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A French nutritionist's proposal on BMI on Bac...

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I am a bit surprised that nobody has opened a thread about it yet, so here I open it, as a testimony that there are hilarious "educational" ideas out there even among the French!


Le Parisien (French)

Daily Mail (English, longer version)


I agree that teenage obesity is a big problem, but proposals like this confuse me as to whether I should laugh or cry over them, LOL.

Yes, he actually wrote to the President, in an official proposal of a kind. :001_huh:

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So ds1 would get an extra grade because he got the slim genes and DS2 would not?


Although his idea is absurd and just wrong on several levels, it would, if implemented (God forbid), only penalize the children who are medically obese. I just did a basic calculation for a person whose height is 170 centimeters (I think in the metric system, I hope you do not mind) - their minimal weight to reach the lower limit of the BMI of 18 would be 52 kilograms, while the upper limit of the BMI of 25 allows for the greatest possible weight of 72 kilograms. This actually allows for a huge span in individual weight that would be deemed "okay" and allows for taking into account some differences of individual composition - I think that "healthy chubby" kids would thus not be affected.


But, that theoretical remark aside, the proposal itself is :001_huh::001_huh::lol::lol::confused::confused:.

I am simply incredulous that somebody would propose that a student's success on an exam be determined at least partially by their body composition. Wow. Just wow. I actually thought this was a joke when somebody referred me to that article.

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