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Charla Krupp ~ Queen of Beauty & Style

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For those who love Charla Krupp's books, as do I (and many of us here) - my favorite fashion and style books - I'm so very, very sad to just hear this :(. I've followed Charla for years, since college when she used to write for Glamour magazine. Many will miss her, most especially her family.

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I hadn't even known she was I'll until I read her obituary on Monday. I knew she did a lot of work for breast cancer awareness here in the NY area, but I didn't know that she had it herself.


I have one of her books, and although I thought she offered a lot of great tips, i remember having thought at the time that she seemed a bit too obsessed with looking young.


I was sorry to hear that she had passed away, though. She was only 58 and FWIW, she really did look a lot younger than that. But she never got a chance to be old, so did it really matter all that much in the long run if she always looked so young? I guess if it made her happy, that's all that mattered.

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Neither did I know she was sick. She was active and looked gorgeous till the very end, or at least until a few months ago. She was my friend on FB and I only just heard this morning. Sad. Her memorial service is today. She grew up right by where dh and I got married.

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