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  1. Of course I know it. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't. It was even introduced to younger generations in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.
  2. This is so true. My daughter has been dealing with so much depression and anxiety during this pandemic. Medication and counseling is having minimal impact and some days are so very hard. I am absolutely exhausted trying to do anything that I can to bring a little bit of joy into her life, as well as trying to encourage her to keep an inkling of hope for the future. Basically, all of my attention is focused on that and it seems never-ending. However, I have experienced depression and extreme anxiety myself. So, I can identify with how she's feeling. I try to be that constant source o
  3. I love my Le Creuset cookware! I have 2 LC Dutch ovens, plus 2 other LC pans and they are truly workhorses in my kitchen. I use them all of the time and it makes me happy to use them. I also have 2 Staub Dutch ovens. I like them a lot as well, but I prefer the LC, I think.
  4. My mother is eligible in our state. She didn't have to fight for a spot because my BIL is a physician and said that she works in his office, so that she was eligible to get it under the guise of working in a health care setting. I am not too upset about it because she is in an eligible category. I am NOT happy about the fact that he used the same tactic for my sister (a healthy 49 year old that does not work in his office or in any health care setting) and especially about my 16 year old perfectly healthy niece who also doesn't work in his office. I am livid about the two of them. I have
  5. We aren't eligible for it, but if we got it, it would just be put into our joint account. We have never separated any of our funds.
  6. I know. Remember when 1500 sounded like a lot? DeWine is having a briefing tomorrow at 5:30 about it. I wonder what he is going to say. I like him and he’s handled this fairly well IMO, but I have to admit that I have been rolling my eyes lately at his “We’re Ohioans. We can do this.” speech. Too many people aren’t taking this seriously at all and the rural areas have such low masking. (I am in the Columbus area, BTW)
  7. I have seriously spent way too much time escaping life and spending time on my island!! Animal Crossing is worth every penny during this pandemic.
  8. I'm so addicted to Animal Crossing. It is a great time-waster in this horrible pandemic time. Sorry, I don't have a good solution for you though. Three of us have Animal Crossing islands here and we all have our own Switches.
  9. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts that you get the best results possible.
  10. We have a Peloton bike and love it. We all use it, but I use it the most. I had another exercise bike before, but I never used it. Love the Peloton. I'm sure that there are other good options as well though.
  11. I have used 1-800 Contacts for years. They sell the exact same lenses that your eye doctor prescribes. I go to my eye doctor for the prescription and then text a copy of it to 1-800 Contacts. I get my contacts a few days later. Easy peasy.
  12. I could do this for a lot longer, I think. I wouldn't want my kids to have to do it though. My 17 year old is a senior and this year is brutal for her. No social interaction, high anxiety and depression, etc. Something has to change for her. I think she will likely start out at the same college her sister goes to. DD20 isn't living on campus this year, but she plans to next year. If things are the same in the fall as they are now, I hope that they both will be able to live on campus. If that isn't possible, I will likely rent an apartment for the two of them near campus. Then, they ca
  13. My older daughter (20) is doing okay. She is in college, but is doing it online at home. She had planned to live on campus this semester, but the restrictions became more and more onerous, so she and most of her friends decided to stay home. She rides her horses everyday, so she has plenty of opportunity to do the thing she loves and has plenty of social interaction. Since she doesn't consistently social distance from people, she has to social distance from us at home, but she is overall doing fine. Younger DD (17) is really struggling. She was already dealing with anxiety before t
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