 3 more "strands/topics" than the 7th graders covered. She felt I could easi
  6. Has SWB given a hint as to when Advanced Language Lessions will be available? Sybil
  7. I would like to second what Caitlin posted. MCT really helped me to appreciate the beauty in the written word. I did all elementary levels of MCT with my two boys. We use the poetry books one level behind. My boys absolutely LOVED MCT and ASKED to do it. I kid you not. I think front loaded the information and then addressing it daily with the practice books really delivered for us. Their retention has been near 100%. In late elementary they were testing high school level for grammar on MAP annual assessment as well in Language arts of MAP due to the emphasis on poetry in that assessment. We ar
  8. Angie, there is a new level of MCT that is in between Voyage and ML to fill that large leap! The Vocab and Grammar portions are out now. It's called The Literature Level. Sybil
  9. My son has been dealing with Lyme disease for 4years. He went to public school for 9th after being homeschooled for 3rd-8th grade. He tried to play high school soccer which was wayyy too much for him and his body basically shut down. He has been home w/ homebound instruction since November. He's been IgM negative for 4 years for Lyme and just came up IgM positive which seemingly indicates an active infection. I know this child has not had another tick bite which just tells me all of his illness the past 4years was chronic lyme infection even though all of his doctors said no. He also is therap
  10. I have SJogren's. I started with the dry mouth and chocking on food. I would wake up 3-5x/night to drink water. It felt like pouring water over sand paper. It was my eye doctor that mentioned Sjogren's b/c I kept getting abrasions on my corneas. My grandma had Scleroderma so that puts me at higher risk for autoimmune issues. I also developed a lot of gastrointestinal issues. I've had low white blood cell count etc. I had a LOT of fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, and brain fog. Based on symptoms and some markers of inflammation (negative for both Sjogren's antibodies however), my rheumy diagnose
  11. I think it depends on the situation as to how much you disclose. Speaking as a Beachbody coach myself, your brand is your story. People will connect with you based on that. For example, if you have a blog, certainly blog about your WLS, why you made the decision and how it went for you. Of course then the key is to stress is that it's not the solution it's your FIRST step - your next steps are fitness and nutrition. Now if you do a 21 Day Fix challenge for example, and post your before/afters - then give your before stats and your afters for that challenge. Let that sell it itself. If you do a
  12. LIzzie, How do you know your daughter has neuroLyme? My son just had a brain MRI w/ and w/out contrast which was normal but I understand abnormal results on MRI is only in about 20% of patients. My son is still dealing with stomach pain, now chronic nausea, fatigue, brain fog. Sybil
  13. That's where we are "post lyme disease" along w/ anxiety, and somatoform disorder. 8-(
  14. My 14yr old son has been dealing with lyme disease for 3.5years. The CDC is really delaying progress in fighting Lyme disease. 8-(
  15. What is it w/ those darn nightshades? I finally realized that Indian Food was a no-go for me. I love spicy foods but nightshades just do me in. 8-( Sybil
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