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  1. edelweiss

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I drive a Volvo XC90. It seats 7 pretty comfortably, but probably not for a long trip. I definitely don't think it would be big enough for 6 people, 2 dogs, and luggage. DH used to have a Honda Pilot and that sounds like a lot to even fit in that. DH now has some giant Yukon Denali XL or something like that. It is great for trips, and I feel like we fill it up pretty nicely with just 4 people and luggage!
  2. My girls (10th and 12th grades) are very happy to be homeschooling high school and wouldn't have it any other way. They love it. My oldest tried a private school for the first semester of her freshman year, but was miserable so we brought her home. I really wish that it had worked out differently for her. Honestly, I am not convinced that I made the right choice continuing to homeschool them through high school. In many ways I do believe that they would be better served having gone to school. I did the best that I could, but I don't believe that the education that they received was/is better than they would have received from the private school. However, I do believe that they will turn out okay. Fortunately my older daughter is only applying to one college and it is not very difficult to get into. I am hopeful that she will be accepted, especially since we are not requesting any financial aid or scholarships. If she is not accepted, she will have to go to community college and then we will try to transfer her later. I am planning to have my younger daughter do more dual enrollment, so that she will be able to prove herself to colleges. She won't apply to any super-competitive schools, but I do want her to have some choice. Good luck on your decision! it is a difficult one. Many many people on this site have homeschooled high school successfully, so they have great advice. I will say that I have enjoyed every single second of having my girls at home. We are very very close. I suspect that eventually I will feel nothing but positive about homeschooling high school.
  3. edelweiss

    How do you survive starting a new business?

    I feel for you! When my DH started his own business 8 years ago, it was such a stressful time. I wasn't working (still don't), and it was nerve-wracking. However, we knew that his business had a very high chance of success and that it might just be tight until everything got started. I took the whole household budget to the bare bones. We had savings, plus we got a small business loan to handle the purchase of the equipment. DH and I are both very business-minded (accountants and I also have an MBA), so we really thought through everything. Even so, it was so scary! It has been the biggest blessing though! He started making money almost immediately and was able to pay his business loan off in only 4 months. However, my DH's business is very different. He works from home so he has minimal overhead costs. His clients are other businesses. His employees are all highly educated and professional, so he has no turnover. He has very specialized knowledge and a good reputation within his industry, so he is able to maintain and add clients. His business is also pretty recession-proof. I understand that this isn't the case for many businesses. I don't know what kind of business your DH is starting, but I wish you the best for success! If it works out, it will likely be the best thing. We would never be in the position we are now if my DH hadn't taken the plunge.
  4. edelweiss

    How do you make yourself drink enough water?

    I also have the goal this year to drink more water. I bought a water bottle with markings on the side of it to indicate hourly water "goals" (there are quite a few options for these on Amazon). If I have a regular water bottle just sitting beside me, I won't drink from it enough, but since this option gives me intermediate goals along the way, I end up doing it.
  5. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    The best place to research various summer intensives would be the website Ballet Talk for Dancers. But just be aware of their rules there. They are VERY strict about them and will give you a good scolding if you break them. For instance, don't ask for a comparison of programs. You can definitely get information there and ask for opinions here though. 🙂 Columbus has a professional company and an attached summer intensive. It is called Ballet Met. Cincinnati also has one at Cincinnati Ballet.
  6. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    This is what I'm referring to.
  7. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    There are definitely benefits to experiencing different teachers and styles (Balanchine if you primarily study Vaganova, etc.). No doubt about it. But if you are asking if it is necessary for your children at this point, it really isn't. Even your oldest is on the the young side. Like I said, my daughter has gone away to an intensive every year since she was 10 years old. Did she gain a lot from her experiences? Absolutely. But was it necessary? Not at all. She will be 16 this summer and I do think that it is necessary for her now. I don't regret her going to "away" intensives at a younger age and it was not a financial hardship for us to send her but, in hindsight, I really don't think it was necessary.
  8. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    Honestly, I don't think it is important for anyone to go away for a summer intensive until they are older (maybe 14 or 15) if they have good options for summer training. And I say this as the mom of a daughter who has gone to summer intensives since she was 10 (she is 15 now). CPYB is a great place for training if you decide to go that route. But if you have excellent training at home, which it sounds like you do, I wouldn't be concerned about doing an "away" intensive at this point unless you just really want them to experience that.
  9. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    Oh, that's so special! It sounds like a fun and supportive place for your daughter. Those aren't that easy to find!
  10. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    Ah, ok! Hope she loves her new pointe shoes! I remember how excited my daughter was when she first got hers!
  11. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    Just Kate-- Could you clarify what you mean about your daughter passing her "pointe shoe test" and ordering her pointe shoes? Were her pointe shoes ordered without her ever trying them on?
  12. edelweiss

    Dance Parents

    Yes, Joffrey does not turn anyone down. If your daughter auditions, she will receive a whole list of location options that she can choose from. It is also my understanding that she will be notified in subsequent years that she is also "accepted" again without re-auditioning. Joffrey is not at all selective like most other intensives. They have a variety of levels at each site and would put your daughter in an appropriate level at the beginning on the intensive based on a placement class. (Disclaimer: My daughter has never attended Joffrey but we know people who have)
  13. edelweiss

    Countertop preference?

    Love our granite! It is beautiful! It doesn't stain, our pattern hides crumbs, and it is indestructible. We haven't had any problem with it at all.
  14. edelweiss

    Prayers please?

    Praying for your mom!
  15. It's interesting. I only drink a cup or two in the morning (very occasionally I will have a third cup). I have never felt addicted to it. If I am busy, I will skip drinking it at all that day, with no ill effects. In fact, I typically only drink it in the fall and winter. I have an occasional cup in the spring and rarely have any in the summer. I think I just like how it feels soothing on a chilly day. I never feel like I need it to wake up or keep going. I don't get headaches if I don't drink it. In fact, I don't even crave it. It also never keeps me up at night. I guess it just affects people differently. I know that many people get the same soothing benefits from hot tea, but I absolutely abhor the taste of tea. It is so vile to me. I have tried to make myself like it, but I finally gave up.
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