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  1. I have had a sunroof in my last two cars. I never ever use it. It is just something that came with my car because I wanted other features.
  2. I went to college in Virginia I have 2 daughters and no sons I have an MBA
  3. I paid for college and grad school myself. I worked, got some grants, and took out a small amount of loan money. I paid off my student loans the year after I graduated from grad school. DH worked and paid for college himself. He did his first two years at a CC and then finished up his four-year degree at a university. We will pay for our two children's education. They are very average students and will not likely qualify for any scholarship money. Fortunately, we are prepared to pay the full cost.
  4. I voted "extended social circle." I haven't seen her for several years, but someone that I knew when my kids were little adopted her children. I don't know of anyone else.
  5. I am not terribly familiar with RWB's program at all, so I hate to lead you in the wrong direction, but, in general, I would tend to avoid anything that says "recreational" since it seems like your children are advancing beyond that category. It sounds like your home program would be a better fit than a program designated as "recreational."
  6. edelweiss


    Yes, around here it would be unusual to go into a house without a basement.
  7. That would be funny if they did! She hasn't ruled out PBT but I don't think she is leaning toward it though. Did you know that the dorms aren't air-conditioned (unless you get Byham House which only holds like 20 people)? Ugh! (That's not why she is leaning toward something else, but it doesn't help! LOL) BTW, my DD is turning down Boston too.
  8. That's SO exciting! Congrats to your son! My DD was accepted to PBT (the 5 week, as well as the Company Experience) too. She still plans to audition for Nashville (if she hasn't picked one by then). BTW, she got her acceptance to TWSB this past weekend. No idea where she is planning to go yet though. Has your son decided yet? It would be funny if our kids ended up in the same place this summer! LOL!
  9. I think a two-week program would be a great compromise! Something like RWB or CPYB's August Course would be great! That way they get the best of both worlds. Yes, I agree about the elite programs. Everyone there has been accepted and paid their money, so the teachers should really be giving everyone attention! They can still have their favorites, but it shouldn't mean that they ignore 1/2 (or more) of the class!
  10. Honestly, staying at home is a perfectly valid option if you have good training at home. Summer intensives really aren't "necessary" until your kids get older (and even then they often aren't crucial). For many kids they are just fun (like some kids go to summer camp for weeks) and an opportunity to do what they love in a different place and with other kids who feel the same way. So, it is fun, but definitely not a must.
  11. Thanks for the feedback on Washington Ballet! It is definitely one that my daughter would consider for this summer. She knows someone who went there for the summer and then stayed on as a trainee, She loved in there! Has your son done the SI there? I know that sometimes the year-round training and the SI can be very different. Sometimes the SI is taught by more guest teachers than year-round ones! DD is really trying to look carefully at options this summer. She is not focusing on prestige, but trying to find one that offers great training and that fits her criteria/needs for the summer. Not that prestige is necessarily a bad thing! She attended PNB for the past couple of years and she got great training! But she knows that there are other places that also offer great training without being a 3-letter SI.
  12. I can't think of any to name off-hand. I am only familiar with PNB because my DD attended the summer intensive there for the past several years. I just know that as I've researched company websites, I have definitely seen some places that word the info in the video audition part in such a way that it makes it obvious that they really favor in-person auditions. So, I would look at each site that you are considering and if you don't see things worded that way, I would send the video. Or if you really can't make the live audition, I would send a video even if they do word it that way. All they can say is no!
  13. Sorry! Things have been crazy here! Ok, these are my thoughts/opinions about the programs you mentioned. A couple I have first-hand impressions of, but not all of them. So, take my comments with a grain of salt. 😉 ABT-- solid training with their own curriculum; very popular so audition classes tend to be very big (the last time DD auditioned for ABT, there were 92 people in her audition class); ABT has multiple locations, so they are able to accommodate more students; there is a hierarchy of the sites, so students are placed according to their levels which means that you might not get your first choice geography-wise (you are able to rank your choices for location, but if you put New York as your first choice, for instance, they might assign you to Tampa if they don't think you would fit well in NYC; since you have multiple children dancing, this could mean that your children are assigned to different sites); my daughter attended ABT in the young dancer program, so I am only familiar with that site; she was accepted to the 5 week NYC intensive a couple of years ago, but chose a different intensive; I have heard that ABT NYC, in particular, tends to concentrate on their favorites (the ones that attend on scholarship) and some people feel that they are ignored if they aren't a "chosen one"-- I do not have experience to confirm or deny this; if your child is accepted to either the NYC site or the California one, they get invites to attend special workshops during the year SAB-- my daughter has never auditioned there because she has had numerous friends who went to SAB and did not enjoy it-- one friend didn't like it when she went, but got pressured by a teacher and her mom to attend for a second summer and she ultimately ended up quitting ballet after returning from the second summer; she was an amazing dancer, but the pressure at SAB is intense, even at the young ages because they start asking dancers to stay for the year-round program really young and for many it feels like a rejection when they aren't asked; dancers are constantly being evaluated there and SAB has a very particular set of criteria (and body types) that they are looking for; I've seen several young girls that are really affected by that level of intense scrutiny (of course it depends on the kid too!); another complaint is that SAB only offers a couple of classes a day and many people think that there is too much downtime compared to other intensives; SAB only accepts 8-10% of the people it auditions in a given year; on the pro side-- great dorms and you are housed right above the classrooms, so it is super-convenient and it is NYC! Miami City-- very Balanchine school; my daughter hasn't gone there but thought it was the hardest audition she has ever had; it is in Miami, so it is really hot in the summer--UGH!; the dorms are pretty far from the school, so there is a long bus ride to and fro every day; my daughter has a friend that went and didn't love it but she was in a higher level and I think the pressure and competitiveness was pretty high which probably isn't an issue in the lower levels; don't know the exact acceptance rate but it is on the low side The Rock-- I have heard that the year-round program is really good (and I have seen some amazing dancers from the Rock at YAGP!), but that the summer intensive isn't impressive at all; they do take most everyone that auditions and unless this has changed over the past year or so, they give acceptances and assign levels right at the audition, so there is no wait for results; not as important and it might have changed in the past two years because I haven't kept up with the Rock since I crossed it off the list, but I have heard that the bus ride to the studio is about 45 minutes each way and the bus isn't always air-conditioned-- ugh! CPYB-- very solid training; very inclusive since there is no audition-- they take everyone and then level appropriately once you get there; very much a "ballet boot camp"-- the focus is completely on ballet; two ballet technique classes a day, plus most levels are offered a third technique class that is optional, but highly recommended; jazz and hip hop classes are available at an extra cost; CPYB also offers something called the "August Course" which is a 1 or 2 week ballet bootcamp (my daughter has attended this) but there is no housing for the August course; Carlisle is a small town and the commute from the dorms at Dickinson College to the studio is walkable Joffrey Chicago-- I don't know much about this intensive except that it is the "real" Joffrey; I know of someone who went to the Young Dancer program a few years ago and wasn't happy with it, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the regular program Don't know much about RWB or Ballet Chicago-- sorry! I hope this helps! Please know that these are just my impressions. Others might feel differently. 😉
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