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  1. I have used 1-800 Contacts for years. They sell the exact same lenses that your eye doctor prescribes. I go to my eye doctor for the prescription and then text a copy of it to 1-800 Contacts. I get my contacts a few days later. Easy peasy.
  2. I voted via absentee ballot (Ohio). I filled out my ballot and took it to the Board of Elections to turn it in. I saw the lines for early voting while I was there. They were outside wrapped around the building. Our state has Ballot Trax. I got a text and an email telling me that my vote was accepted. I wanted to turn my ballot in really early, so that there would be time to fix it if there was a problem. Glad that is crossed off of my list. I cannot imagine waiting until Election Day to vote!
  3. I could do this for a lot longer, I think. I wouldn't want my kids to have to do it though. My 17 year old is a senior and this year is brutal for her. No social interaction, high anxiety and depression, etc. Something has to change for her. I think she will likely start out at the same college her sister goes to. DD20 isn't living on campus this year, but she plans to next year. If things are the same in the fall as they are now, I hope that they both will be able to live on campus. If that isn't possible, I will likely rent an apartment for the two of them near campus. Then, they ca
  4. My older daughter (20) is doing okay. She is in college, but is doing it online at home. She had planned to live on campus this semester, but the restrictions became more and more onerous, so she and most of her friends decided to stay home. She rides her horses everyday, so she has plenty of opportunity to do the thing she loves and has plenty of social interaction. Since she doesn't consistently social distance from people, she has to social distance from us at home, but she is overall doing fine. Younger DD (17) is really struggling. She was already dealing with anxiety before t
  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I am going to try it. I have been using the treadmill the opposite way-- with very little incline at a faster pace for a longer time. I would love to get better results. Thanks for sharing!
  6. We have a screened in porch. I absolutely love it. For me, I wouldn't use a sunroom. Then, it would just feel like another room in the house to me. We added this screened in porch at my request. My husband really thought through things though. He had a ceiling fan put in and he also put heating panels in the ceiling. So, I am able to use the porch a good bit longer than I normally would. I don't go out there if it is really hot, and it certainly is too cold in the winter. However, the heating in the ceiling allows me to use it on cool days in the spring and fall.
  7. I am so sorry! Many prayers for you. I hope that you recover quickly.
  8. I counted 18 times. 7 different states. 7 moves (4 different states) were with DH.
  9. My daughter is really struggling right now. She gave up her main activity (ballet) prior to Covid, so she has lost that social link. She had planned some other things for this year, but then Covid hit. Unfortunately most of her friends/acquaintances are not taking Covid precautions seriously, so she doesn't feel safe seeing them. Others left for college this year. She is so lonely, but because of the pandemic her options are limited. For the first time, she is seriously regretting homeschooling (although she wouldn't really want to attend in-person classes right now either). It just suc
  10. Using it in a joking way (like Soup Nazi or Grammar Nazi) doesn't bother me at all. I know that I've referred to myself as a Grammar Nazi several times in the past. My view has not changed on that, and it still does not bother me at all. That being said, I don't use it in public anymore because I'm aware that it bothers some people, and I try not to offend anyone, if possible.
  11. I am so glad that we don't need to make this decision. I mentioned on this board previously that my daughter had wanted to become a professional and was training at a very high level. She decided about a year ago that she doesn't want that anymore, so we aren't currently facing the dilemma that you are. Until the shutdown, DD had been dancing at a studio just 3 days a week for one and a half hours each day (down from the 6 days a week for 4-5 hours a day that she used to dance). That studio (attached to a professional company) still has not re-opened. It sounds like they are hoping to
  12. Yes, that is a big number for us, unfortunately. No, no news conference today. Next one is scheduled for Tuesday-- unless DeWine feels like an earlier one is necessary. ETA-- In yesterday's news conference, he spoke about how they are presently concerned with the Cincy/Dayton area.
  13. Good plan to self-isolate! Unfortunately OH's had 987 new cases today, so that's not good either! 🙂
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