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  1. I attended Sweet Briar for my freshman year of college. It is an absolutely gorgeous campus!! I have fond memories of my time there. I am planning to take my DD (junior in high school) for a visit. I think it would be a good fit for her, but I think that it is likely too far away for our home for her to consider.
  2. We just returned from Universal Orlando. We did the same things as you did (wiping down hand rests and tray tables on the plane, hand sanitizer after every ride, trying not to touch anything unnecessarily, etc.). Fortunately, none of us got sick. It sounds like you did all of the right things. Sorry that you got sick!
  3. Just an FYI-- CHQ is 7 weeks only for the Festival or Apprentice levels (ages 15 and up). Ages 11-12 are in Workshop 1 which is 2 weeks long. Ages 13-14 are in Workshop 2 which is 5 weeks long. It is a VERY small program, so it is highly competitive. There are many SAB year-round kids that go there (this is true for PNB as well). The program is very unique and a great deal. The dorms are literally steps away from the studio. The property it is on is gated and very secure. It is a gorgeous place and my daughter is very happy that she got to experience it. Her only complaints were the lack of air conditioning in the dorms (that about killed her!) and the food (but she is very picky about food). There is a little "downtown" area in the community that she would often go to eat at one of the little cafes. It is definitely worth considering if you are accepted!
  4. My daughter has attended both CHQ and PNB. She loved both of them! Only CHQ has performance opportunities though, so she might prefer that over PNB.
  5. I try very hard to stay in the present, otherwise I will spend too much time being nostalgic for the past. I have loved being home with my kids. I know that nothing in my life will ever be better than the years that I had my kids at home and we were our own little unit. So, it is very hard knowing that those years are coming to a close. I have been dreading it for years. My oldest daughter is a freshman in college and my younger daughter is a junior in high school now, so I am trying to stay in the moment and soak up these last few moments of joy. I don't have anything I am particularly looking forward to in the future. I don't have any goals or dreams or desires for the future once my kids are out of the house. In some ways it will be a relief because I will have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish-- completing my girls' educations and seeing them to adulthood. But I also will be very sad that it is over. I have thought a lot about it and there is absolutely nothing that I want to do at that point, so I think I will continue to focus on the present and get through day-by-day.
  6. I love wrapping gifts and so does my younger daughter. We love buying beautiful papers and tags every year and have accumulated quite a variety of it. We always put a bow on the gifts but not always ribbons. It just depends on the gift and if we feel like taking the time.
  7. I am so, so very sorry. I think you have gotten some great advice so far. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. October. It's my favorite month. ❤️
  9. We have 7 trees. (I know— we’re crazy!) Main tree— Angel DD #1 tree— Star DD #2 tree— Snowflake Snowman-themed tree— Snowman hat Nutcracker-themed tree— Nutcracker topper Sugared fruit and flower themed tree— Poinsettia topper Red and white peppermint candy themed tree— No topper
  10. Try Burlebo!! They definitely usually have fishing ones.
  11. I checked the online locator for my area and it says that there aren't any available in that size. 😞 I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. I checked within the 75 miles radius. Sorry! ETA: I will be going to the mall this week. I will pop into Children's Place just to double check that there isn't a pair there. Please post if someone else finds them for you.
  12. I have a series 5 and really like it, but I didn't have an earlier version, so I don't really know how they compare. I do know that I read an article before I got mine that said that the series 5 had a significant increase in features from the previous models, but I no longer remember what the differences were. Maybe you could google for that type of article?
  13. I often tell mine, "Make Good Choices!"
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