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Finally, I am *excited* about Christmas...or

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I have the most awesome parents, ever!


My parents surprised us this year. They asked me to think about something "big" that we'd like (could have been for Shaun & I, or the family...whatever). Immediately, my thoughts went to... a GOOD microscope, and slides!!


Well, she placed the order today for THIS one, along with some blank slides and a pack of 200 pre-made slides.


I cannot wait for it to get here.


We are not having a big Christmas this year... just family gifts, really. But this one is something I'm going to have to figure out how to keep safe AND accessible... because keeping them away from it is going to be as difficult as keeping them off a computer (but MOM, it's SCHOOL!!!)


Oh, and does this qualify as something "schooly" we're sticking under the tree? LOL!

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