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Would you (continue to) eat this?

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Back story:


My son's Robotics team sold smoked Boston Butts. We put ours immediately in the freezer - I was told it was fully cooked.


Fast forward to yesterday. I thaw the BB, warm it (but don't cook it), and serve to my family & parents.


Last night, my dh woke up with terrible stomach pains and diarrhea. He went to work, but is back in bed resting. I've had some yicky stuff, but am still functioning. He ate a LOT of the pork. I ate some. Dd19 ate some, is feeling a little off. Other kids had some, but feel fine. My dad has been feeling yucky, my mom fine. Seems like those of us who feel bad ate from sections that were more "red" than others. . . but again, I was told it was fully cooked.


So. What to do? This was EXPENSIVE. My mom thinks I can just cook the "tar" out of it - wrap it in foil and really cook it well - and it will be fine.


I'm chicken. What says the Hive???

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and if you eat it or throw it away, either way the money is spent. I would make black beans and rice and eat that instead. It's cheap and I know I won't get sick from it.


There is no way I would continue to eat meat that might have made us sick. I am a little cautious about pork anyway.



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I know it's an awkward situation, but I sort of think you need to inform the folks you bought it from. They may have handled it improperly. Other people may get sick.


I might be willing to cook it a long time, chop it into small portions, freeze it, and feed that to the dog (a small amount at a time). I do think their stomachs can deal with stuff ours can't. (We, for example, do not eat poop.)


But I could not enjoy another bite of it unless a scientist tested it for bacteria. And even then.

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Any other foods that you all ate? Salads? Lots of contaminated veggies can do the same thing.


I agree that it may have been something else. Ds and I both got sick from a bag of spinach. I would toss everything that you ate last night, not just the meat.

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I might wait a day or two to see if others get sick -- because it might have been a stomach virus.


But even then, you wouldn't know if they'd just taken longer to develop the food poisoning symptoms.


For what it's worth, I did get severe food poisoning from the same fish dish that everyone else ate from. Only one other person got even mildly sick. We determined that I'd had a piece that had been sitting off to the side in the warming frying pan. The other person who had got mildly sick had split that piece with me, but she had had the side that was closer to the center. Probably the edge of the frying pan just wasn't hot enough.


I probably wouldn't risk eating the pork again. If it was the pork (or something else in that dinner), it might be worse the second time around. In which case you might end up at the doctor's office, or the emergency room, neither of which will cost less than throwing the food out.

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