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  1. Oh my gosh! That's amazing. So happy for you!
  2. I bought my DH a pizza grilling thing, so we can make pizzas on the grill. No idea if he will like it or not, but he likes to use his grill and his smoker, so it seems like something he might like. I will get him some accessories to go with it. I also saw a bunch of grilling spices at Williams-Sonoma that look interesting. I might get him a few of them as well. The dogs are giving him a "Dog Dad" sweatshirt. 😂 I will send my dad a card.
  3. When I was in graduate school (so, MANY years ago-- the 90s), I briefly worked for a large dermatology office. My main task was to go through old files and bill people for any remaining charges. I am talking about files that were no longer in the main part of the office, but were instead filed away in boxes because they were not current patients. They were at least five years old and many were 7-8+ years old. They had me send bills out for these old charges no matter how much they were. Some were less than a dollar and some were hundreds of dollars. I was to send them out and if anyone called about them, I was to try to convince them to pay. Some people just ignored them completely (or maybe they had moved in that past 7 years and never got the bill 🙄), some called and were very annoyed, some just wrote the check for the $13.78 or whatever they owed, and some (particularly the elderly) called and were so upset about getting the bill. Anyone who called and was upset, I ended up just telling to forget about the bill. By the time that I started getting phone calls, I had figured out that they were just trying to get any extra income that they could from people who would just pay those old bills, and they weren't going to pursue it aggressively or anything. So, I started writing off any charges from anyone who called. It was ridiculous though. I ended up quitting as they kept wanting me to continue billing even further back (old, old dusty boxes in a back storeroom that were 10-15 years old).
  4. I had absolutely no side effects for either shot except for mild discomfort at the injection site and some tenderness in my armpits. DH had no side effects except for injection site soreness (mild). DD18 had the same side effects as I did (virtually nothing). DD20 had mild chills and a mild headache which lasted for a couple of hours.
  5. My just-turned-18 year old (was 17 for the first shot, 18 for the second) had NO symptoms for either shot, except for a mildly sore arm. She is so thrilled to be fully vaccinated!
  6. I had one extremely minor side effect that you didn't have listed. I had mild tenderness under my arms (in my armpits) after both shots. Both of my daughters had the same thing. So, for me: Never had COVID After 1st Pfizer shot: Mildly sore arm at injection site Mild discomfort in armpits After 2nd Pfizer shot: Mildly sore arm at injection site Mild discomfort in armpits A slight headache the day after the shot BUT I sometimes get headaches, so I don't even know if I should attribute it to that My symptoms were incredibly mild and did not slow me down in any way.
  7. DH and I will be 2 weeks past our 2nd shots on Tuesday. I do feel relieved, but I still feel a bit apprehensive. My county moved back to purple (our highest threat level), so there is still a lot of virus around. I do feel like I can do more things now though. When I go into stores, I won't wear an N95. I will just double mask with regular masks instead. I will finally get my hair cut after over a year. I will go to the dentist and feel okay about it. I will also eat out at places with outside dining. I will not eat inside anywhere though. I will not be comfortable with that for a long time. I also won't go any place with large crowds. I also won't get together with anyone that is not vaccinated. Fortunately, pretty much everyone I know is in the process of being fully vaccinated. I am very grateful about getting the vaccine though! It feels like a miracle!
  8. DD17 got her 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday at 2:00. She has had no side effects at all so far except for a very mildly sore arm. She had no side effects with her first shot (aside for a sore arm) either. DD20 did not have any side effects with her 1st Pfizer shot. She will get her 2nd shot in about 10 days. DH and I have had both Pfizer shots. DH did not notice any significant side effects for either shot. I didn't have any significant issues at all either. The only thing that I noticed at all was some tenderness in my armpits after the first shot, and a moderate headache on the 2nd day after my 2nd shot. However, I sometimes get headaches, so I hesitate to attribute it to the vaccine although it might be the cause. My sister got Moderna and felt really badly for a couple of days. Her husband did too, although not quite as bad. It's so interesting how the side effects vary so much.
  9. I read somewhere that they would really like a host that is a bit younger, so that the host would potentially stay with the show for many years, like Alex did. The speculation was that LeVar Burton is a bit older than they would like for this role with that goal in mind. I think that Ken Jennings is the best fit with the age parameters in mind and his history with the show, but I certainly wouldn't mind LeVar Burton getting to guest host and seeing if he changes my mind.
  10. DDs and I went to the dentist right before lockdown last March. We haven't been back since then. We do have appointments scheduled for May. We will all be fully vaccinated by then. DH did go to get his teeth cleaned once during this time. He went last summer when our rates were much lower. He went first thing on a Monday morning. Our dentist's office is doing everything that they can to keep everyone safe. The hygenists will wear N95s upon request, so he requested that his do so. Although we didn't get our teeth cleaned during that time, I absolutely would have gone if we had had any problem. I likely would have made appointments for us anyway this summer, even if we hadn't been vaccinated. I am so grateful that we won't have to worry about that issue though, especially since I just found out today that our county's risk level is on the warning list for moving into the highest level (it hasn't been there since December), I would also think that your one Moderna shot will offer you significant protection.
  11. DH and I had our second Pfizer shots yesterday afternoon. It has now been 18 hours and all either of us have noticed as far as side effects are sore arms. Other than that we feel normal. DD17 will get her second Pfizer shot next week. DD20 is in Florida and we weren't sure that they would allow her to get a shot there, but she met the parameters and got her first Pfizer on Monday. So happy that my whole family is now in the process of becoming fully vaccinated!
  12. DH and I have our second Pfizer shots this afternoon! We are so excited to get them. We're mentally prepared for side effects if we get them. Even if we feel sick, I think it will help to know that we aren't really sick and that it will pass soon. I am just so darn grateful that we are able to get these shots already! I will report back on how things went.
  13. I personally will be willing to do a few more things once I am fully vaccinated. I get my second shot the first week of April, so I am planning to make a hair appointment for the end of April. I haven't had my hair cut or highlighted since last February, so I am looking forward to that. I will also make some dentist and doctor appointments. DH was vaccinated the at the same time as me and DD17 had her first shot yesterday. Hoping that DD20 (who is out of state right now) will get her first one soon. I will feel better once we are all fully vaccinated. I do plan to loosen up a bit once we are all vaccinated, but I still won't eat inside a restaurant for the foreseeable future. Once we are all vaccinated, I will consider eating outside, but I don't want to eat out enough to risk eating inside a restaurant. I also am not willing to ride on a plane at this point. Any travel that we do this summer will be by car. We had planned to go to Europe in summer 2020. Now I am hoping for summer 2022, but I guess that remains to be seen. I expect that I personally will be wearing a mask even once the mask mandate is lifted. I don't know when that will be, but I suspect it will be lifted before it is advisable. Like some others, I am not completely looking forward to life going back to "normal." I really enjoy being home and not feeling the obligation of going out. I do hate that my DD17 has struggled, and I am so glad that she will be vaccinated soon so that she will feel more comfortable doing more things. I want everything to be as normal as possible for her. But I am really going to hate the pressure that I will get from others to go out and do things that I just don't want to do. It has been nice to have that pressure off of me. I have a little sign in my house that says "Let's Just Stay Home." I took it down during the pandemic because it was definitely not appropriate, but it's truly how I feel and I will put it back out eventually.
  14. Thank you! We are trying to figure out if DD will be eligible to get it in Florida or not. She isn't a legal resident there (she has an OH driver's license), but she is living in Florida right now. Unfortunately her apartment lease is in my husband's name, so I'm not sure if she will qualify or not.
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