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  1. What type of horse showing is she doing? My 19 year old daughter is a hunter and equitation rider (English style). She wore makeup at times when she was younger but lately hasn’t been wearing any at all when she competes. Does not make a bit of difference in the judging. But I can see that it might make a difference if she shows Western.
  2. I agree with all of this. We got pre-check for the whole family 5 years ago. It has been so great. It makes everything so much easier. I've decided to upgrade all of us to Global Entry this time. I actually spent today setting up accounts for all of us and submitting the online applications. Now we just need to wait for approval to set up our interviews. I am sure that we are going to appreciate it when we go back to Europe next year!
  3. Yes, you don't have to take your shoes off in the pre-check line.
  4. My daughter will be commuting next year too. Her school is only 11 miles away, and it will take her about 20 minutes to get there. The drive is on low traffic, residential and back roads, so it is a pretty easy and peaceful drive. We are fine with her living in the dorms if she wants to, but at this point, she wants to live at home. The freshman dorms are not air conditioned, only have shared hall baths, etc. and she just has no interest in living there when she has her own bedroom and bathroom at home. She also has horses that she rides every day. They are in a barn only a mile from our house, so it is easier for her to live at home for that reason as well. If she changes her mind, we will be happy to let her live in the dorm. Her school requires all students who are not married, at least 22, a military vet, or some other conditions to live on campus unless they live within a 30 mile radius with their family. Students are not allowed to get apartments unless they meet one of the parameters. At this point, my DD feels that living at home is the best option for her. Fortunately, she already knows quite a few people at this school, so I don't think that her social life will suffer at all. OP-- In your situation, with the long commute, I would vote that your son find a way to live in the dorms if at all possible. That long, stressful drive would get old really fast!
  5. I only have one adult child, but the other one is 16. They only have one grandfather (that they know), so I just refer to him as "Grandpa." We refer to the two grandmothers as "Grandma 'Betty'" and "Grandma 'Sally.'"
  6. Thanks for posting this topic. I have a bunch of homeschooling curriculum to get rid of. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it. I honestly just want to find some place locally to donate it to. I wish that my area had a used homeschool curriculum fair, but I can't find one. I do not want to deal with pricing, selling, and especially shipping items, so eBay, etc. isn't something I want to deal with. I think I will donate some items to my library if they will take it?? Or maybe Half Price Books? I'm not sure if either of them would want homeschool items. If not, I guess I will just recycle everything. Ugh, it makes me sick to do that, but I do not want to deal with the hassle of shipping.
  7. I recently turned 50 (ugh!). I will say that the lessened anxiety is true for me as well. I have always been a major worrier and have had to fight anxiety (occasionally with meds and with CBT). About 5-7 years ago, my anxiety virtually disappeared. It honestly borders on apathy, which is probably not ideal, but it is such a relief to be so chill about everything now!
  8. I *always* salt my watermelon. I won't eat it unless I have salt available. All of my relatives in South Carolina salt their watermelon and I guess I learned it from them. I've salted it as long as I can remember. I salt apples too.
  9. I didn't really like it either. I actually bought the DVD because I had heard so many good things about it that I was sure that it would be something that we would watch again and again. No one in my family was really that excited about it and I doubt that we will ever watch it again. I didn't even love the music that much and I love musicals/Broadway/showtunes, etc.
  10. I love pretty stationery! I still buy it and use it for thank you notes and other short notes. For myself, I typically use pretty notecards from Papyrus or museum shops. I also have monogrammed notecards that I use for more formal things. My daughters use notecards for their thank you notes. They typically use personalized notecards that I ordered for them, but they also have some notecards that have a picture depicting their interests/passions. I hate that sending a receiving letters and notes has basically disappeared!
  11. My BIL is a dermatologist. He recommends Free and Clear products for my DD. It is available on Amazon. His second choice is Vanicream. It is available at CVS or on Amazon.
  12. I have had a sunroof in my last two cars. I never ever use it. It is just something that came with my car because I wanted other features.
  13. I went to college in Virginia I have 2 daughters and no sons I have an MBA
  14. I paid for college and grad school myself. I worked, got some grants, and took out a small amount of loan money. I paid off my student loans the year after I graduated from grad school. DH worked and paid for college himself. He did his first two years at a CC and then finished up his four-year degree at a university. We will pay for our two children's education. They are very average students and will not likely qualify for any scholarship money. Fortunately, we are prepared to pay the full cost.
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