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  1. I can not get my EV3 to connect via bluetooth to my iMac. I am running 1.09E Firmware. I read there was an issue but have not seen how to solve this. I tried to go back to 1.06E but can't find that software online anywhere. Thanks, Sybil (aka Capt_Uhura)
  2. That section has always been in the books. This is a curricula suggestion for afterschoolers, I think, I hope ha ha ha.
  3. yes that is what I was thinking! Did she say she decided not to put in the WTM 4th edition but put it in a separate addendum? Sybil
  4. I thought I read on here that SWB was writing an addendum for the 4th edition of the Well Trained Mind for afterschoolers? Please tell I'm not dreaming, ha ha ha. I just got my 4th edition today!!! Sybil
  5. I don't have an issue with Algebra in Middle School if there has been a strong foundation in elementary which is sadly not the case. The battle I'm fighting right now is that my son, first year in public school finishing 7th grade, has been accelerated in science but not math b/c he was not in the district for 6th grade where the math testing is done to determine who goes on the accelerated track. So now his science will be ahead of his math instruction. His math teacher said that the 7/8th grade math only covered 3 more "strands/topics" than the 7th graders covered. She felt I could easily teach him those topics this summer but head of the math department said no way. So my son who would have done AoPS algebra 1 in 8th (we got a bit behind b/c I was dealing with my chronically ill teen) will now spend all year learning three new topics rather than doing algebra 1. So I suppose 3/4s of the year will be review. Capt_Uhura
  6. Has SWB given a hint as to when Advanced Language Lessions will be available? Sybil
  7. I would like to second what Caitlin posted. MCT really helped me to appreciate the beauty in the written word. I did all elementary levels of MCT with my two boys. We use the poetry books one level behind. My boys absolutely LOVED MCT and ASKED to do it. I kid you not. I think front loaded the information and then addressing it daily with the practice books really delivered for us. Their retention has been near 100%. In late elementary they were testing high school level for grammar on MAP annual assessment as well in Language arts of MAP due to the emphasis on poetry in that assessment. We are constantly coming across Caesar's English words in our literature. It most definitely is a cuddle on the couch and read together curriculum. It's not a hand-to-the-student curriculum. We spent a year doing a grammar workbook program (not any of SWB's) and my boys had ZERO retention. It was quite disheartening. It was then we switched to MCT. We also did what SWB put out of AAS and I loved that as well. It was a nice reinforcement/review of what we had done w/ MCT. It is just my feeling but over the years it seemed that a large majority of those that posted a successful year w/ MCT were homeschooling boys. My boys loved the humor in the stories and still remember them. I also absolutely adore his Self-Evident Truth Series. Nothing has made me appreciate the POWER of the written word to move people or get a point across than that series. If I were teaching grammar, poetry, vocabulary again I would used MCT as well as AAS if SWB finishes it. As Kalmia echoed, we only read through MCT's writing curriculum for the overall picture. My boys needed more incremental teaching and I needed much more hand-holding. We successfully used WWE1-3, WWS1, and we dabble in LToW. I will be afterschooling WWS2 now with my boys who are attending public school. Do I feel MCT has a place in the 4th edition of WTM? I think if the goal is to give people an overview of what's available, I certainly feel it deserves to be mentioned, especially in a section of different approaches.
  8. Angie, there is a new level of MCT that is in between Voyage and ML to fill that large leap! The Vocab and Grammar portions are out now. It's called The Literature Level. Sybil
  9. She will be greatly missed. I just can't believe it. 8-(
  10. Sounds good to me!!! I also agree w/ a Donation Jar!!! Wonderful idea! Sybil
  11. I'm wondering the same thing. My son writes painfully slow in cursive. He goes much faster typing but I wonder about the SAT where he'll have to be able to write quickly and legibly. Capt Uhura
  12. Thank you Ruth for a wonderful thread!!!! I definitely see that we are on similar paths. WOW I"m so glad I got Horner's book before it went up like the price of gold! WOW! I think I paid $4 for it and that included shipping.
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